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    Updated on Feb 26, 2019. Posted on Feb 25, 2019

    24 Places You'll Never Ever Be Able To Go Again In Your Life

    One day you left and never went back.

    1. At Blockbuster hoping and praying there'd be a copy of the movie you want behind the box:

    2. Inside Borders, wandering around and looking at all the CDs you definitely couldn't afford:

    3. Sitting on the bus on a rainy wet day, drawing on the window:

    4. At the dentist's office playing with one of these, which seems to have disappeared in recent years:

    5. Down in a basement playing Nintendo on a giant wooden TV:

    6. Walking through the grocery store with your parents pulling out coupons from these every chance you got:

    7. Sitting in the back seat of a car looking out the window and "racing" the drops of water:

    8. Coming home from the store with a brand new CD, spending minutes trying to rip off the plastic even though you had nothing to listen to it on:

    9. And opening the case up, pulling out the lyrics, and going to town:

    10. Riding on one of these busses headed on the field trip of a lifetime:

    11. Walking around KB Toys and feeling like you were in heaven:

    12. Sitting on a couch waiting what seems like an eternity to see what's on TV:

    Tv guide

    13. Sliding down one of those slides at Discovery Zone, trying not to get your hair caught:

    14. Inside the Mecca - the Scholastic Book Fair:

    15. Sitting at this exact table and having some of the dumbest conversations of your life:

    16. Riding in a car with metal ashtrays and burning the hell out of your arm on a hot summer day:

    17. Seated at the command center - the family computer:

    18. And sitting in front of the computer watching this exact screensaver:


    19. All while wasting time talking to Smarterchild, waiting for someone special to come online:

    20. Inside a Natural Wonders store, probably messing around with a rainstick you're never going to buy:

    21. Or inside a Media Play looking at all the... uh, media:

    22. At a friend's house with watching TV with this exact set-up, pushing the glass doors in and hearing that "click-clack" sound:

    23. Rustling through all your games, hearing that sweet click clack:

    24. And hanging at this exact spot after a long day of school:

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