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    Updated on Feb 27, 2019. Posted on Feb 25, 2019

    14 Of The Most Hilarious Messages From February

    "Happy 18 birthday" — someone's dad

    1. This ex reached out with a hilarious proposal:

    2. This boyfriend told this hilarious lie:

    3. This mom had a better idea for a "wave":

    4. This girl posted heartfelt conversations with her dad:

    deep convos with ur dad >>>>

    5. This group chat hilariously discussed one of their friends going out with a girl named Rihanna:

    When of the lads is going out wae a bird called Rihanna

    Twitter: @GabrielaGuwop

    6. This dad went on his first date in a while and hilariously documented it:

    My dad went on a date today for the first time in hella long 😂❤️

    7. This dude broke up with his gym partner:

    my boyfriend’s gym “bro dude” broke up with him 💀💀💀

    8. And this girl lost her drinking parnter:

    9. This birthday text from her dad was much different than her mom's:

    10. This boyfriend thought a thermometer was a pregnancy test:

    11. This Postmates driver's texting was LOUD:

    12. This girl (aka BuzzFeed writer Syd) definitely didn't mean to send this text:

    13. This guy pretended he was Cole Sprouse:

    a girl on snapchat thinks i’m Cole Sprouse also i’ve never seen Riverdale

    14. And last but not least, this influencer's VERY DIFFERENT messages went viral:

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