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29 Gifts That Even The Most Heartless People Would Adore

Kawaii!! Kawaii!!

Andrew Richard

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Pillow rolls to supplement your love for corgis and kittens.

Get them from ThinkGeek for $20.

2. Marshmallow mugs that don't need a fire to melt your heart.

Get them from Amazon for $37.

3. A happy hedgehog to keep your brushes nice and clean.

Get it from Amazon for $7.

4. Sushi pillows that would do anything to be squeezed.,

Get the pillow on the left from Amazon for $47 and the one on the right for $18.

5. Tiny animal erasers that are almost too cute to use.

Get them from Amazon for $6.

6. String lights that really illuminate your love for cats.

Get them from Forever 21 for $15.

7. Slippers that like to purr at your feet.

Get them from ThinkGeek for $25.

8. 3D printed Bulbasaur planters that carry baby succulents on their backs.

Get them from Succulent Monsters on Etsy for $19.

9. Shark socks that just want to gently chew on your toes.

Get them from Forever 21 for $2.

10. A Totoro plush that'll patiently await your return home from work everyday.

Get it from Amazon for $57.

11. Raccoon panties that are anything but trash pandas.

Get them from Knickerocker on Etsy for $48.

12. A piglet that's squealing in anticipation of charging your devices.

Get it from Amazon for $26.

13. A few confused cats that live on sushi roll keychains.

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $8.

14. A stegosaurus wallet that wants to be your favorite herbivore.

Get it from ModCloth for $30.

15. A Babushka Russian doll lamp that's so pleased to light up your room.

Get it from Plastic Land for $48.

16. A Tina Belcher pop vinyl figure that just wants to charm you and all your friends.

Get it from Amazon for $8.

17. A lion pin to make you feel cute and courageous.

Get it from Mochichito on Etsy for $10.

18. A timid kitten that just wants to protect your luggage.

Get it from Forever 21 for $4.

19. A comely cow that poops out toothpicks.

Get it from Amazon for $13.

20. A Totoro water bottle that's happy to roll with you.

Get it from Amazon for $15.

21. These smiling planets that can't wait to adorn your phone.

Get it from Forever 21 for $7.

22. Darling food staplers to cheer up your workspace.

Get them from Caribou Milk on Etsy for $8.

23. Sleepy kittens that love to play around with your chopsticks.

Get them from Amazon for $13.

24. A panda rug that's patting its food belly in perpetuity.

Get it from Peanut Butter Dynamite on Etsy for $80.

25. Elephant salt and pepper shakers that greet you with happy trunks.

Get them from Amazon for $37.

26. A hedgehog lamp that will always welcome you with a warm, fuzzy smile.

Get it from Mochi Things for $26.

27. A heated herbal warmer that's destined to cuddle with you.

Get it from Amazon for $24.

28. A pair of milk and cookies socks to remind you of your favorite snack.

Get them from Forever 21 for $2.

29. And an otter that makes the world better, one hug at a time.

Get it from The Huggable Hoots on Etsy for $45.

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