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    Updated on Apr 12, 2019. Posted on Feb 25, 2019

    Kim Clapped Back At The Creator Of "The Bachelorette" When He Said Khloé Was Going To Be On The Show

    "Ewww put some respeck on my name."

    If you were paying attention literally at all this week, you'll know that Khloé Kardashian is recently single.

    Now while I doubt she's ready to hit the market just yet, there's a rumor floating around that instead of slumming it on dating apps (lol, can you imagine) or blind dates like the rest of us, Khloé's in talks to be the next Bachelorette. Yep, THE Bachelorette.


    It all started when the show's creator and EP, Mike Fleiss, sent out this tweet.

    I have already been in contact with my dear friend @KrisJenner about @khloekardashian as #TheBachelorette . Stay tuned!!!

    As they're known to be, Bach Nation was full of opinions.

    @fleissmeister @KrisJenner @khloekardashian

    @fleissmeister @KrisJenner @khloekardashian I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS ROSE. NO NO NO. @CheerJessie14 @reagananne_

    @fleissmeister @KrisJenner @khloekardashian

    @fleissmeister @KrisJenner @khloekardashian In a serious note, im down.

    But before fans had a chance to run with the rumor, Kim chimed in to shut it down in its tracks, tweeting, "Fake fucking news big time!!!!"

    Fake fucking news big time!!!!

    You'd think that'd be the end of it right? RIGHT?? But, NOPE! Mike responded, "How would Kim Kardashian know? This is between me and Kris Jenner — and most importantly Khloe Kardashian!" But, Kim 👏 wasn't 👏 having 👏 it 👏:

    Oh really????? Wait a minute....

    In fact, Kim texted her fam and came back with RECEIPTS!!!

    "Ewwww I mean put some respeck on my name." 😂😂😂


    But, Mike still persisted, claiming that Khloé couldn't tell her family anyway because of the show's confidentiality.

    FYI... We have strict confidentiality agreements with all #TheBachelorette candidates. @khloekardashian couldn’t tell @KimKardashian anyway...



    Finally, Khloé herself spoke out (rightfully) calling Mike insensitive and saying that she wasn't "fucking clickbait."

    I’m not fucking clickbait right now. Stop or you will be hearing from my lawyers. How insensitive!!

    You tell him Khloé! BYE, MIKE!!!


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