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18 Tweets That Prove Feminists Are Both Funny And Furious

"I feel like Men aren't sending us their best people."


in france it's called men


son: mommy what’s a podcast? me: well, dear, when a group of men love their opinions very much...


WOMAN: studies, grinds, toils, climbs little by little, is passed over time and again, puts in dues, becomes expert in her field, finally reaches career goal after years of busting ass MAN: [shows up, possibly even by accident] job, yes? OTHER MAN: yes, job MEN: [high 5]


Wait until the folks who can’t understand the “toxic” in “toxic masculinity” hear about water toxicity


when a man touches your lower back trying to “move past you”


Middle aged man: If I don't get paid to say whatever I want wherever I want it, I am oppressed. Woman: *Apologizes to a chair for bumping into it."


i remember reading this article abt how old timey women were called crazy for stabbing handsy men with their hat pins to get them to keep their hands to themselves. so if yall dont like the me too movement, we could always get back to stabbin


all broke dudes secretly want to do comedy and all rich dudes secretly want to be president. there is exactly one man who is safe to date and if he finds or loses $5 it’s all over


I feel like Men aren't sending us their best people.


I have accidentally used mens moisturiser on my hands & now I can't shake the urge to write tweets correcting women online



starting to realize i dont want a husband i just want a two-income household


I love the exciting moment at a gender reveal party when you find out if the baby will be a boy or if it’ll be unlikable



I don't need fimemms because they all HATE men, and i LOVE them! I adore them, they satisfy me completely, i want them every day, they are warm and fulfilling and salty and made of potato no wait that's fries. I love fries


when a man is making you uncomfortable but you can't really say anything cause you're scared he'll kill you for hurting his feelings


My feminist dream is to one day not be surprised when an item of clothing I’ve bought has pockets.