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February 25, 2019

16 Things From "Sex And The City" That Would Be Unacceptable Today

Yes, we loved the show. But can we really have a moment to discuss the show's issues?

Women And Their Doctors Are Pushing To Change The Law In A State Where Most Women Can Get An Abortion For Free. Here’s Why

Doctors said delays are forcing women who could have taken abortion pills into a gestation where they require a surgical termination.

Emma Stone Supported The Hell Out Of Other Women At The Oscars And I'm Obsessed

And the award for Most Supportive Actress goes to...

22 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A reusable tote, faux-wool sweater, caffeinated mints, and 19 other favorite products from our recent posts.

A Dead Whale Was Found In The Amazon Jungle And No One's Quite Sure How It Got There

It was found about 50 feet away from the ocean, so how did it get there?

30 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at Ulta, Century 21, Wayfair, and more!

Here's The Actual, Real Lady Gaga Story We Should Be Talking About

2013 was supposed to be the end. It wasn't.

¿Qué tan bien conoces la vagina humana?

Seguramente has visto una, pero, ¿realmente las conoces?

Trump’s Memo Appointing Matthew Whitaker Raises Questions About When He Actually Took Over DOJ

The White House and Justice Department had previously declined to turn over the memo, which was obtained by BuzzFeed News in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

13 Emotional Pictures From The Perspective Of Young Black Women

"I am of African descent. I am a woman. And I specifically chose to center these aspects of my identity because they have shaped my lived experience."

Robert Kraft Allegedly Paid For A Sex Act On The Day Of The Patriots' AFC Championship Game

The billionaire owner of the New England Patriots is facing charges of soliciting a prostitute in Florida on the morning of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

I Can Never Unsee What I Saw At The Oscars

At this year’s Academy Awards, I found two different ceremonies: a beautiful dream inside the theater, and a bleak reality at the lobby bar.

The New "Game Of Thrones" Footage Is A Deep Cut For Arya Stark Fans

A girl can't have Nymeria back, but maybe she could have a dragon instead?

24 Places You'll Never Ever Be Able To Go Again In Your Life

One day you left and never went back.

A Mom Found Almost A Dozen YouTube Kids Videos Showing Suicide, School Shootings, And Abuse

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, YouTube said it is “making constant improvements to [its] systems and recognize there’s more work to do.”

United Airlines And Delta Confirm That Their Premium Economy Screens Have Cameras

Following passenger concerns over cameras spotted on Singapore and American Airlines flights, a United spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that its cameras “have never been activated,” while Delta said that its cameras “are not functional.”

Você sabe o nome verdadeiro destas músicas?

Tem música enganando a gente há anos.

An Open Letter To The American Left: Don’t Make The Mistakes We Did In Britain

One lesson from our disaster in the UK: Don’t let your cynical opponents on the right define how you deal with a very real problem.

Este quiz te dirá si tu pareja te está poniendo el cuerno

Descubre si realmente te es infiel o no.

Ala militar do governo nega fracasso, apesar de ajuda humanitária não ter cruzado a fronteira

Para general, Estados Unidos e Guaidó foram ingênuos ao apostar em derrocada rápida do apoio a Maduro entre militares venezuelanos.

¿Qué canción de 'Grey's Anatomy' eres?

♫ If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world? ♫

21 momentos da história do Oscar que você não viu na TV

Algumas cenas inesperadas dos bastidores da festa do Oscar, que neste ano chegou a sua 91ª edição.

28 Tiny Products With Results That Are Larger Than Life

Because the best life-changing products come in the smallest packages, am I right?

Emilia Clarke And Jason Momoa Had A Mini "Game Of Thrones" Reunion At The Oscars And The Pics Are TOO DARN MUCH

"I love u with all my heart." — Jason to Emilia, but also me to them.

Here Are All The Pictures I Could Find Of Rami Malek's Identical Twin

And here are all the pictures I could find of him.

10 Tumblr Posts And 13 Tweets About Number Five From "Umbrella Academy" That Are Just SO Good

"The best running gag in Umbrella Academy is strangers assuming whichever adult is closest is Five’s parent."

A Big Vegan YouTuber Is Leaving Veganism After He Broke Down And Ate Raw Eggs After A 35-Day Water Fast

Tim Shieff’s admission that he will consume meat for health reasons has made many vegans angry and led to his ouster from the vegan clothing company he founded.

PT deve apoiar tucanos na disputa contra Janaina Paschoal na Assembleia de SP

Maior bancada é do PSL, com 15 deputados. Mas articulação em torno de Cauê Macris (PSDB) reúne mais partidos.

15 Pregnant Women Who Were Sadly Defeated By Their Own Brains

"I spent ten minutes trying to figure out why my Target card wouldn't work at Walmart."

23 Reactions To Olivia Colman Winning Her Academy Award That Are Simply The Best

"I just reacted to Olivia Colman's win with way more passion than I would ever react to my own."

Turns Out, Kevin Hart Proved The Oscars Don’t Need A Host

“I didn’t miss the host terribly, to be honest,” said nominee Diane Warren, and she was far from alone. And the shows ratings were also up without a host.

Caso não tenha percebido, o Oscar 2019 foi um dos mais importantes de todos os tempos

Foram sete prêmios para profissionais negros pela primeira vez na história do prêmio.

Duke The Minnesota Dog Mayor Has Died, So Today, We Mourn

The Greatest Pyrenees of them all died on Thursday.



Baked Fruit & Veggie Chips 4 Ways

Baked Fruit & Veggie Chips 4 Ways

The National Enquirer’s Publisher Says The White House Had No Influence On Its “Space Force” Magazine

The magazine promises the USA will militarize the “dark side” of the moon. (There is no dark side of the moon.)



Believe It Or Not, We Actually Know The Zodiac Sign Of The Person You're Going To Marry

Extensive research and months of reading horoscopes led to this moment.

14 Of The Most Hilarious Messages From February

"Happy 18 birthday" — someone's dad

45 Things That'll Make Disney Fans Say "Take My Money!"

If we can't have glass slippers or the Beast's library, these magical items are the next best thing ✨

Rami Malek Called Freddie Mercury "A Gay Man" At The Oscars And The Internet Isn't Happy

Malek is being criticised after failing to acknowledge Mercury’s relationships with women.

21 Trucos psicológicos de conversación que mejorarán tu vida

Si los hubieras sabido antes, todo sería diferente.

Todo lo que te perdiste en los Premios Óscar de 2019

Si no los viste, te ayudará a tener tema de conversación durante el día.

55 Gedanken, die du hast, wenn du versuchst, einen Avocado-Baum zu züchten

Ist es euch schon mal gelungen, aus einem Avocado-Kern eine richtige Pflanze wachsen zu lassen?

15 Momentos superincómodos de los Óscar 2019

Fueron mejores que los premios, la neta

Estas son las 4 formas en las que ‘Roma’ hizo historia en los Óscar de 2019

Alfonso Cuarón se convirtió en la primera persona en ganar la estatuilla a Mejor Director y Mejor Cinematografía.

“Could You Please Check His Status?”: Records Show How A US-Born Marine Ended Up In ICE Custody

Communications obtained by the ACLU of Michigan show how a local police captain flagged Jilmar Ramos-Gomez to ICE. “He was a veteran?!” a local prosecutor objected to police.

Chocolate Raspberry Zebra Cake

Chocolate Raspberry Zebra Cake

Blue Drip Cake

Blue Drip Cake

19 Headache-Relieving Products That May Help You Get Through The Pain

Simple and effective ways to help you attempt to prevent and deal with your headaches and migraines.

Pizza arco-íris na assadeira é uma delícia

Pra comer pizza sem sair da dieta!

Pouquíssimas pessoas veem os números neste teste de cores, será que você consegue?

Uma dica: mexa bastante sua cabeça pra frente e pra trás.

Here’s How One Small Town Beat The Opioid Epidemic

Little Falls, Minnesota, didn’t do anything revolutionary. They just made a real effort — and spent real money — treating addiction as a disease, not a crime.

Ashley Graham Asked Jason Momoa To Perform The Haka At The Oscars And She's Being Dragged

“Why do white people always want POC to perform their culture for them as entertainment?”

Chrissy Teigen Pushed John Legend Out Of The Way To Have Her Oscars Red Carpet Moment And It's A Big Mood

"Honestly this is a very important carpet and I do not need interference."

14 lästige Momente, wenn du #VonHier bist, aber ständig gefragt wirst, woher du WIRKLICH kommst

„Die Nachfragen sind das Problem, wenn die erste Antwort nicht akzeptiert wird.“

28 Perfect Pairs Of Sandals From Nordstrom, Because Spring Is Coming

All you'll need is a fresh pedicure to pair with these fabulous sandals.

Morning Update: And The Winner Isn't ...

Recapping the Oscars, R. Kelly's bond is set at $1 million, and YouTube demonetized anti-vax channels. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, February 25.

Here Are All The Looks From The 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar After Party

The starriest night in Hollywood didn't disappoint.





ローソンで買える“信玄餅風スイーツ” 今回も間違いなかった


Rami Malek Fell Off The Stage After Winning His Oscar And Had To Be Treated By Paramedics

Paramedics had to be called when Rami took a tumble off stage after winning the award for Best Actor.



すぐ付き合っちゃうのは田舎あるある? 10代恋愛トークは驚きの連続




雑誌付録のサイフがすごい「ハッセルブラッド!? 」「100万くらい入りそう」



セブンイレブンのWi-Fiが無料なのにむちゃ速いの知ってました? 通信速度がコンビニのフリーワイファイの中で群を抜いてます。初回設定さえすませば使い方も簡単! ログインや接続方法もわかりやすく解説します。





"Period", A Film About Menstruation, Just Won An Oscar And Everyone Is (RIGHTFULLY) Ecstatic

"I can't believe a movie about a woman's period just won an Oscar."

Lilly Singh Just Came Out As Bisexual And Everyone Has A Lot Of Feelings

Happy 20BiTeen to all of us, especially Lilly.

Please Enjoy This Story About Toy Llamas And Australia's Strict Biosecurity Laws

This takes me back to the great Pistol and Boo saga of 2015, when an Australian government minister threatened to kill Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's dogs.



16 Hilarious Jokes About The 2019 Academy Awards

Fashion! Awards! Everything but a host!

Everything You Missed At The 2019 Oscars

Just in case you didn't watch the hostless Academy Awards this year.

18 tuítes que mereciam ganhar um Oscar

E o prêmio vai para...

Estos son todos los ganadores de los Premios Óscar 2019

Roma no ganó Mejor Película, pero aquí seguimos.

15 Super Awkward Moments From The 2019 Oscars

Better than the awards, tbh.



All The Celebrity Hair And Makeup You Missed At The 2019 Oscars

Beauty and the makeup details I know y'all want to know.


丸亀製麺が桃屋とコラボ! 新トッピングを使った裏メニューがまさかの美味しさでした。

社説がなかったのは読売だけ 沖縄・県民投票の報道から見える違い


FINALMENTE SUCEDIÓ, ¡#Aristemo se dio un beso!

Después de mucho esperar, el Ari y Temo se besaron en Mi marido tiene más familia.

Mahershala Ali Is The First Black Man To Win Two Best Supporting Actor Oscars

Ali, who previously won the Oscar for his role in Moonlight, joins Denzel Washington as the only two black people to win multiple acting Oscars.

Here's The Chain Restaurant That Was Born The Same Year You Were

Are you a Chili's baby? A Cheesecake Factory baby?



先天性風疹症候群の野球少年らの実話が問いかけること 「また私たちは繰り返すのですか?」

風疹をなくそうの会「hand in hand」が企画した演劇「遥かなる甲子園」の公演が東京で開催。東京オリンピックと同じ年に、沖縄での風疹大流行で生まれた先天性風疹症候群の子供たちが主人公の演劇で風疹の予防を訴えました。

Ruth E. Carter From "Black Panther" Is The First Black Person To Win An Oscar For Costume Design

"Marvel may have created the first black superhero, but through costume design, we turned him into an African king."

19 Of The Cutest Couples To Bless The 2019 Academy Awards Red Carpet

Any one of these couples could adopt me and I'd thank them.

Estos son los looks de los premios Óscar de 2019

Mucho dorado, rosa con holanes y los vestidos ganadores de Yalitza y Marina.

A Boss Complained That Millennials Won't Work For Free In A Muffin Store And Now It's A Whole Thing

A classic tale of muffins, millennials and “misunderstanding”.

Here Are The Oscar Winners At The 2019 Academy Awards

The Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody led the night with four awards, followed by three each for Green Book, Black Panther, and Roma.

Aqui está a lista de vencedores do Oscar 2019

Pantera Negra, Green Book e Roma ganharam 3 prêmios, e Bohemian Rhapsody ganhou 4 prêmios.

35 Adorable Things For Your Desk That'll Make Mondays So Much Easier

Working late tonight so I can keep admiring my cute stuff. (✪‿✪)

Quick Poll: Would You Eat This? moldy is **too** moldy?

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