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    45 Things That'll Make Disney Fans Say "Take My Money!"

    If we can't have glass slippers or the Beast's library, these magical items are the next best thing ✨

    Is a trip to Disney in your future? OR maybe you'd just like some extra magic in your daily life? Well then, grab your wallet and let's shop for some fun Disney-inspired products!

    1. A T-shirt embroidered with classic Disney Princesses, so you'll never have to choose a favorite leading lady again!

    2. A six-pack of ankle socks to have your toes ~chillin like a villain~.

    3. Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon shimmer powder, so you can look majestic and shine like an actual pearl on the daily.

    4. Fairy Godmother–approved pajamas, so cozy you won't want to be wearing anything else when the clock strikes midnight.

    5. A handmade tribute to Mickey and Minnie that you literally won't be able to take your eyes off.

    6. Or a plaque inspired by the famous sign at Disneyland, sure to make any Walt fanatic's eyes fill with tears.

    7. A snuggly Olaf stuffed animal you can keep at your desk whenever you're in need of a warm hug.

    8. A High School Musical sweatshirt that'll give a subtle nod to your appreciation of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgen's epic trilogy.

    9. Luggage tags inspired by Belle's adventurous desires, to encourage to you chase your own dreams around the globe.

    10. A Pizza Planet claw machine crossbody bag that'll have everyone around you saying "OooOooh!"

    11. A pair of Simba-themed 3D printed ears, so you can justify shout "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba!" from the rooftops (or just, uh, your living room).

    12. A Mickey and Minnie pendant necklace that'll inspire you to find a love as special as theirs (awww!).

    13. Countdown blocks, because there's nothing more exciting than checking off the days until you get to down a Dole Whip!

    14. A bag designed to display your favorite Disney pins while you venture through the Parks — a must-have for any pin-cess.

    15. A classy Mickey and Minnie fragrance with adorable packaging you're sure to fall in love with after a single spritz.

    16. A board game starring villains like Ursula, Jafar, and Maleficent, great for playing with other Disney fans or anyone who loves strategy games.

    17. An Olaf waffle maker, because every breakfast you make should inspire warm hugs.

    18. A Jaq and Gus Gus decal for the Cinderella fan who wants to discreetly add a touch of magic to any room in their home.

    19. A customized Starbucks cup that'll let you combine your obsession with Disney and caffeine into one glittering tumbler.

    20. A vinyl version of the Frozen soundtrack, so you can belt out the lyrics to "Let It Go" while also maintaining your record-player-owning ~chill vibes~.

    21. A Pixar popcorn maker to accompany you and your friends the next time you find yourself starving after watching Ratatouille.

    22. A fleece Winnie the Pooh blanket that'll have you saying "TTFN, ta-ta for now" to any weekend plans you had.

    23. A pair of Minnie Mouse-inspired hair ties to rock her classic dots without suffering from the inevitable headache you'd get from wearing actual an ear headband.

    24. A vintage style print that'll complete your library's decor—even if it isn't nearly as big and glamorous as the Beast's.

    25. An enamel pin you can add to your jean jacket or tote bag to let the world know you'd always rather be at Disney.

    26. A lightsaber tie, so you can feel the force even when you're stuck plugging away at your stuffy desk job.

    27. A towel inspired by Fantasia, perfect for lounging by the pool while blasting classic Disney tunes.

    28. A snuggly sweatshirt featuring a winking Mickey Mouse that'll become your go-to accessory for you next Disney movie binge.

    29. A Pixar pop-up book you'll find yourself opening again and again.

    30. A hat embroidered with Tangled's signature sun, so when at last you see the light it won't get directly in your eyes.

    31. Or a hat inspired by Space Ranger Spin — ideal for any couple that finds themselves getting super competitive during the ride.

    32. A set of Fantastia hair clips to channel classic Disney vibes into every single one of your hairdos.

    33. A Mickey-themed slow cooker, because why not combine your fave kitchen appliance with your fave mouse?

    34. Inside Out earrings, because why talk about your feelings when your jewelry can do it for you?

    35. An Olaf tsum tsum lip balm, so your precious pucker will be moisturized even in the coldest of Elsa's winters.

    36. A sweatshirt decked out in Disney Princes that'll make you swoon and question why you're attracted to animated characters.

    37. Or a glittering Dumbo tank you can wear to the gym or just while you patiently wait for the Tim Burton version to hit theaters.

    38. A Mickey balloon decal to keep on your car forever (or at least longer than you'd be able to hold on to a regular balloon).

    39. A T-shirt fit for a foodie, or anyone planning to eat around the world in Epcot.

    40. A 4-in-1 puzzle set depicting magical moments from Disney films — you'll love working on these on a cold winter night with your pals.

    41. A sign for Main Street Bakery that'll help you bring the nostalgic feeling of walking through the Parks into your own kitchen.

    42. A special mug to commemorate arguably one of the most moving moments in Disney movie history (feel free to quote me on that).

    43. A button-up featuring Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog, for someone who prefers to embrace the ~dark side~ once in a while.

    44. A Moana and Pua Funko Pop to show everyone in your life just how far your love for the movie goes.

    45. And a beautiful art print created by a Disney artist who worked on Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph that'll become your most prized posession.

    You, when someone says you already own enough Disney things:

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