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February 18, 2019

19 Celebridades que tuvieron la fortuna de tomarse una foto con Yalitza Aparicio

El brillo de Yalis deslumbra hasta a los más famosos.

These 6 Questions Will Reveal What Kind Of Rat You Are

Are you a classic pizza rat or just stuck in the rat race?

9 Gross Secrets About The Food Industry That You Didn't Know Before

There's a lot more bugs involved than you might think!

Only A True "Holes" Fan Can Ace This Quiz

"Once upon a time, there was a magical place where it never rained. The end."

This Video Of A Mom And Her Sons Dancing Is A Massive Meme. Here's The Full Story.

In a video shared on Twitter, a mother and her sons are dancing to a One Direction song, but the original 2014 video was different.

This Is What Emotional Abuse Looks Like

Women who have emotionally abusive partners are more likely to suffer physical intimate partner violence.

50 More Things That If You're Over 34 Will Make You Say, "Oh Crap, I Totally Forgot About That!"

Again, don't @ me with "I remember all of this and I am 8 years old," 'cause no, you don't!!!

Este quiz te dirá qué tan tímido eres

Si te pone mal que te ofrezcan ayuda cuando estás en una tienda, tienes que hacer este quiz.



Roger Stone Posted A Photo Of The Judge Presiding Over His Case Next To Crosshairs

Stone deleted the post and published a statement saying, "any inference that this was meant to somehow threaten the Judge or disrespect court is categorically false."

17 Of The Sassiest Responses From Companies On The Internet

"Buddy, it's Saturday night and you're talking to a marshmallow sandwich on the internet."

Audrey Worboys • 9 hours ago

Ele jogou fora um guardanapo no mês passado. E acabou acusado de matar uma mulher em 1993

Um homem de Minnesota (EUA) foi apontado como o autor de um homicídio ocorrido há mais de 25 anos depois que a polícia coletou seus dados de DNA em um guardanapo — que ele havia usado para comer um cachorro-quente, no mês passado.

21 Waterproof Sex Toys To Make Bath Time Lots Of Fun

♪ Darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me! ♪

Nanico de extrema-direita hostiliza Jean Wyllys em Portugal

Embora o minúsculo Partido Nacionalista Renovador nem tenha representação no parlamento, seu presidente ganhou alguma publicidade em redes bolsonaristas do lado de cá do Atlântico.

28 Animal Adoption Stories That'll Make You Wanna FaceTime Your Pet Immediately

"I think animals know when we save them and thank us every day."

No hay forma de que saques 10 en este quiz de celebridades

¿Cuánta atención pusiste a la nota rosa la semana pasada?

Spend An Entire Paycheck At Claire's And We'll Reveal Your Mental Age

Channel your inner fifth grade self, because it's time to go shopping.

10 Things That Are Waaaaaaaay Too Real If You're Dating A Teacher

Beware of the "teacher voice" whenever you do something wrong.

Netflix Has Canceled "The Punisher" And "Jessica Jones"

There are now no more Netflix shows based on the Marvel Defenders characters, with Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist all having previously been axed.

19 Essential Instant Pot Accessories You Need Immediately

Unlock the magic with all the accessories that veteran Instant Pot users swear by.

Need Something To Binge Watch? We Can Help With Three Questions

What? You've got something better to do this weekend?

25 Songs That'll Give You That "Everything Will Be Okay" Feeling

"It feels like the sonic version of someone giving you a hug and telling you it will all be okay."

These Women Are Living In Fear After Their College Suspended Them Over A WhatsApp Message

Amid a tense atmosphere following the deadliest terror attack in Kashmir in decades, four young women are fearing for their lives over a WhatsApp message they allegedly sent.

This Man Threw Away A Napkin Last Month. Police Used It To Charge Him With A 1993 Murder.

A Minnesota man was charged with murder after police used a discarded napkin, which he used to wipe his face while eating a hot dog, to tie him to a nearly 26-year-old cold case.

I, A Single Person, Tried Six Different Dating Apps So That You Don't Have To

I did this all for you people (and to find love). Please appreciate this.

A Florida Student Was Arrested After He Refused To Participate In The Pledge Of Allegiance

Police said they arrested the child because he "disrupted a school function" and "resisted an officer without violence," but not because he refused to recite the pledge.

The Chaos Of The New Independent Group Meant Only 7 Out Of 30 Potential Labour Rebels Quit

The original plan for a far larger breakaway didn't happen after a series of behind-the-scenes differences of opinion between rebel MPs.

El vocalista de My Chemical Romance tiene una nueva serie en Netflix y la gente está OBSESIONADA

'The Umbrella Academy' es una serie de superhéroes como ninguna otra.

Lil Xan Is Having A Baby Five Months After The Noah Cyrus Breakup Drama

"I just can't leave my fans in the dark, it's official I'm going to be a father."

20 Years After Hugo Chávez Launched The Revolution, Venezuela Is Falling Apart From Within

Despite Donald Trump's bellicose rhetoric, the real threat to Venezuela comes from within, as once-loyal supporters turn against the government.

We’re Finally Listening To Lorena Bobbitt. Why Did It Take So Long?

Documentaries that rethink decades-old scandals, like Amazon’s Lorena, are becoming routine. But when will we start extending public empathy in real time?

11 Tips For Perfectly Seasoning Your Food

Everything you ever wanted to know about properly salting your food — from how much you should be adding, to what kind you should be using.

15 Cosas que son de mala educación en otros países

Para que no la riegues en tu próximo viaje.

It's Now Illegal To Discriminate Against New Yorkers Based On Their Hair

“Bias against the curly textured hair of people of African descent is as old as this country and a form of race-based discrimination,” said NYC first lady Chirlane McCray.

We Can Guess Your Personality With Just 10 Questions

We know you better than you know yourself.

¿Qué tan bien recuerdas '31 Minutos'?

¿Te sabes el verdadero nombre de Calcetín con Rombos Man?

¿Puedes reconocer al personaje de 'Los Simpson' por su silueta?

Para un verdadero fan de 'Los Simpson' esto va a ser demasiado fácil.

Qual roupa da Rihanna é você?

365 dias por ano de surra de looks.

25 Things That'll Help You Celebrate Your One True Love...Your Dog

Honestly, just read this post for the ridiculously cute doggy pics. We know that's what you're all here for.

14 pessoas que hoje são superfamosas segurando "mimos" aleatórios só para ficar com o brinde

Tipo a Rihanna fazendo merchan de pipoca e a Demi Lovato segurando uma Tupperware.

14 clevere Ideen, deinem Müll ein neues Leben einzuhauchen

Bastle Schubladentrenner aus Müslikartons!

18 Black-Owned Beauty Products You Seriously Need In Your Life

I'm not kidding, all these products are a must-have!

23 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Calligraphy pens, texting gloves, fart neutralizers, and 20 other favorite products from our recent posts.

This Guy Was Filmed Assaulting A Man After Asking If He Was Gay

"Are you gay, though?" the man asked, before punching the victim in Salt Lake City early Sunday.

25 Of The Best Journals You Can Get On Amazon

It's all about writing down your thoughts. These journals are here to help.

24 Pictures From US History That Will Change The Way You Look At Presidents

This President's Day, here's a collection of interesting and unexpected pictures that just might change the way you think about presidential history.

Esta torta rústica é tão fácil quanto descascar uma banana!

Sabe aqueles ingredientes que todo mundo tem sempre em casa? Essa torta é feita com eles.

Ministro da Educação culpa a "Veja" por dizer que brasileiro "rouba coisas dos hotéis"

Pedido de desculpas vem 18 dias depois de entrevista e 5 dias após notificação do STF para se explicar. Agora, ele diz que frases sobre brasileiro ser um "canibal" e gostar de "roubar" foram tiradas de "contexto."

Here's Why This Photo Of Miley Cyrus' Mom Has Sparked A Huge Debate About White Privilege

"Every single person in jail right now for smoking pot should be released yesterday."

17 Momente, die du kennst, wenn deine beste Freundin einfach viel zu weit weg wohnt

Führst du auch eine Fernbeziehung mit deiner besten Freundin?

18 Ehemänner, die echt Glück haben, dass sie noch verheiratet sind

Zumindest tragen sie ihre Herzen am rechten Fleck ... glaube ich.

Weißt du wirklich, was Frauen sexuell befriedigt?

Weißt du's, oder glaubst du vielleicht nur, es zu wissen?

14 kleine und große DIY-Projekte, um dein Zuhause aufzuhübschen

Bin gleich zurück, ich nagel mal schnell Laminat an meine Wand.

Komm, wir spielen ein Spiel: Kannst du erraten, welche Person einen Vibrator benutzt?

Bei wem vibriert's gerade? Bei Emma, Bernd oder doch bei Gabi?

24 Momente, die auch du schon während der Regel erlebt hast

Drei Worte: Trockenen. Tampon. Rausziehen.

Wenn du 19/32 dieser Dinge schon getan hast, bist du wirklich eine große Frau

Du versuchst, nicht beleidigt zu sein, wenn dein halber Kopf auf einem Gruppenfoto abgeschnitten wird.

22 bizarre und verstörende Fakten, die deine Kindheit im Nachhinein zerstören werden

Wusstest du, dass das Kostüm des ängstlichen Löwen aus Der Zauberer von Oz aus echtem Löwenhaar gemacht wurde?

18 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

An adorable stuffed alpaca, pretty desk lamp, box of Julian Bakery Primal Thin Crackers, and 15 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.



Chandra Wilson Opened Up About The “Grey’s Anatomy” Episode That Will Make TV History

As of its Feb. 28 episode, Grey's Anatomy will become the longest-running medical drama on television. Chandra Wilson told BuzzFeed News the episode will please fans of the show.



8 MPs Have Quit The Labour Party In Protest At Corbyn’s Positions On Brexit And Anti-Semitism

Joan Ryan became the eighth Labour backbencher to quit the party on Wednesday morning.

17 Songs, die alle 2000er Emo-Kids garantiert noch auswendig können

Come, break me doooown, BURY ME, BURY ME, I am finished with youuuuuuu!!!!


Y!mobileとCHOCOLATE incが新ダンスユニット「と思いきやダンサーズ」をプロデュース。

23 Leute beichten, was sie als Kinder gemacht haben, und es ist zum Teil wirklich sehr seltsam

„Ich habe bei meinen Barbies die Füße abgekaut, weil das Gummi so interessant schmeckte.“



Wie gut kennst du die Geheimnisse der Lebensmittelindustrie?

Woraus besteht der rote Farbstoff in deinen M&M's?

Darum solltest du die Finger vom Multitasking lassen

Auch wenn du denkst, du schaffst so mehr. Multitasking ist wirklich nichts für dich.



なぜか当たる! 今週の「どうぶつあみだ占い」


フィフィさんの蓮舫議員に関する誤情報、スポーツ紙や朝日も配信 「事実関係を確認せず」


小池知事、東京オリンピック前に辞職するの? 公約通りなら「あと11ヶ月」


15 Horror Stories From Hotel Employees That'll Honestly Make Your Jaw Drop

"Someone got diarrhea all over the bathroom. It was even smeared on the walls!"

HPVワクチン賛成派は反対派に伝え方で負けている 「大砲に刀で戦っているようなもの」


安倍首相「コメント控える」も否定せず トランプ氏のノーベル平和賞推薦


15 Painfully Funny Cooking Fails That Could Only Be Done By Moms

They never said we had to be good at everything.

I Know When You Were Born Based On How You Rate Carrie Bradshaw's Outfits

Carrie Bradshaw's style was timeless, quirky, and trendy.

Which Legendary DC Hero Are You—Batman Or Superman?

This short 5-question quiz will reveal whether you're the Dark Knight or the Man of Steel!

If You Were A Hogwarts Student, Which One Would You Be?

Let's be honest, we can't all be Hermione.

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