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February 15, 2019

The Academy Awards Have Abandoned Plans To Give Some Oscars During Commercial Breaks After Facing Major Backlash

"The place is totally dysfunctional because they make decisions in secret and never actually talk to their members, even though it’s supposed to be serving the members," one Academy member told BuzzFeed News.

Here's Some Gorgeous Home Finds On Sale Just In Time For Presidents' Day Weekend!

Stylish finds from Wayfair and AllModern you won't believe! (But you should.)



Primaries Are Where Politics Happens Today, And That's Why The Amazon Deal Died

The old cliché is all politics is local. Today, our most meaningful politics happens during the primaries — and that's what doomed Amazon in New York.

8 Photo Stories That Will Help You See The World A Little Differently

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

A 27-Year-Old Man Allegedly Killed His Parents And Their Housekeeper In California

Police conducting a welfare check Wednesday found three people dead inside a home in a Newport Beach gated community.

21 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From President Trump's declaration of a national emergency on the US–Mexico border to the Best in Show at the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from this past week.

1 Cher Tweet

Congrats Cher, you've made it.

Edit An Issue Of "Vogue" And We'll Tell You If Anna Wintour Would Hire You

Are you intern material, or next generation's EIC?

What Questions Do You Have For Brie Larson?

Brie + puppies = real national emergency.

12 Magnificent Products Created By Genius Kid Entrepreneurs

These kids are already business LEGENDS.

Nine LSU Fraternity Members Were Arrested On Disturbing Hazing Charges

Pledges were allegedly forced to lie on broken glass in their underwear, beaten with a metal pipe, and urinated on.

27 Pet-Themed Items That'll Look Pawfect In Your Home

Incorporating your love for your pet into your home doesn't have to be ruff🐾

Trump’s Emergency Declaration Won’t Help The Overdose Crisis, Say Narcotics Experts

“It's terrible policy,” said one expert. “It guts a vital coordinating function we rely on to interdict drugs domestically and internationally.”

"He Was Shooting Everybody": Five People Are Dead After A Gunman Opened Fire At An Illinois Manufacturing Plant

The shooting occurred after the gunman was fired from his job at a manufacturing warehouse. Six police officers were among several others injured in the shooting.

The Cultural Appropriation Convo Around Ariana Grande Is Too Simplistic

Criticisms of Grande’s “cultural appropriation” are complicated by the fact that R&B-infused pop has been the foundation of her career — and she’s always sought to credit the black artists who influence her.

Bumble’s CEO Told BuzzFeed News Her Apps Have Become Their “Own Form Of Government”

Now with 50 million users, Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble apps are surfing a Serena Williams Super Bowl ad into a new wave of hype.

A Judge Ruled Roger Stone Can Still Talk To The Press, Just Not In Front Of The Courthouse

Stone's lawyers, prosecutors, and lawyers for witnesses are barred from making statements to the press or in public "that pose a substantial likelihood of material prejudice to this case."

Dozens Of Middle Schoolers Allegedly Fell Ill From Valentine's Day Sweets

The children complained of feeling disoriented and nauseous after eating candies and snacks that had been brought to the school from home.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Got Dragged For Suggesting People Who Are “Unwilling To Work” Should Get Paid. Advocates Say That’s The Point.

“This idea that somehow people who are unwilling to work are bad or lazy is a horrible idea.”

You 100% Need These Pictures Of Squirrels Eating Random Things

I feel a strong connection to Breadstick Squirrel.

Here's Who Author Angie Thomas Wants To Be In Her Next Film

The Hate U Give author told BuzzFeed News she wants On the Come Up to feature some prominent women rappers.

Você só pode continuar se alimentando se acertar mais de 7 neste teste

É só acertar quais comidas estão por trás destas imagens.

Here's How One Of Facebook's Biggest Anti-Vax Communities Built Its Massive Network

There currently do not seem to be any policies or regulations against promoting anti-vaccination content via Facebook ads.

Two Men Have Been Arrested In Connection With The Jussie Smollett Case

The two men are brothers who worked as extras on Empire and sometimes went to the gym with the actor, their attorney said.

33 Things That'll Have Everyone Asking, "Where Did You Get That?"

Skirts you can rock with sneakers, dresses you'll want to twirl in, and accessories your closet 100% needs — I'm just gonna say it, you're welcome.

12 Basic Pasta Cooking Tips Every New Cook Should Know

Everything you need to know about perfectly cooking pasta — from how much water to use to picking the perfect shape for your sauce.

Planea tu día como perrito y te diremos qué raza serías

No te hagas pipí en la alfombra mientras respondes esto, por favor.

23 De las razones más ilógicas por las que los niños han hecho berrinche

"Nuestra hija lloró porque no pudo ir a la boda de sus papás... siete años antes de nacer".

¿Tienes 24 o más de estas 36 cosas? Entonces eres un adicto a la papelería

Si tienes, por lo menos, cinco cuadernos en tu casa, esto es para ti.

Ameaça de retaliação do PCC é "fake", diz Promotoria de SP

Aviso de que ataques ocorreriam no final de semana viralizou no WhatsApp.

¿Qué personaje de "Ratatouille" eres según tu personalidad?

Tienes un poco de Linguini, pero sin duda eres una Colette.

19 Personajes de televisión que casi tuvieron su propia serie

¿Hubieras visto una serie solo de Peggy, de Mad Men?

21 Detalles inteligentísimos de continuidad que no notaste en estas series de televisión

Como que las trenzas de Daenerys simbolizan el número de sus victorias.

Podemos adivinar la posición en la que duermes por tus antojos

Ponte cómodo, estamos a punto de empezar...

2020 Campaigns Are Prioritizing Sexual Harassment Policies In Response To #MeToo

From "exhaustive" legal reviews and custom trainings to ensuring more ways to report allegations, sexual harassment and misconduct policies are no longer an afterthought for high-profile campaigns.

The Nordstrom End-Of-Winter Sale Is Here And, Yeah, It's Heckin' Great

Savings of up to 40% off? Hmm, guess this means I have to buy a whole new wardrobe...

Estes tuítes expõem o racismo por trás da morte do jovem negro asfixiado por um segurança do Extra

Pedro Gonzaga, de 19 anos, morreu após ser imobilizado e sofrer uma gravata em um supermercado no Rio. A rede anunciou que afastou o segurança envolvido e disse que não vai se "eximir das responsabilidades."

This Bride Carried Her Daughter On Her Back At Her Wedding And It's Super Sweet

"These pictures have gone crazy — I never expected that to happen."

Opinion: Beating Back Amazon Is Just The Beginning

It's a victory for working people, but it can’t be our high water mark. Our fight against corporate power will get bigger, bolder, and go national.

Thousands Of Teens Have Gone On Strike From Schools Across Europe To Demand Action On Climate Change

After the UK prime minister said 15,000 UK students who boycotted school to demonstrate “wastes lesson time,” the 16-year-old girl who inspired the protest movement replied, “political leaders have wasted 30 [years] of inaction.”

Why Does The BBC Keep Losing Its Top Male Presenters?

In just eight months, Andrew Neil, John Humphrys, David Dimbleby, and Eddie Mair have all stepped down.

Trump Said He "Didn't Need" To Declare An Emergency To Build The Wall And Liberal Lawyers Are Thrilled

"Keep talking mr president," Omar Jadwat, the head of the ACLU's Immigrants Rights Project, tweeted.

Twitter Suspended A DC Think Tank For Violating Its Rules Against Fake Accounts

BuzzFeed News previously revealed the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology was using fake accounts to promote its work. Now it's under scrutiny again.

The Golden State Killer Case Has Spawned A New Forensic Science Industry

One company has already solved more than 30 cold cases through genetic genealogy. Now the biggest forensic DNA firm in the US is getting involved.

A Look Inside Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Terrifying Home

I can't be the only one who gets anxiety by looking at pictures of their house.

23 Escenas de películas de terror que cambiaron por siempre a la gente

"Cada vez que entro a la regadera pienso en el payaso de Eso."

Este quiz confirmará si eres generación Z o ya estás del otro lado

Si no sabes mucho de Fortnite o Tik Tok, mejor regresa por donde viniste.

22 Moralejas irreales que las películas de Disney nos enseñaron

"Está bien tener 101 dálmatas en la sala de tu casa".

Blackface Hasn’t Just Returned — It Never Left

Recent instances of blackface — from Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam to Gucci’s fashion choices — only reinforce the unfailing consistency of American anti-black racism.

Can We Guess Your Height Based On The Jamaican Food You Eat?

Try not to get a stomachache from overeating!

Here Are The 21 Biggest TV Moments This Week That You Might've Missed

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine ladies on One Day at a Time was the crossover we didn't know we needed!

15 Very Goob Dog Posts From This Week That'll Boop Your Snoot

WARNING: Contains high-intensity athletic footage from Westminster.

What's The Most Stunning Shot In The History Of Cinema?

A picture's worth a thousand words.

If You’ve Got Food Allergies, You Just Might Like These Treats

These sweet treats have no dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or shellfish.

¿Tienes el valor para completar este quiz?

¿O te vale? ADVERTENCIA: Todas las preguntas son difíciles.

Rep. Lauren Underwood Says Gun Control Measures Are Long Overdue, 11 Years After A Mass Shooting In Illinois

"I challenge Sen. McConnell and the senators in their Republican caucus to make sure they are bold enough" to pass gun control legislation, Underwood said on BuzzFeed News' AM to DM.

Una adorable abuelita concursó en 'Nailed It! México' y la gente no puede con tanta ternura

A sus 80 años, Estelita debería ser considerada un tesoro nacional.

18 Productos que te llevarán directo a tu infancia noventera

No estoy llorando, se me metió la nostalgia en el ojo.

Macy's Is Having An Up-To 65% Off Sale In Every Category This Weekend

Deals in E V E R Y category = big time savings.

26 Products That'll Make It A Bit Easier To Wait For "Frozen 2" To Come Out

If someone tries to take one of these items from you you'll scream, "let it go!"

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Options Challenge

"...if all our friends were dancing the world is going to dance."

Así se veían 33 celebridades en 2009, y así se ven en 2019

Cómo han pasado los años... Las vuelta que dio la vida...

24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing

"So, are you seeing anyone?"

Courteney Cox Opened Up About Her Decision To Stop Using Fillers

"One day I kind of stepped back and went, 'Oh shit. I don’t look like myself.'"

Jimmy Fallon Just Explained Why He Hates Mayonnaise And Honestly I'm Disgusted

"It's the grossest thing on the face of the Earth."

"Bachelor" Star Colton Underwood Says He Was "Touched Inappropriately" By Fans

“I didn’t sign up to be a piece of meat or a zoo animal,” said the former NFL player.

Boohoo Is Having A Massive Presidents' Day Sale And They're Pretty Much Giving Away The Clothes For Free

🚨Swimsuits, dresses, shoes, denim jackets, and more are up to 80% off!!🚨

23 Times Jessica Simpson Out-Jessica-Simpson'd Herself

"Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?"

All The Best Presidents' Day Weekend Sales On The Internet

Deals at Home Depot, Forever 21, Wayfair, and more!

16 produtos de beleza baratinhos que são tiro e queda

Aqueles com que você sempre pode contar.

31 Stylish Pieces Of Bedroom Furniture You Can Get At Walmart

You spend a third of your life in bed (or, let's be real, more than that) so make sure it looks bomb.

Pelo Twitter, FHC aconselha Bolsonaro e família a não pôr lenha na fogueira da crise

Tucano diz que começo de governo é desordenado mesmo, mas que "o atual está abusando".

28 Cheap And Clever DIYs For Anyone Who Raises Chickens

You'll rule the roost with these DIY treats and boredom busters.

Ariana Grande Fans Are Boycotting "7 Rings" And She's Like "Stop It RN"

"Whoever is still streaming '7 Rings', I hope you choke..."

7 Game-Changing Beauty Products We're Currently Obsessing Over

Tried, tested, and loved by BuzzFeeders!



Justiça de Minas manda prender oito funcionários da Vale por causa de Brumadinho

Prisões são temporárias e ocorrem no âmbito das investigações sobre a tragédia.

Morning Update: Dad, Why Is Kenny G In Our Living Room

Trump will declare a national emergency, Amazon pulls out of New York, your weekend longreads. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 15.



31 Useful Products Under $20 You Should Buy In Your 20s

Smart little upgrades and problem-solvers.

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Got Engaged On Valentine's Day

The couple announced the engagement with matching Instagram posts and adorable captions.





Tell Us What Music You Like And We'll Recommend A Natasha Lyonne Show

Yes, she plays a lesbian in almost all of these.


混ぜて焼くだけ♪ 簡単グラタン

「オタク川柳」渾身の20句が決定 今年も名作が生まれた

前回の大賞は“いいじゃない 通貨も彼女も 仮想でも”。

99 Fabulous Things That Actually Happened

It was the best of times, look, it really was: BuzzFeedOz 2014-19.

Michaelia Cash Was Not Interviewed By Police About The AWU Raid Leak, Court Hears

When asked if she told police that her staff member had leaked to the media, Cash said "they did not ask".

NUMBER GIRLが再結成を発表「そして、ヤることになった」「何発かヤりたい」

札幌で解散したNUMBER GIRL(ナンバーガール)が北海道のロックフェスティバルで再結成します。

東京入管で起きた「異変」 消えた味噌汁と醤油、牛豚肉…?


Opinion: Amazon Shows It's Time For States To Stop The Corporate Welfare Bidding Wars

For decades, New York and other states engaged in economic cage matches to see who can offer the most lavish welfare packages to corporate giants. Enough.

Classic Books Are Full Of Trash Men, But More Importantly: Which Will You Bang?

Sure, Heathcliff is terrible, but he's also pretty hot.

Would You Rather Drink These Kids Drinks Or These Hipster Drinks?

Are you more of a Yoo-Hoo person or a nitro cold brew person?

What Structure Of DNA Are You Based On Your Taste In Food?

DNA = (D)ino (N)uggets (A)lways... right?

18 Tweets That Prove That White People Actually Do Have Culture

Oh, white people have no culture? Try again, sweaty.

Design Your Home And We'll Assign You A Made Up Celeb Couple

Make your place hip. We'll find you a ship.

Opinion: Losing Amazon Is The Biggest Unforced Error In NYC's Economic History

Contrary to what newcomers may believe, gentrification and congestion weren't always the city's biggest problems. Sometimes we wondered if lost jobs would ever come back.

Fox Is Standing By Jussie Smollett Amid Reports That He Staged Chicago Attack

A source close to Fox also confirmed that the network believes the attack on Smollett "really happened," and he remains a "key player" on Empire.

32 Sexy Intimates That Are Actually Comfortable

Granny panties are about to have a whole new meaning.

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