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Updated on Feb 25, 2019. Posted on Feb 25, 2019

Regina King Won Her First Oscar, And Here Are All The Roles That Got Her Here

Call me Oscar winner one more time!

Hello world. The day has finally come. HRH Regina King – and Queen – has won her first Academy Award!

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

She won the award for Best Supporting Actress in If Beale Street Could Talk.

Look at her. So regal. So great.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Live footage of me crying as Regina accepts her award.


Even though she won her first Oscar tonight, I, a certified stan™ of Regina King, believe that she deserved this award YEARS AGO.

Screen Gems

Let's take a lil' stroll down memory lane and Let's take a lil' stroll down memory lane and remember all of the iconic roles Regina played that got her here today:

Dana Jones in Friday

New Line Cinema

I saw this movie way too young, but it also introduced me to my idol Regina King, so my mom wasn't upset that I watched it.

Marcee Tidwell in Jerry McGuire

TriStar Pictures / Via TriStar Pictures

"Show me the money?" More like show me more Regina King! She was the best part of this film.

Shalika in Boyz In Da Hood


Her part was small, but her impact was mighty.

Kim Hinton in Daddy Day Care


This was probably the first age-appropriate Regina King film I saw, and I still watch it to this day.

Rhonda in A Cinderella Story

Warner Bros.

The most iconic six words ever spoken in the English language.

Riley and Huey Freeman in The Boondocks

Adult Swim

We love a queen who can play ANY role.

Various roles in American Crime


Regina King really came in here and shook us with this role. Her performance left me gobsmacked.

Latrice Butler in Seven Seconds


Two words: heart wrenching. What a performance, whew chile.

And, last but not least, Sharon Rivers in If Beale Street Could Talk:



Now, this is only a mere SNIPPET of Regina's LIST of accomplishments, but, alas, this article can only be so long.


She can do comedy, she can do drama, she can do it all!

So, once again, congratulations to Regina King. You deserve this, AND MORE!

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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