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    Updated on Feb 26, 2019. Posted on Feb 25, 2019

    "Tidying Up" Queen Marie Kondo Was At The Oscars And Sparked Joy Everywhere She Went

    Hopefully, the event sparked joy.

    So, the Oscars were this weekend and we saw all the movie stars we expected to see, but there was another celebrity that caused quite a stir.

    You guys, Marie Kondo is at the #oscars!

    Yep, we’re talking about the queen of tidying up herself, Marie Kondo.

    Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    You know, she had that hugely successful Netflix show where she encouraged everyone to tidy up their homes (and their minds).


    Well, it appears she snagged a ticket to the biggest night in Hollywood this year and people had thoughts.

    Marie Kondo tells people to throw out all their stuff and clean more and she gets invited to the oscars? My dad has been telling me that for years and all he's got is an eye roll. #Oscars

    Most were just pleasantly surprised to see her on the red carpet.

    hello i hope miss marie kondo had fun at the oscars i miss her i should continue watching her show

    And then some were genuinely curious why the petit little ray of sunshine was even there.

    Why was Marie Kondo at the Oscars? Genuine question, nothing against her.

    And, of course, there were the inevitable jokes about the lack of host and her signature lesson to only keep things that "spark joy."

    I heard Marie Kondo was at the Oscars last night. Maybe she told them that a host wasn’t bringing anyone any joy. Maybe she was right!

    @JimmyOscars2018 Marie Kondo attended the Academy Awards. Wonder which of the Best Picture nominees did not spark joy for her. #Oscars

    All the jokes about @MarieKondo at the #Oscars are sparking joy to me. 🥰

    Marie's self-proclamation that she loves a mess also prompted these hilarious reactions about the awards show.

    Marie Kondo was at the oscars and it was still a mess

    Of course Marie Kondo was at the #Oscars. She loves mess.

    At the end of the day, this is what it all came down to: "She went to the Oscars last night and she is living her best organized life!"

    @MarieKondo went to the Oscars last night and she is living her best organized life!!!!!!!!!

    Netflix / Via

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