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February 13, 2019

Which Member Of The Breakfast Club Matches Your Personality?

"Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club."

A Serial Killer Is Drawing His Victims, And The FBI Needs Help Identifying Them

Samuel Little has confessed to murdering 90 women between 1970 and 2005.

What's The Grossest Thing You've Eaten By Accident?

"This ice feels a lot like broken plastic..."

A Judge Found That Paul Manafort Lied To Investigators After Signing A Plea Deal With Mueller's Office

Prosecutors established that Manafort intentionally made false statements about his contacts with longtime associate Konstantin Kilimnik and another DOJ investigation, a judge found.

19 Tweets About Being Lazy That Are Both Relatable And Inspiring

"Just dropped my Roku remote. I was so lazy I just downloaded the phone app instead of picking it up."

Being An Immigration Judge Was Their Dream. Under Trump, It Became Untenable.

“It has become so emotionally brutal and exhausting that many people I know are leaving or talking about finding an exit strategy,” said one immigration judge. “Morale has never, ever been lower.”

24 Foods The World Is Disgusted That Americans Actually Eat

Today I learned putting butter on popcorn is an American thing.

22 Historias de perro oso en el Metro que agradecerás que no te pasaron a ti

Desde la clásica mochila atrapada en las puertas hasta vómito en el pasillo.

50 Powerful Pictures From Black History That Speak For Themselves

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed." —Booker T. Washington

Covington Catholic Students Won't Be Punished After Investigators Found No Evidence Of "Racist Or Offensive Statements"

The diocese, which initially condemned the students, said they'd been "exonerate[d]" and "can move forward with their lives."

Jussie Smollett Says He's "Pissed Off" By People Who Doubt He Was Attacked

“How can you doubt that? Like, how do you not believe that? It’s the truth.”

A Florida Mayor Is Thinking About Running For President And It's Not Andrew Gillum

“If a mayor from South Bend can do it, then why not a mayor from Miramar?”

FEMA Director Brock Long Has Resigned After Two Years And Multiple Controversies

Long was criticized for his management of the agency's response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and his use of government cars for personal business.

12 Surprising Reasons You'll Be So Glad You Registered On Amazon

For starters — because Amazon has EVERYTHING you could ever possibly need for your home!



Advogado de evangélicos diz que gays já podem muito e foi rebatido por advogada trans

Como foi o primeiro dia do julgamento do STF que pode tornar crime a homofobia.

This Woman Had An IUD Floating Around Her Abdomen For 11 Years

Doctors told her it had simply fallen out.

We Know How You'll Be Spending Valentine's Day From Your Romance Movie Opinions

Will you go on a hot date, or will it be dinner for one?

Attention: This Is Part III – And Possibly The Wildest Version – Of Bizarre Baby Naming Stories

"My friend was named after the doctor that performed his mom’s boob job."

What Is Living With Endometriosis Really Like? Share Pictures With Us

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. Over 176 million people live with this disease worldwide.

"My KKK Friends Will Burn Your Family": A Florida Woman Went On A Racist Rant Against A Black Officer

The woman was recorded telling the black deputy that the KKK would burn crosses in his yard and that "n*****s should've never been let out of slavery."

A "Breaking Bad" Movie Starring Aaron Paul Is On Its Way

When we last saw Jesse Pinkman in the 2013 series finale, he was sobbing with joy after escaping a group of white supremacists.

Mexican Authorities Are Stopping Unaccompanied Kids From Seeking Asylum In The US At Every Turn

"Mexican immigration ... snatches them up when they are on the precipice of safety. How does that benefit the children? That is a political move, and children are the victims."

ALERTA: Carmelita Salinas no tiene su zapato derecho y lo necesita para el final de su telenovela

¿Alguien ha visto el par faltante? ¿Alguien puede pensar en los niños?

10 filmes de casamento para você ver na Netflix

Clássicos e novidades para você se inspirar ou só se divertir um pouco mesmo.

A Designer Fat-Shamed A Journalist After She Wrote Him A Bad Fashion Week Review

“It's one thing to critique a body of work, it's another to review somebody's body," Alexandra Mondalek said.

A Former "American Idol" Contestant Has Been Accused Of Being A Drug Courier

Singer Antonella Barba was arrested last year and is now facing federal drug charges.

If You Were A Yankee Candle, Which One Would You Be?

Each result smells better than the last.

The Complete Guide To Basic Knife Cuts

Everything you need to know to slice, dice, and chiffonade like a pro.

ICE Wanted To Deport 21 Savage On An “Aggravated Felony” Charge — But They Just Dropped It

The rapper, whose real name is She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, is still going through deportation proceedings.

A Dust Storm Has Killed NASA’s Longest-Lived Mars Rover

The Opportunity rover landed on the red planet with its twin, Spirit, in 2004.

40 Disney Products You're Never Too Old To Love

Just a bunch of stuff that kid-you and current-you will agree is awesome.

Marcola e 21 líderes do PCC vão pegar dois meses de isolamento nos presídios federais

Transferência do comando da facção criminosa, que estava em Presidente Bernardes e Presidente Venceslau (SP), está ocorrendo hoje.

Solo alguien mayor de 27 años podrá sacar más de 10 en este quiz de Canal 5

¿Recuerdas cómo se llama el hijo de 'Dinosaurios' y el dragón de 'La historia sin fin'?

15 humilhações tecnológicas que a galera novinha não faz ideia que tivemos que sofrer

Sair da internet pra sua mãe falar com a sua tia é muita humilhação.

¿Qué pareja gay de la TV son tú y tu novio?

¿Serán como #Aristemo o chance más como #Klaine?

An Ohio State University Student Was Killed After Her Ex-Boyfriend Kidnapped Her And Led Police On A Chase

Police confirmed on Wednesday that the bullet that killed Skylar Williams came from the suspects firearm.

DOJ Employees Sent A Letter Highlighting The Lack Of Gender Diversity In Top Positions

Of 50 senior posts across 11 offices at the Justice Department, one is held by a woman, according to a letter sent to DOJ leadership by an internal gender diversity group.

19 Anfänger-Fehler, die du beim Backpacken vermeiden kannst

Vielleicht lässt du dir das Tattoo, das du 4 Uhr morgens volltrunken ausgesucht hast, noch ein paar Tage durch den Kopf gehen?

Republicans Plan To “Wage War” Against The Green New Deal For The 2020 Elections

“This was a mistake by Democrats because it took an issue they have been winning on and turned it into a liability,” said a Republican strategist.

Yalitza y Cuarón se reunieron para una sesión de fotos en la frontera y es hermosamente épica

La actriz fue fotografiada para la revista W justo en el muro que divide Estados Unidos y México.

16 Postres realmente fáciles que puedes preparar para el Día del Amor y la Amistad

No necesitas más de veinte minutos para preparar un detalle delicioso para tus amigos.

Estaria a moda da harmonização facial indo longe demais?

O que é isso que vai deixar todo mundo com o mesmo rosto – no caso, o do Máskara?

O Supremo está debatendo a homofobia e na internet a guerra já começou

Ações que apontam omissão do Congresso em criminalizar a homofobia estão na pauta de hoje do Plenário do STF. #CriminalizaSTF, #ÉCrimeSim e #HomofobiaéCrime estão no topo do TT do Twitter.

Another Looming Climate Disaster: Dam Collapses

“The Oroville Dam shows what the chances of these failures look like, and might become the new normal.”

E agora o Carlos Bolsonaro está acusando o ministro Bebianno de mentir

A relação deles sempre é tensa desde a campanha.

A Home Office Job Advert Is Seeking Low-Paid Admin Temps To Decide If People Are Trafficking Victims

“The low level of pay and the requirements for this job go hand in hand with consistent low quality of decisions for slavery victims in the UK.”

“Queer Eye” Season 3 Is Returning To Netflix Next Month

And Netflix teased Carly Rae Jepsen's new song in the announcement trailer! Can you believe?!

¿Qué tipo de reina eres?

Pase por aquí, Su Majestad.

If You Just Lost A Bunch Of Followers On Instagram, Don’t Panic, It’s Actually Because Of A Bug

Instagram said they are working to resolve the bug as quickly as possible.

Meet Dodie, The Singer Who's Helping Teens Through Their Darkest Days

The 23-year-old has landed the difficult leap from YouTube sensation to real-life star, but she still doesn't know what she's doing: "I'm still finding my feet pretty much."

Ariana Grande Accidentally Spilled Tea On Her Relationship With Pete Davidson While Discussing Secrets About "Thank U, Next"

Ariana revealed a whole host of juicy details about the track in a brand new interview.

15 Mascaras You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

Anything is possible as long as you have a good mascara!

A comparação dos vestidos da Kate Middleton e da Meghan Markle ressuscitou uma narrativa que ninguém aguenta mais

Uma foi criticada por usar um vestido ombro a ombro. Meses depois, outra foi elogiada por vestir a mesmíssima coisa.

The Teaser Trailer For "Frozen II" Will Give You Chills

The sequel to Frozen opens in theaters on Nov. 22.

17 Times "The Office" Was A Lot Smarter Than You Thought It Was

"I want the ketchup fights and the tickling and the giggling."

A Leading Author Has Condemned Amazon For Selling Gay "Cure" Books

Exclusive: Damian Barr told BuzzFeed News that the bookselling website is "promoting self-harm" and profiting from hate.

A High-Profile Journalist And Critic Of The President Of The Philippines Has Been Arrested

Rappler journalists livestreamed the arrest warrant being served to Maria Ressa, who in 2018 was named a Time magazine Person of the Year.

These "Stranger Things" Throwback Games Will Make All '80s Kids Scream

There's an official "Stranger Things" Dungeons & Dragons set now and it's about time!

"Se eu fosse o vice, não teria recebido a CUT", diz Eduardo Bolsonaro

Na mesma entrevista, Eduardo disse sobre Mourão, que teve encontro com dirigentes da CUT na semana passada: "Bom vice-presidente, falta só um pouco de traquejo político, mas pessoa honesta e leal".

Asbest: Der Killer Nummer eins unter den Berufskrankheiten – ein Recherche-Podcast

Seit Jahren recherchieren unsere Reporter zu Asbest – und der Frage, warum so viele Menschen ohne Entschädigung sterben.

Escolha um biscoito e ganhe um elogio

Apenas para quem gosta de biscoito.

Morning Update: Leave Pizza Out Of Your Conspiracies

Trump is getting even less wall money, El Chapo was convicted of all charges, Amazon is coming for your home. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 13.

Esta matéria do "Jornal da Globo" parece um quadro do "Tá No Ar"

A vida real supera a ficção: vem comigo nessa SITUAÇÃO ABSURDA com direito a um gif maravilhoso.

Jessica Simpson Shared Some Hilariously Real Side Effects Of Pregnancy

"Warning...don't lean back on the toilet while pregnant."

32 Cool And Random Things You Can Probably Afford

Bob Ross bandaids, a Jeopardy activity book, everything bagel seasoning, and 29 other things to make you say, "Ugh thanks BuzzFeed, now I NEED THIS!"



ズボラ女子必見 無印良品のちょい足しアレンジが神がかってる…!!




生活がめちゃくちゃ変わった! 部屋を近未来化するアイテム









樹木希林さんの名言を集めた書籍「樹木希林 120の遺言」が累計発行25万部を突破するヒットに。

This Man Has Spent 9 Years In Detention. He Just Lost His High Court Challenge

Mystery surrounding the man's identity appeared to scuttle his attempt to challenge indefinite immigration detention.

An Aspiring Rapper Who Was Asleep Inside His Car Was Shot And Killed By California Police

The 20-year-old, who went by the name Willie Bo, was found slumped over in the driver's seat with a handgun on his lap in a Taco Bell drive-thru.

"Water Is Life": Aboriginal People Demand Climate Action In Parliament

"The water will die, the grass will die, the tree will die. There will be rocks and dirt, that’s all. There will be nothing left, not even birds."

Apple Has A Repair Problem In The World's Second Largest Smartphone Market

There are no Apple stores yet in India, and iPhone users have been stranded with third-party service providers, who they say do not live up to the premium brand’s promise in the rest of the world.

Form A Girl Group With Celebs And We'll Tell You If It'll Be A Success

Will they become the next TLC or Destiny's Child?

49 Things That'll Make Anyone Who Was A Teen In The Late '90s Say, "Holy Crap, I Forgot About That!"

Remember when Katie Holmes and Helen Mirren starred in a movie together?

Michaelia Cash's Staffer Worked With Michael Keenan's Office To Leak AWU Raids, Court Hears

BuzzFeed News broke the story last year that Keenan's office was involved.



16 Motivational Posters About Hating People That Will Actually Make You Laugh

"If life gives you lemons, squeeze them in people's eyes."

BuzzFeed News Employees Unionized And The Company Says It's Open To Voluntary Recognition

Some employees began meeting with the NewsGuild of New York in 2015.

Amazon Bought A Router Company You've Never Heard Of. Here Is Why It's A Huge Deal.

Experts are concerned about what Amazon’s acquisition of Eero means for consumer privacy.

What Kind Of Single Person Are You?

Yeah you're single, but like what KIND of single??

I Bet We Can Accurately Guess Your Grandma's Name

Bet you we can guess it right.

Children In Texas Were Found Malnourished And Locked Inside A Dog Kennel

Sheriff's deputies said there was food inside the barn house where the four kids were found, but it was all locked and put out of reach of their reach.

31 Small Organization Products That’ll Make A Big Difference

Small but powerful organizing is my favorite organizing.

16 More Unpopular Alcohol Opinions That Might Make You Rethink What You Drink

"Ice cold beer is trash. Room or cellar temperature all the way."

Advocates Say The Repeated Threats Of A Government Shutdown Are Hurting Low-Income Tenants

“I am very afraid of the long-term impact the last shutdown has had — and heaven forbid this happens again.”

A Win For Refugees, A Loss For The Government: Medical Transfer Changes To Become Law

Opposition and crossbench politicians in Australia teamed up to defeat the government and usher in changes to how refugees detained offshore receive medical treatment.

Scott Morrison Says He'll Reopen The Christmas Island Detention Centre

The Christmas Island centre closed late last year, after just over a decade of operation.

The Tallahassee Yoga Shooter Was Motivated By Hatred Toward Women, Police Say

Two women were killed and four others were wounded by gunfire in the Nov. 2 attack.

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