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February 14, 2019

11 Awesome Celebrity #TBT Photos You Might Have Missed This Week

An oh-so-'80s photo of Courteney Cox kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

Instacart Workers’ Revolt Over Tips Reveals A Big Problem For The Gig Economy

Companies like Instacart, DoorDash, and Uber rely on workers to report problems with the app, creating an opening for both regulators and the public to criticize them.

OK — I Think It's Time I Talk About My Obsession With Buffalo Wild Wings

I'd tell you to hear me out, but I said what I said.

18 Feel-Good Books That Will Make You Believe In Love

As recommended by Goodreads users.

Amazon Filed A Patent Application For Tech That Could Link You To Your Identity And Job

The Rekognition technology could one day scan your face, identify who you are, use visual cues to figure out the kind of work you do, and potentially track you as you move around.

21 Of The Best Snacks You Can Get At Walmart

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!

We Asked New Yorkers For Their Messages To Jeff Bezos After Amazon Scrapped Its HQ Plans

"Dear Jeff, I'm glad I was spared the dick pics. Please find another community to extort."

31 Grilled Cheeses That Are Better Than A Boyfriend Or Husband

Valentine's Day is nice, but you'd probably rather have dinner with THESE hotties.

The White House Announced A National Emergency Using The Notes App

“Trump is gonna declare World War 3 in a comment on HQ Trivia.”

A Man's Smelly Bathroom Warning Was Mistaken For A Bomb Threat In Kansas

It happened in a Home Depot restroom in Kansas.

25 Pictures Of LGBT Couples Then Vs. Now That'll Overwhelm You With Joy

"I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life."

A New Tape Allegedly Shows R. Kelly Sexually Assaulting An Underage Girl

The tape was sent to Chicago prosecutors by lawyer Michael Avenatti.

19 People Who Need To Be Arrested IMMEDIATELY

I can only be pushed so far.

The "Driving In" Meme Is The Only Meme That Matters Right Now

There are a whole lot of "HELL IS REAL" billboards apparently.

The Runner Who Killed The Mountain Lion With His Bare Hands Said Being A "Cat Dad" Helped Him Win The Fight

Travis Kauffman said he used knowledge he gleaned from having a pet cat to take down the predator.

A Longtime Friend Of Vladimir Putin’s Was Invited To Speak At An EU-Funded Conference

BuzzFeed News had earlier revealed the planned participation of Vladimir Yakunin, who is the target of US sanctions.

沖縄の県民投票、反対派のビラは「アウト」? ネットで指摘も、実際は…


The ACLU Has Sued The Trump Administration For Keeping Migrants Seeking Asylum In Mexico

The first asylum-seeking Central American families — five families made up of four women, one couple, and 10 children — were sent back to Mexico from the US on Wednesday.

Dando risada, agressores jogaram urina e ovos em Paulo na fila da boate LGBTQ

Ele torce para que o STF torne a homofobia crime.

Is Your Current Partner The One For You?

Will you live happily ever after or nah?

The Long Weekend Just Got Better, Because The Home Depot Is Having An Amazing President's Day Sale

I'm talking up to 35% off tons of categories, and up to 70% off select end-of-season furniture!

Trump Will Declare A National Emergency To Build A Wall

The move, which Trump will couple with signing a bill to avoid another government shutdown, is expected to face both legal and congressional challenges.

Dads Falling For The "Olive Oil In Your Car" Prank Is My New Favorite Thing

"If it is good for your heart it should be good for the car."

16 Super Famous People Holding Random Things When They Were Poor So They Could Get Them For Free

And by "poor" I mean they probably had like a million dollars.

Ariana Grande And Dua Lipa Are Joining Pop Culture’s Lesbian Lookalike Party

Doppelgänger imagery sometimes reduces queerness to a symbol or fetish — but subverting that trope can be a way to consider the link between self-recognition and desire.

19 Memes que apreciarás si ya perdiste la fe en el amor, la amistad y la vida misma, pero aquí sigues, ¿verdad?

Chance estás más solo que nadie, pero al final del día sí tendrás los memes.

O voto do decano do STF está sendo um libelo contra a homofobia

"Determinados grupos políticos e sociais, inclusive confessionais, motivados por profundo preconceito, vêm disseminando o ódio contra a comunidade LGBT", disse Celso de Mello em seu voto. Ele só deve concluir na próxima semana.

EPA Delays Decision To Set Drinking Water Limits On Toxic “PFAS” Chemicals

“It’s hard to tell if they’re actually committing to taking certain actions,” said one expert.

“House Hunters” Appears To Be Considering Abandoning Its Longtime Narrator

Andromeda Dunker, the show's signature narrator since 2009, told BuzzFeed News she only became aware of the change while watching recorded episodes on her DVR.

Aprenda a fazer colheres comestíveis

Além de deliciosas ainda ajudam o meio-ambiente!

37 Practical Products That Also Really Freakin' Gorgeous

Everything should serve a purpose and look good doing it.

Meet The Beauty Influencer Who Isn’t Afraid To Say What She Thinks

Jackie Aina has been unapologetic about holding the makeup industry accountable to the black women who buy its products.

Only A True Panic! At The Disco Fan Can Identify These Lyrics

All you sinners stand up take this quiz.

Bill Barr, Who Told Senators He’d Protect Mueller’s Investigation, Has Been Confirmed As Attorney General

The new attorney general would run a very similar Justice Department to his predecessor. He's also said he doesn’t believe special counsel Robert Mueller would engage in a “witch hunt."

RIP My Self-Control, Because Forever 21 Is Having A HUGE Sale

Every single sale item is an extra 50% off, meaning there are products in here that cost less than my morning iced coffee.

16 Boyfriends Who Are So Dorky It's Actually Sweet

Warning: This cuteness may induce unexpected vomiting.

How An Apocalyptic Preacher And QAnon Followers Made A False Pope Francis Quote Go Viral

The fake quote has been spreading online for close to two years, but it suddenly got traction on Facebook and Twitter in the past month.

10 coisas legais para você experimentar em fevereiro

Porque nós testamos e aprovamos!

So Maybe Don't Bring Food Into The Bedroom This Valentine's Day, Based On These 12 Stories

Maybe read this before you bust out the whipped cream tonight ok??

Police Have Identified Two Persons Of Interest In The Reported Attack On Jussie Smollett

Police had previously reviewed surveillance footage of the area where the attack occurred.

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App Announces Data Breach On Valentine's Day

If you're still alone on Valentine's Day, don't worry: at least a hacker has your name and email.

Este quiz te dirá si tu pareja y tú son el uno para el otro

¿Realmente estás con el amor de tu vida?

22 Pairs Of Boyshorts You Need In Your Underwear Drawer

Panties that are actually comfortable, stylish, and sexy.

This Woman Gifted Her Boyfriend With A Personalised Du-Rag And It Is The Cutest Thing

"With his head now secured & protected with the images of black love, his waves are about to reach an unimaginable level."

Amazon Canceled Its Plan To Build A Second Headquarters In New York City

Residents and several local lawmakers strongly opposed the deal that would have brought another Amazon HQ to Long Island City in Queens. The company said it won't reopen the search for another location.

The Breakout Star From Netflix’s Roma Did A Photo Shoot At The US–Mexico Border And It Is Stunning

Yalitza Aparicio was photographed for W Magazine in Tijuana, Mexico in front of the border wall that divides the US and Mexico.

"SpongeBob" Spinoffs Are Coming To Nickelodeon, As Well As A "Paddington" TV Show

Nickelodeon is also reviving its iconic sketch-comedy series All That, featuring a new cast of kids.

The BBC Added Abortion Information To Its Support Website After A Huge Backlash When They Said It Was Too "Contentious" To Include

The BBC initially refused to signpost abortion services after "Call The Midwife" showed a backstreet abortion claiming it would "imply the BBC supported one side or another".

Die Geschichte dieser Zwillinge zeigt, wie krass unterschiedlich Mädchen und Jungen heute noch erzogen werden

SEIN Aussehen ist nie Thema. SIE soll jeden Morgen ihr Kleid präsentieren. Mittlerweile achtet sie darauf, es beim Spielen nicht dreckig zu machen.

A Man Allegedly Shut The Lid On A Hot Tub And Killed His Wife

Eric Huska initially tried to help his wife get out of the hot tub and then closed the lid, trapping her, police said.

The Trump Administration Has Sent The First Asylum-Seeking Families Back To Mexico

Five families, including 10 children, were returned as part of the administration's new plans to force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico.

¿Qué prefieres? Edición fails del 14 de Febrero

¿Qué haces si te mandan un telegrama cantado a la oficina?

Quantas destas coisas para fazer por você mesmo(a) você já fez este ano?

Uma lista de programas para 2019 com a pessoa mais importante do mundo: você.

This Photo Series Captures Asexual Experiences From Around The World

"I want people to understand that asexual people are simply that — people."

¿Cuál es el tipo de pareja que realmente necesitas?

Todos tenemos necesidades diferentes, ¿cuál es la tuya?

"Killing Eve" Season 2 Picks Up Right Where Season 1 Ended

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are back in the new trailer for Season 2.

Teens Are Doing A New "Ice Cream Flip" Challenge And It's Really, Really Weird

Try it, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Original video!

Hass ohne Grund: Dieser Mann bekam Morddrohungen, weil er schwul ist

Eine Person terrorisiert junge Männer, weil sie schwul sind. Eines der Opfer erzählt BuzzFeed News Deutschland jetzt, wie er monatelang Hass und Stalking ertrug – und den vielleicht extremsten Fall von Homofeindlichkeit der vergangenen Jahre überlebte. Der mutmaßliche Täter läuft noch heute frei herum.

The Trump Administration Admits Disaster Relief For Puerto Rico Was Delayed By The Shutdown

In a letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren, a HUD official said the funds could not be fully accessed until the shutdown was over.

22 Songs, bei denen 2000er Kids einen heftigen Throwback bekommen

Wetten, du kannst noch alle Songtexte auswendig?

10 Shows With The Best Wardrobe On TV

These shows prove that no matter who you are or what your job is, style knows no bounds.

23 Movies You Should Watch Before The 2019 Academy Awards

I'd like to thank the Academy for this list of movies...

The Academy Responded To The Backlash Over Moving Four Oscar Categories To Commercial Breaks

"No award category at the 91st Oscars ceremony will be presented in a manner that depicts the achievements of its nominees and winners as less than any others."

50 Little "Just Because" Gifts To Treat Your Sister To

You don't need an special occasion to treat your sis' to a little something.

Kann man das noch essen?

Kratzt du den Schimmel noch vom Toast und denkst dir "leckerschmecker"?

What's Your Favourite "Russian Doll" Fan Theory?

I think we all need an explanation.

Duas receitas deliciosas de bolo de chocolate para quem ama bolo

Receita para quem tá com pressa ou com tempo sobrando!

Cordon Bleu? Lasagne? Warum nicht beides?

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

If You're Drugged And Raped, The Police May Never Know. Here's Why.

Everything about date rape drug tests — from the way they are performed to how the results are interpreted — is deeply unreliable. So why does the legal system treat them like gospel? A BuzzFeed News investigation.

Que "macaco cidadão" é você?

Macaco cidadããão, macaco da civilização!

Morning Update: “A Millennial Hybrid Of Mister Rogers And Jake Paul”

A judge says Manafort lied, FEMA's director resigned, NASA's longest-lived Mars rover is dead. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 14.

Anti-Corbyn MPs Were Plotting A "Valentine's Day Breakup" As Their Plans To Quit Labour Speed Up

“Many MPs are on the edge,” one of the rebels told BuzzFeed News.

33 Hair Products You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

It's Prime time you got your hands on these!

"Motion Tattooing" Is About To Be Your New Obsession, Thanks To This Hungarian Tattoo Artist

"With motion tattoos, you walk out with a deeper connection to the ink."

Here Are 27 Movies You Should Marathon With Your Best Friend Right Now

You don't need a valentine when every day is Galentine's Day.

O "Macaco Cidadão" é a primeira gargalhada do brasileiro em 2019

Uma pessoa tentou lacrar no Instagram do Samuel Rosa usando a letra de "Pacato Cidadão" e acabou virando meme.

Journalists Have Been Banned From A Powerful Database That Lets You Search People's Phone Numbers And Addresses

Until now, Trace IQ let journalists search names, phone numbers and addresses in one database – now they've been banned, but other groups, such as debt collectors, haven't.

うちの子勉強についていける? 入学前に身に付けたいたった1つのこと


29 Products For Anyone Who Loves Sleeping More Than People

Why wake up to deal with people when you can stay asleep??

Can We Guess Your Age Based On The Things You Buy At Urban Outfitters?

There's some science involved in this somewhere.



A Sports Store Is Going Out Of Business After Its Owner Boycotted Nike Over Its Kaepernick Campaign

In September, Prime Time Sports in Colorado got rid of everything Nike. Five months later, everything in the store is 40% off.







「どうせ助けてもらえない」あの頃、 私は諦めていた… 暴力を振るう親のもとを離れて








After A Decade Of Failures, Aboriginal Leaders Are Optimistic About Closing The Gap

"You’ve got to do better. And we’ll try and help you do better now."

A Man Who 3D-Printed An AR-15 And Made A Political Hit List Will Spend Eight Years In Prison

The Texas man was arrested with a loaded rifle and a list featuring the names and addresses of several Republican and Democrat members of Congress.

No One Will Believe You Only Paid $20 For This Fancy-Looking Faux-Fur Stole

Quite possibly the cheapest way to look like a rich person.



17 Hilarious Tweets That'll Make Students Say "Big Mood"

"I skip test questions like I’m gonna be a different person when I come back to them."



Women Musicians Are Accusing Ryan Adams Of Harassment And Emotional Abuse

Adams apologized for "unintentionally" causing pain but also denied sexting an underage girl.

Are You Snobby, Introverted, Or Just Sad?

Here's the real reason why you've been so antisocial lately!

Here Are 22 Disney Valentine’s Cards That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Love won't be the only thing you're feeling tonight, amirite?

「配偶者」の耐えられない重さ 結婚でしかできないことを問われて


Build A Custom Chocolate Bar And We’ll Reveal How Mature You Are

It's time to channel your inner Willy Wonka!

Kids YouTube Star Blippi “Regrets” The Viral Video In Which He Poops All Over His Friend

Before he was Blippi, a Mister Rogers for the YouTube age, he was Steezy Grossman, and he pooped on his friend.

Literally Just 17 Really Funny Tweets About Food

"Potatoes make french fries, chips and vodka. It's like the other vegetables aren't even trying."

22 Five-Minute Desserts That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

You deserve some instant gratification.

Here's What You Need To Know About The Fight In Parliament House Involving One Nation

A red substance on Hanson's door, a scuffle in Parliament House, sexual harassment allegations. Happy Valentine's Day!

A Juror On A High-Profile Murder Case Posted "LMAO" On Facebook And Now It Might End In A Mistrial

A 21-year-old is facing murder charges for allegedly strangling his childhood friend. Now, the case might end in a mistrial due to a juror's Facebook comment.

31 Things You Probably Never Knew About Michael B. Jordan Until Now

Because who wouldn't want to know more about MBJ?!

Which "Frozen 2" Character Are You?

While you're patiently waiting for it to come out in theaters, take this quiz!

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