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February 6, 2019

Name Your Future Children And We'll Give You A Great New Song To Listen To

If your playlist is dry AF, then you're in the right place.

Democrats Running For President Are Trying To Figure Out How To Stand Out. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Answers.

Ocasio-Cortez entered Congress with an unusually large following, one that could set her up to play a big role in 2020.

Everyone's Personality Matches A TV Socialite — Here's Yours

Are you more Veronica Lodge or Alexis Rose?

Top Democrats In The Early 2020 Primary States Haven't Heard Anything From Joe Biden

Some of the most in-demand Democrats in the country ahead of the presidential race are in the dark about the former vice president's 2020 plans, relying on rumors and waiting to spring to action.



Elizabeth Warren Has Apologized For Saying She Is Native American

"I'm not a tribal citizen, and I should have been more mindful," the Massachusetts Democrat said Wednesday.

Cookie Monster Just Did A Reddit AMA And It's So Pure I Could Cry

"There cookies in internet? How me get to them!? Me hope they not get deleted..."

17 Cosas que TIENES que hacer cuando viajes a Puerto Rico

La Isla del Encanto está esperándote con ron y reggaetón.

21 Wholesome, Easy Dinners To Get You Through Winter Nights

Practical, healthy, and delicious recipes to keep you full and happy.

This Altered Photo Of Women Lawmakers In KKK Hoods Is Spreading And Twitter Is Refusing To Stop It

Twitter's own policy states that it doesn't allow “symbols historically associated with hate groups.”

Police Went To Arrest A Serial Killer And Found A Ninth Victim Still Alive, Tied To His Bed

Bruce McArthur has pleaded guilty to killing eight men he met in Toronto's gay community. Warning: This post contains disturbing details about the killings.

Order From Chipotle And We'll Guess If You’re A Millennial Or Gen Z-er

You can tell a lot about people based on their Chipotle order.

Al Sharpton Says "There's A Constitutional Crisis In Virginia"

“We must deal with the fact that there’s a constitutional crisis in Virginia and that it’s based on race on the 400th anniversary that we were brought here as slaves to Virginia,” Sharpton said.

Amazon Recorded Video Of A Seller's Face For Identification Purposes

“We will record a 5-second video of your face. ... To proceed, enable access to your webcam.”

The Justice Department Is Taking Its Hardest Line Yet To Stop Heroin Injection Sites

In the first case of its kind, a lawsuit filed by the Justice Department could preview attempts to block similar facilities around the United States.

28 Dope AF Sweatshirts You Need In Your Closet ASAP

These sweatshirts will keep you cozy while showing off all your black pride.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax's Accuser Spoke Out In A New Public Statement

"What began as consensual kissing quickly turned into a sexual assault," Tyson said. Fairfax has denied the allegations.

People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Best Money Advice And I Immediately Feel Wealthier

I don't know about y'all, but I'm definitely trying to elevate my bank account this year.

14 Fast And Relatively Inexpensive Meals You Can Cook At Home

Fill your belly while keeping your wallet happy.

There's Nothing Funny About What's Happening To 21 Savage

The racist machinery that criminalizes black people makes black immigrants even more vulnerable to deportation.

15 Classic Literature Tumblr Posts That'll Leave You Howling

Someone: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Oedipus: ...actually

10 Budget-Friendly Ways To Score New Tech

Make your wallet happy while gettin' your tech geek on.

9 Ways To Plan An Awesome Viewing Party Without Breaking The Bank

Themed snacks, decorations, and binge-watching all without breaking the bank.

12 Simple Ways to Save Cash While Getting Your Degree

It's way more than just ramen noodles, man.

After Scrutiny, Instacart Will End Its Controversial Tipping Policy

The company’s decision to stop using customer tips to cover a guaranteed pay minimum for delivery workers follows an organized labor campaign and pressure from elected officials.

Quantos prêmios Nobel da Paz você merece ganhar?

Todo mundo merece pelo menos dois!

What Home Organizers Do You Actually Use And Love?

Tell us all about your favorites!

Com nova condenação, Lula pode ficar em regime fechado até a campanha de 2022

A situação jurídica do ex-presidente se complicou. Ainda há possibilidade de recursos e STF vai rediscutir prisão após condenação em 2ª instância.

24 Amazing Music T-Shirts You Need To Buy Immediately

These T-shirts are a MUST for any music lover.

24 Geeky Valentine's Day Gifts Your Partner Will Love

For the Han to your Leia, the Princess Peach to your Mario, the Jimmy Jr. to your Tina Belcher.

Quem é você na Turma da Mônica derretida?

Eu tenho certeza que você é um desses personagens.

A School Police Officer Attacked A Black High School Student

Federal data shows that arrests by school police officers disproportionately affect black students.

29 Beautifully Romantic Dresses You'll Fall Madly In Love With

And the winner for the most romantic moment in dress history!

27 Grossly Satisfying Cleaning Products You Need In Your Arsenal ASAP

Marvel at the disgusting transformations. It's a form of entertainment!

Virginia's Attorney General Admitted To Wearing Blackface At A College Party

Attorney General Mark Herring — who's second in line for Virginia governor — said in a statement that he dressed "in wigs and brown makeup" as a student in 1980.

Estes casais de comidas têm química ou não?

Tem coisa que não dá match nem no prato.

Este teste vai te dar uma desculpa PERFEITA para não sair de casa

E simbolizada por um cachorrinho que fala portunhol: "no puedo hacer este teste, estoy cansadito".

Seu celular pode ajudar se você tiver uma emergência de saúde

Celular não é só o Zap, a Ficha Médica de Android e iPhone pode ser importante na hora de um resgate.

Quantas coisas DOIDAS você já fez?

Você só pode ser normal, doidinha ou DOIDAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Este quiz para papás te dirá cuánto ayudas en la casa realmente

¿Eres el papá o más bien el niño de la casa?

Marque mais de 22 receitas e seja o novo chef do meu coração!

Esse teste é para quem COZINHA DEMAIS!!!

16 Exparejas de celebridades que siguen siendo amigos

Y tú, ¿cómo te llevas con tu ex?

Was ist die schlimmste Art, ein volles Glas zu halten?

Ich habe sehr viele Fragen. Und sehr viel Puls.

Liam Neeson disse que sentiu o "impulso primitivo" de ferir homens negros

"Em algumas noites eu fui deliberadamente para bairros de negros procurando uma oportunidade de extravasar a violência física."

Alexandre Frota nomeou o seu personal trainer para o gabinete em Brasília

Jean apagou sua página como preparador físico no Instagram: "Mudei de carreira agora. Eu sou assessor parlamentar."

Solo si eres 100% mexicano vas a sacar 10 en este quiz de chiles

El chile poblano, cuando lo secan, es otro que seguro comes muy seguido... ¿sabes cuál?

A Man Allegedly Offered To Help A Teenage Girl Escape Her Abusive Father Only If She First Recorded The Rape

Bryan Rogers was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor and faces up to 30 years in federal prison.

31 YA Books By Black Authors That You Can't Miss This Year

Black authors + YA novels = two of our favorite things!

Así se ve el elenco original de "Lost" ahorita

15 años después del primer capítulo.

Here Are The Small Details You Probably Missed In Kylie Jenner's House Tour

From condom wall sculptures to Kylie Cosmetics references.

¿Puedes reconocer la caricatura por la imagen de su casa?

Solo si tienes una memoria prodigiosa podrás sacar más de 10 en este quiz.

Australian Women With Violent Partners Are Twice As Likely To Terminate A Pregnancy

By their mid-thirties, around 16% of Australian women reported having had an abortion, the study found.

Just 23 Tweets That'll Make You Say, "Thank Goodness I Am Not The Only One Trying To Figure Out How To 'Adult!'"

LBH, paying for your own Netflix account is now an official adulthood rite of passage.

A Court Refused To Overturn The Conviction Of The Woman Who Encouraged Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself

Michelle Carter’s lawyers had appealed to Massachusetts’ highest court to have her involuntary manslaughter conviction vacated in the case of Conrad Roy’s death.

These Minor Characters From "Friends" Revealed Some Behind-The-Scenes Secrets And They're Fascinating

A new oral history of the show has unearthed some brand new details.

Maia quer fazer deputados trabalhar 3 dias por semana, mas nem todo mundo crê que vai conseguir

Presidente da Câmara, Rodrigo Maia, promete descontar salário de quem não estiver na Câmara às 16h de terça e viajar antes das 14h de quinta. Parlamentares mais experientes não acreditam na efetividade da medida.

A história do Carlinhos Maia mostra como homens gays podem ser homofóbicos

O humorista se abriu no Instagram e afirmou: "Tentarei dia após dia ser uma pessoa ainda melhor".

A Globo perguntou por que a Hana do "BBB19" foi eliminada e ouviu o que não esperava

É como diz aquele ditado: "Quem fala o que quer ouve o que não quer".

Diese Pizza-Partyboote sind in nur 30 Minuten fertig – beleg sie mit allem, was du magst

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Tasty-Kochbuch gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Hol es dir hier!

「働かないと生活できない」#保育園落ちた 女性の悲痛な叫び


Wie durchschnittlich ist dein Porno-Geschmack?

Finde jetzt heraus, ob du eher Porno-Exot oder 0815-Gucker bist.

Morning Update: To Dream The Bipartisan Dream

Trump's State of the Union pitch, new Trump Tower Moscow documents, Modern Family is ending. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 6.

Jennifer Lawrence Is Reportedly Engaged To Art Dealer Cooke Maroney

According to multiple reports, Jen and Cooke recently celebrated their engagement in New York.



15 Fehler, die Leute laut einer Expertin machen, wenn sie zu Hause malern

Halte dich fern von dieser 2-in-1-Grundierung...



太平洋戦争で沈んだ戦艦「比叡」を発見 海底に眠る姿をカメラがとらえた


電子タバコが爆発し、男性が死亡 破片で左頚動脈を損傷


【密着60時間】患者を断らない救命救急(2) ERの正念場で命運を分けるもの


豚コレラ発生で消費者庁「人には感染しない」 冷静な対応呼びかけ


19 Tweets About Miscellaneous Sounds That Are As Funny As They Are Relatable

The iPhone alarm truly is one of the worst sounds in the world.

Donald Trump’s State Of The Union Bipartisan Dreams Were Divorced From His Own Reality

“Victory is not winning for our party,” Trump said, in a window between the end of one government shutdown and the potential start of another. “Victory is winning for our country.”

19 Tweets Only Queer Women Are Allowed To Laugh At

And only TWO of them are about The Favourite!

How Well Do You Actually Know Jim And Pam's Relationship?

"Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her."

18 Tweets That Prove Feminists Are Both Funny And Furious

"I feel like Men aren't sending us their best people."

A Judge Called A 13-Year-Old Victim The "Aggressor" In A Sex Solicitation Case With A 67-Year-Old Man

"I think that a 13-year-old who offers what she offered for money is certainly an aggressor."

Beto O'Rourke Told Oprah He's Thinking About Running For President

"By god, when are you going to know the answer?" Winfrey asked emphatically.

Here's Why Eleven Is Named "Jane" In "Stranger Things" And, TBH, It's Pretty Sweet

Terry Ives has a dry sense of humor, as it turns out.

24 Pictures From History That Capture The Spirit Of The State Of The Union Address

“The welfare of our country is the great object to which our cares and efforts ought to be directed." —President George Washington at the first State of the Union address on Jan. 8, 1790.

25 Bizarre Baby Naming Stories That You'll Be Thinking About Later

"My parents gave my sister naming rights. She named me after her Cabbage Patch Kids doll."

Andy Cohen Just Became A Dad And OMG, My Heart

"I’m in love. And speechless. And eternally grateful to an incredible surrogate."

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