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February 4, 2019

Jennifer Garner Shared A Mind-Blowing Video Of A Pregnant Ballerina

"I'm in total awe of this. At this point in my pregnancy my husband had to help me groom in the shower."

Here Are 19 TV Characters Who Almost Got Their Own Spinoff Show

There was almost a Green Arrow TV show long before Arrow ever aired!

The Lawyer For Rapper 21 Savage, Who Was Detained By ICE, Says It's Not His Fault He Was In The US Illegally

The Atlanta-based rapper was detained by immigration officials who said he was an "unlawfully present UK national."

35 Prom Dresses That No One Else Will Be Wearing

Accidentally wearing the same dress as someone else should only ever happen in the movies.

35 Valentine's Day Gifts For Couples Who Have Been Together Forever

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you." —Ancient Proverb

31 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at Aerie, Soma, Sephora, and more!

A College Student Found A Man Living Inside Her Closet Wearing Her Clothes

"I’m like, 'Who’s there?' And somebody answers, 'Me.'"

"Scream Queens" Might Be Getting Rebooted And, Oh My Chanel, I'm Super Excited

This is, quite literally, the only reboot I give a crap about.

Pick A Pizza, And We'll Reveal The Year Of Your Death

I mean how else are you going to find out??

16 Mind-Boggling Details In The "Us" Trailer — Jordan Peele's Follow-Up To "Get Out"

Nothing like a doppelgänger horror film to get your red string theories going!

A Lobbyist At The Trump Tower Meeting Received Half A Million Dollars In Suspicious Payments

A bank flagged transactions, including large cash deposits, made before and after Rinat Akhmetshin attended the 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

「医師は死ねと?」 炎上した残業上限2000時間案が出てきた舞台裏


A "Malicious Hack" Accessing MPs' Phone And Email Contacts Is Being Investigated By Parliament

Exclusive: "I've been hacked," one member of the government confirmed.

Qual foi o seu crime?

Não venha me pedir desculpas...

Crianças traumatizadas começam a voltar às aulas em Brumadinho

Em um dos colégios, 30 famílias foram abaladas com a perda de parentes. "No maternal, eu tenho uma criança que perdeu o pai e outra que perdeu a mãe", contou educadora.

Here's Everything You Might've Missed During The Super Bowl

From the game to commercials to controversies.

There's A Naked Troll That Farts Glitter At Universal Studios And People Have Thoughts

"I'm very uncomfortable with how sculpted his butt is."

31 Slightly Annoying Things That Happen When You Listen To Podcasts

Still searching "podcasts similar to Serial".

Bethenny Frankel Defended Pete Davidson After A Fan Questioned Why Women Like Him

"I guess it's clear he shoots diamonds out of his penis?"

Liam Neeson Said He Wanted To Kill A “Black Bastard” Out Of Revenge

The Taken actor said he was once looking to act out of revenge after a friend told him she was assaulted.

22 Cheap Problem-Solving Products For Everything Gross In Your Life

Warning: this post contains some disgustingly satisfying before-and-after photos. Viewer discretion is advised.

Backcountry Is Having An Up-To-50% Off Sale, So Now's The Time To Get A New Winter Jacket

Score up to 50% off on jackets, boots, backpacks, and more winter goods from major brands (like Patagonia!).

What Are The Most Clueless Things People Have Said To You About Endometriosis?

There's a lot of confusion out there about endometriosis. What do you wish more people knew about this condition?

If You Have A Craving For More Eating Your Feed, You 100% Need This Merch!

I can't make corgi macarons, but I know these shirts are cute, OK?!

Se lei de Moro sobre caixa 2 valesse em 2014, Onyx poderia ter ido para a cadeia

Proposta do ministro da Justiça prevê penas de até oito anos para o crime de caixa 2, quando o cumprimento da pena se dá em regime inicialmente fechado.

How Slack’s New Logo Became a Lightning Rod For Everything Bad On The Internet

Designers in 2019 face all kinds of challenges. One of them: figuring out how trolls are going to turn their logos into swastikas or human genitalia.

14 provas que o ano de 2014 mudou a humanidade para todo o sempre

Beijinho no ombro pra quem não lembra de 2014.

Kristoff St. John, The Longtime Star Of "The Young And The Restless," Has Died

The actor was pronounced dead on Feb. 3 at 4:02 p.m. Pacific time, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County coroner's office told BuzzFeed News. He was 52.

All The New TV And Movies On Hulu This Month

Including Three Identical Strangers, PEN15, The Big Lebowski, and some other classic movies worth adding to your queue.

Joice Hasselmann recebeu gabinete que já foi de Lula na Câmara

E fez "exorcismo". Só que foi ela mesma quem escolheu o gabinete 825...

Can A Pragmatic Populist Win In 2020? Sherrod Brown Is Looking For The Answer.

The liberal Ohio senator has taken his Dignity of Work tour — a White House campaign-in-waiting — on the road. But some activists worry about his less-than-far-left stance on Medicare for All.

Até agora o "BBB19" não mostrou por que a Rízia foi massacrada e está no paredão

A jornalista foi acusada de "leva e traz", mas o público não viu ela fazendo isso.

These 23 Wild Work Stories Will Make You Never Want To Work Again

After reading these stories, you'll either love or hate your work office, lol.

Super Bowl Fans On The Same Flight As Rihanna Asked How To Watch The Game And She Wasn't Impressed At All

"For those of you who thought I was watchin Super Bowl...we beefin."

Fizeram o William Bonner cantar "Jenifer" em pleno "Fantástico"

Passou na edição do quadro "Isso a Globo Não Mostra".

Ariana Grande Has Responded To Accusations That She Appropriated Japanese Culture

"There is a difference between appropriation and appreciation."

Intersexuelle Kinder werden weiterhin regelmäßig operiert, um in das Schema „Junge oder Mädchen“ zu passen

Mehr als 2000 dieser Eingriffe fanden 2016 an Kindern statt, zeigt eine neue Studie.

O clipe de "Seu Crime" saiu e Pabllo Vittar mais uma vez deu o que os gays queriam

Teve looks, "Telephone", crítica ao pink money e às fake news. Teve tudo!

Diese emotionalen Fotos zeigen die letzten Augenblicke zwischen Menschen und ihren Haustieren

Taylor richtet seine Kamera auf ein Trauma, das viele von uns erlebt haben oder einmal erleben werden.

Carlos Bolsonaro ataca PSL por "ajuda" a nome do PT na Assembleia do Rio

"O que leva um deputado estadual do PSL que se elegeu graças a Jair Bolsonaro a se abster na votação da presidência da Alerj tendo uma eleição de chapa única do PT?", estocou o filho do presidente, no Twitter.

29 witzige Tweets, die gerade genau das Richtige für dich sind

„Entschuldigung, wie ist das WLAN-Passwort?“ – „Das ist eine Beerdigung!“ – „Alles zusammen und klein?“

18 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A pack of Outer Aisle Gourmet Cauliflower Sandwich Thins, cute teddy coat, set of glass storage canisters, and 15 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Morning Update: Is It Even Fun Cheering For Tom Brady

The Virginia governor's photo controversy, Jussie Smollett speaks out, Robert Mueller's fan club. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 4.

The Plane Carrying A Premier League Footballer Has Been Found With A Body On Board

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch said an occupant was visible amidst the wreckage of the Piper Malibu aircraft, which was discovered on the seabed north of Guernsey.

A Gal Costa falou algo que TODOS OS HOMENS deveriam saber

Ela deu um conselho simples e básico, porém muito valioso.

This Is Why Adam Levine Taking Off His Shirt At The Super Bowl Has Sparked A Debate On Twitter

"So, Adam Levine's nipples are ok at the Super Bowl but Janet Jackson's aren't?"

イエメン取材目指す記者が出国禁止に 安倍政権下で2人目


23 "Junk" Drawer Products You'll Really And Truly Use All The Time

Turn your "junk" drawer into a genius problem-solving drawer.

「あのへそはどうやって」 雪上の巨大クマ像に北米が沸く


麻生氏「子ども産まない方が問題」発言→「誤解与えた」 と撤回(4年ぶり2回目)


"Broken Lives": The Banking Royal Commission Findings Are Finally Here

"Wrongdoing is not denounced by issuing a media release," commissioner Kenneth Hayne said.

Which Michael B. Jordan Character Is Your Soulmate?

No matter who you get, you win!

Adam Levine's Dancing At The Super Bowl Halftime Show Is Being Called "Peak White Dude"

"Adam Levine dancing next to Travis reminds me of your typical white boy bumping as he’s pregaming to go out with the boyz."

25 Tweets sobre el Super Bowl que son 67 veces más divertidos que el propio Super Bowl

Mira, no tuvimos diversión, pero sí unos segundos de Adam Levine sin camisa.

SpongeBob Barely Graced The Super Bowl With His Presence And His Fans Were Not Pleased

For many nautical nonsensers, it was far from a "sweet victory."



All The Kids Are Leaving Nauru, But Hundreds Of Men And Women Remain

“It’s finally a win for humanity, but it shouldn’t have taken so long."

17 Times Kids Saw Ghosts, And Totally Scared The Living Daylights Out Of Their Parents

"My son asked me, 'Who's that at the window?' We were on the second floor."

Bud Light And HBO Teamed Up For A "Game Of Thrones"–Themed Super Bowl Ad

"Drogon really isn’t a fan of domestic beer."

33 Things For Anyone Who Loves Luxury, But Is On A Budget

Just a bunch of really pretty things you can probably afford.

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