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All The Behind-The-Scenes Posts You Missed From The 2019 Oscars

The Oscars are a night of glam, but here's everything that goes into making that happen.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get ready for major award shows? I KNOW you do, because I do. Well, here's how celebrities got ready for this year's Oscars:

Gemma Chan shared the last-minute details, showing off her beautiful green cat eye and matching jewelry.

Previous Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth got red-carpet ready with a #BTS facial that definitely intrigued me 👀

And Elaine's makeup artist for the night, Coree Moreno, showed us the process of getting someone Oscars ready. One word? BUSY.

Ashley Graham gave us a peek in the beautification process for the night. Look at that smile!

And her makeup artist, Kate Synnott, showed us how she got Graham ready for the big night.

Constance Wu took us with her to get her red carpet facial. Hey, your skin has to be FLAWLESS!

Amandla Stenberg gave her face a refresh with the Yes To Coconut Energizing Coffee Eye Mask

Celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright gave Jennifer Hudson her finishing touches. How beautiful is she?!

Laura Harrier and her stylist Danielle Nachmani posed in a flick before getting ready for the Oscars. Oh, and Harrier just casually posed in her jewels #Boss.

Next, Hung Vanngo gave us a peek at the beauty look for the night, all done with Chanel products.

Queen Latifah gave us snapshots, time-lapses, and pics for DAYS. Of course, she already looked fabulous but now we feel like we were right there with her <3.

Funny enough, Serena Williams showed us how she gets beautified before the Oscars.

But then she really had to get ready, so we got to see her makeup artist handle all the finishing touches. THIS PONY, THO?! Flawless.

Gabrielle Union posted her facial routine on her IG stories, and now, I need a facial so I can look like her.

Awkwafina showed us the power of masking. We care about moisturized skin!

Alex Babsky showed us some #BTS makeup sketches conjured up for Tessa Thompson. Babsky, wanna do my makeup?

Celebrity makeup artist D'Andre Michael finished Angela Basset's look with MAC's Art Library palettes (which I'm in love with) and the Sculpt and Shape Contour Palette to bring dimension to the face.

Celebrity stylist Ade Samuel gave all shoe lovers a field day on her IG stories, where she showed us all the options for her clients. WHEW.

After filming her meals for the day, Chrissy Teigen posted a few snapshots of her amazing jewelry for the Vanity Oscars afterparty. So pretty in pink!

Last and certainly not least, Karla Welch — who has dressed every celebrity under the sun — showed us the art of organization needed for a chaotic night.