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February 28, 2019

Which Jonas Brother Is Your Soulmate?

Move over Priyanka, Sophie, and Danielle!

14 Screenshots Of Interactions With “Nice Guys” That Are So Alarming It's Not Even Funny

"Not sure why you'd text me back when you knew you still had a boyfriend..."

A Family's Pug Was Seized And Sold On eBay Because Of Unpaid Taxes

Now the new owner is claiming the city ripped her off.

21 Hilarious Tweets From This Month That Went Suuuuper Viral

"So I asked my mom why she's still talking to my old boo, and she asked me, 'Why are you still talking to my ex-husband?' Ma’am...that is my father."

13 Times Kylie Jenner Was Relatably Awkward

Pictures of Kylie Jenner before she was Kylie Jenner.

The Family Of A Missing Boston Woman Says Her Body Was Found In The Trunk Of Her Kidnapper's Car

Louis D. Coleman III, 32, is suspected of kidnapping Jassy Correia, 23.

18 Things To Make Your Desk *Almost* As Comfortable As Your Bed

I apologize in advance if you get fired for falling asleep at your desk.

California's Largest Utility Company Believes Its Equipment Started The Deadliest Fire In State History

The utility company "believes it is probable that its equipment will be determined to be an ignition point" for the Camp fire, which killed at least 85 people and reduced a town to ashes.

Old Navy And The Gap Are Separating

It's the end of an era.

Parents "Cheesing" Their Kids Is Your New Worst Favorite Meme

Pro tip: Sleep with one eye open tonight.

Escape Room Employees Are Sharing The Wildest Tactics They've Seen And I Wish I Could Escape This Thread

"A person walked out of the room mid-game and just exclaimed their victory."

We Don’t Know If The Momo Challenge Is Real, And That’s The Problem

As stories about the Momo Challenge go viral, we may never know the scale of the phenomenon or who was behind it.

Here's How A TV Correspondent And Makeup CEO Gets Ready For Work

Zanna Roberts Rassi, E! News Style Correspondent and Co-founder of Milk Makeup, journals every single product she put on her face and hair to get ready for a busy, non-stop day of work.

15 "Rupaul's Drag Race" Queens Tell Us What Kind Of Soup They Are

Because everyone has a soup that represents them.

15 Cosas rarísimas que la gente ha encontrado en su comida

Puedes encontrar muchas cosas raras en una bolsas de papas...

Just A Few Of The Awesome Movies Coming To Theaters March 2019

"Baby mine, don't you cry." —Me to myself, while fully sobbing.

What's Your Favorite And Least Favorite Thing About Working In A Creative Field?

There's nothing like having to be creative on command.

The House Intelligence Committee Wants To Question The Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer Following Cohen’s Testimony

Allen Weisselberg came up multiple times during Michael Cohen’s testimony to the House Oversight Committee this week, leaving lawmakers with questions for the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer.

TikTok Users Are Furious After Their Accounts Got Deleted After The Under-13 Purge

The app is purging the accounts of users under 13, but others say they’ve been caught in the crossfire.

29 Black Woman Singers You'll Love If You Love Vocals

Put some respect on black women's vocals.

Here's Exactly How To Make French Macarons At Home

Tips, tricks, and actual recipes for making perfect French macarons at home.

We Tried Chick-Fil-A's New Cheese Sauce And We Will Never Be The Same

It gives Chick-fil-A Sauce a run for its money.

Bolsonaro diz que Brasil estava em "caminho semelhante" ao da Venezuela

Os dados, contudo, dizem outra coisa: para começar, Bolsonaro foi vitorioso em eleição legítima reconhecida pela oposição e Brasil não chegou perto de inflação de 1.000.000%.

29 Sets Of Sheets That People Actually Swear By

Cue the photos of cute pets on the bed from reviewers 😍.

People Are Calling For A Maryland Lawmaker To Resign After She Used The N-Word To Refer To Constituents

“I’m sure everyone has used it. I’ve used the f-word. I used the Lord’s name in vain,” she said earlier this month.

Student Groups Don’t Want Salesforce And Palantir On Campus

Stanford and UC Berkeley have met with opposition over which tech companies should be allowed to pay for access to campus resources and recruiting opportunities.

Estos son los 16 artículos más raros que no sabías que necesitabas en tu vida

Ok, son extraños, pero, ¿a poco no quisieras tener una pluma que es una cámara oculta?

Two US Soldiers Allegedly Tried To Sell Guns And Explosives To Be Sent To Mexico

The two soldiers served in the army’s elite EOD unit, which is responsible for disarming explosives and weapons of mass destruction.

Congress Just Got A Lot Closer To Rejecting Trump’s National Emergency To Build A Wall

Congress may now have the votes needed to formally reject Trump’s plan. The White House has suggested the president will issue his first veto if it passes.

A “Baby-Sitters Club” Reboot Is Coming To Netflix

No word yet on casting, but all five main characters — Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill, and Dawn Schafer — are making a return.

This Aja Naomi King Interview Will Make Anyone Struggling With Self-Doubt Say "PREEEEACH!!!"

"I started feeling like, 'Oh, I don’t have the right to worry or be anxious because I have all these wonderful things.'"

¿Con cuáles de los Jonas Brothers tendrías un trío?

El quiz que no sabías que necesitabas, casi tanto como la reunión de los hermanos.

Ayanna Pressley Is Mapping A New Direction For The Democratic Party. Its Presidential Candidates Want Her Support.

“I’m not sure that they all realize that she could be the person who starts the avalanche of support that could make someone the president of the United States.”

All The Unmasked Celebrities From "The Masked Singer"

All the winners — and spoilers — ahead!

32 Extra Helpful Products Your Life Will Thank You For Buying


Which Michelle Visage Critique Describes You Best?

Michelle Visage has given some really...questionable advice through the Drag Race seasons. Inspired by this Reddit post.

27 Reactions To The Jonas Brothers Reuniting That'll Make You Say, "LOL, Same."

"I can't believe the Jonas Brothers coming back solves every single one of my adult problems."

After The Discovery Of A Pedophile Ring, YouTube Will Disable Comments On Some Videos Featuring Children

A small number of channels can keep comments enabled, but they must actively moderate them.

These Pictures Capture What It Means To Be A Black Man In America Today

“I need people to see their sons, their brothers, and fathers. Everyone should be able to empathize with the narratives.”

People Are Sharing "Genius" Ideas That Came To Them In Dreams, And They're Hilarious

"When I checked the piece of paper in the morning, it said, 'Must write this down...'"

It’s Official: Former Coal Lobbyist Andrew Wheeler Is Trump’s EPA Chief

The official replacement for Scott Pruitt has continued his predecessor’s plans to roll back environmental rules.

While Two Nuclear Powers Were On The Brink Of War, A Full-Blown Online Misinformation Battle Was Underway

“There’s politics, religion, enemy nations, and a surge of nationalism in this situation. It’s the perfect storm.”

Cory Booker Thinks Margaritas Are Made With Vodka And Sir, No

"This is brutal," said Booker, who, to be fair, doesn't actually drink alcohol.

Cory Booker Said His Fight To Legalize Pot Is About “Restorative Justice” For Communities Hit By The War On Drugs

The 2020 candidate told BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM the government should clear convictions “of people who have been unjustly convicted of things that two of the last three presidents have admitted to doing.”

22 Jonas Brothers Songs You Should Really Listen To Now They're Reuniting

We've all heard "Burnin' Up" and "Lovebug". It's time to dive deeper.

16 coisas de "Sex and The City" que seriam inaceitáveis hoje em dia

Sim, nós adoramos a série. Mas será que podemos parar um instante para discutir sobre os problemas dela?

Share Your Favorite Female-Lead Movie Of All Time

Hurry, I wanna watch them all!

This Woman Performed Her Own Abortion — And Was Lucky To Survive

After barely surviving two illegal abortions, Beatriz sells birth control on the black market to help other women in Venezuela, as the economic and political crisis deepens.

“I’m A Person, Not The Harbinger Of Some Cultural Apocalypse”: Traveling In Texas While Trans

An excerpt from Samantha Allen’s Real Queer America: LGBT Stories From Red States.

Just 31 Things You'll Want If You Have A Pet

Whether you're a dog person or a cat person, you're gonna be all about these paw-fect products🐾

Khloé Shut Down Jokes About The Jordyn/Tristan Scandal Being Her "Karma" With One Single Like On Twitter

Khloé also confirmed once and for all that Tristan and Jordan Craig had split when she began dating him.

Luke Perry Has Been Hospitalized After Reportedly Having A Stroke

A Perry spokesperson said the actor is currently under medical observation.

A Woman’s Grandma Had To Be Rescued By A Boat Captain After Floating Out To Sea On An Ice Throne

“Here’s hoping 2019 is the year I peacefully drift out to sea on an iceberg like this grandma.”

No sé si ya lo habían notado, pero la hija de Alfonso Cuarón es súper cool

El Instagram de Bu Cuarón está repleto de obras de arte, música original, fotos con celebridades y mucho estilo.

We Know What Your Job Would Be If You Lived In Pokémon

Any Pokémon job is better than a real life job, let's be honest.

Here Are 18 Street Foods You Can Only Get In East Africa

From cardamom doughnuts and roasted meat, to stuffed pancakes and sugarcane juice.

Go To Hogwarts For One Day And We'll Tell You What Your Magical Blood Status Is

Are you half-blood, Muggle-born or pure-blood? Or just a regular?

Jeffree Star Is Being Criticised After Savagely Dragging A Fan On Twitter

"To be humiliated in such a way doesn't feel good."

Sarah Hyland Shut Down Criticism For Wearing Two Pairs Of Spanx At The Oscars

“When you have two kidney transplants and are on steroids for life, get back to me.”

Poll: Is This Perhaps, A Frog?

It begs the question...

A “Heroic” Doctor Was Shot While Trying To Subdue A Gunman In A Wheelchair

Officials said the Florida doctor managed to subdue the double-amputee patient who opened fire in the veterans hospital emergency room.

If You've Ever Gone To School, You're Gonna Love These 18 Tumblr Posts

Tumblr is the perfect distraction from homework.

Beije este foliões e apuraremos sua nota no carnaval

Comissão de frente: Dez! Nota dez!

Cinco petiscos deliciosos para tentar fazer em casa

Tá na hora de experimentar uns petiscos diferentes!

29 Affordable Things You'll Want To Add To Your Self-Care Routine

Just a list of little things that may help make a difference in your mental clarity and happiness.

Pon una fondita y te diremos tu mejor cualidad

¿Vas a dar arroz con leche o gelatina de postre?

A sua opinião sobre pintos e rolas é igual a de todo mundo?

Os grandes e pequenos dilemas da humanidade, se é que me entende.

12 coisas que só têm sentido no carnaval de São Paulo

Aquela temporada em que o café da manhã é pingado com pão na chapa e glitter.

Die 25 abgrundtief schlimmsten Ohrwürmer in der Geschichte der Ohrwürmer

Ach, den Song hattest du schon fast vergessen? Hahahaha. Pech gehabt.

Lady Gaga's Ex-Fiancé Is Denying He Threw Shade At Her After She Won An Oscar

Taylor Kinney, in a now seemingly deleted comment, clarified that it was all an accident.

Que tipo de marmita você é?

Gourmet, clássica, fitness ou diferentona?

This Quiz Will Tell Us Which "Hannah Montana" Character You're Most Like

Whether you're the star of the show or a 6th-year high school senior, you're bound to be like one of the characters from Disney's hit show, Hannah Montana. Find out which one you are!

Uma mãe achou VÁRIOS vídeos no YouTube Kids sobre suicídio, tiroteios em escolas e abuso

Em nota, o YouTube disse que "está fazendo constantes melhorias em seus sistemas e reconhece que há mais trabalho a ser feito".

Khloé's BFF Spoke Out After Being Called A "Hypocrite" For Dating Married Men And Dragging Jordyn Woods

Malika was criticised for dragging Jordyn Woods over the alleged incident with Tristan Thompson while having had two relationships with married men in the past.

39 Splurge-Worthy Products That Are Worth The High Price Tag

BEHOLD! Treat yourself products + appliances that actually come through on their claims.

Morning Update: “Sometimes You Have To Walk”

The Trump–Kim summit ended with no deal, recapping Cohen’s day before Congress, and a new 90210. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Feb. 28.

The Indian Pilot Captured By Pakistan Has Been Handed Back To India

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman had become the focal point of an escalating conflict between the nuclear-armed neighbors.

The New Pokémon Games Are Set In A UK-Inspired Region And The Tweets Are Predictably Hilarious

"I’m legit sad it’s not Pokémon Fish & Chips or Pokémon Bangers & Mash."


前面だけでなく背面まで360°均等に効率よく清浄できるLGエレクトロニクスの高級空気清浄機「LG PuriCare(エルジー・プリケア)」

Ariana Grande Has Defended Herself After Being Accused Of Exploiting The LGBTQ Community

"There's room for us to talk about these issues without equating a performance for an LGBTQ audience with the exploitation of the LGBTQ community."

"映え"とは何か それが問題だ




Spend An Entire Paycheck At Bath & Body Works And We'll Tell You What You Should Get At Starbucks

Iced coffee and bath bombs: the two things that make us feel powerful.







20 Smart Gadgets That Really And Truly Will Save You Time Every Day

So you can spend that extra time doing the things you actually love.





Trump Claimed Michael Cohen "Lied A Lot" During His Testimony

Responding to a reporter who said that Cohen had called him a liar, a con man, and a racist, Trump said: "It's incorrect."


ニトリ公式アプリの「サイズ with メモ」が、引っ越しや家具を買うときに便利です。




カナダで男性・女性どちらでもない「ノン・バイナリー」の出生証明書、そしてパスポートを手にしたGemma Hickey(ジェンマ・ヒッキー)さん。「Xジェンダー」とも呼ばれる第三の性別を認める動きが世界的に進む中。カナダではどのように権利を勝ち取ったのか。





自白させるために使ったのは蛇 警察の取り調べの様子が流出


米朝首脳会談は「合意に至らず」 昼食会は中止、何があった?


勤務中に院内で看護師に性行為繰り返す 救急医に懲戒処分


The Second Trump–Kim Nuclear Summit Ended Without A Deal

"Sometimes you have to walk, and this was just one of those times," Trump said after the summit ended.



Hold Up, The Jonas Brothers Just Confirmed A Reunion And Now I'm An Emotional Wreck

Excuse me while I go and have an emotional breakdown.

A Woman Was Turned Away From A Hospital After A Failed Medical Abortion

Exclusive: She now has to stay overnight in another city to access a surgical option.



Watchdog Boss Says He Assumed Michaelia Cash Had A Political Agenda In Union Raids

"I can’t read into her mind, but I assume she had an agenda, put it that way," ROC boss Chris Enright told the court.

Your Choice In Dogs Will Reveal The Strange Way You're Going To Die

This may be the hardest quiz you'll ever take.

16 Subscription Boxes That Are Actually Worth It

"Did I ever tell you you're my herooooo?" —Me serenading the mailman when my subscription boxes get delivered



12 Dump Dinner Hacks That'll Make Dinner So Much Easier

Tips, tricks, and actual recipes for making the easiest slow cooker meals ever.







Real Black Activists Worry Fake Ones Will Drown Them Out On Twitter

“We don’t have bots, we have real black people,” one activist said. “The danger of these accusations is that Facebook and YouTube latches on to this and tries to undermine our ability to have a black political dialogue."

Answer These Questions And We'll Tell You Your Future Kid's Name And Personality

Your baby's true vibes hinge upon this BuzzFeed quiz.

19 Parents Who Just Discovered Bitmoji, Bless Their Hearts

If your parents didn't have one before, they do now.

Which Ex-Kardashian/Jenner Friend Are You?

Sorry, looks like you're no longer "Keeping Up."

27 Gimmicky-Seeming Products That Actually Work

You may be suspicious of these products, but just read the rave reviews.

A Cartoon About A Mom Doing Everything And A Dad Doing Nothing Is Generating Quite The Conversation

"You haven't mastered the art of multitasking until you become a mom."

Michael Cohen Warned That If Trump Loses In 2020 There May Be No Peaceful Transfer Of Power

"Given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear that if he loses the election in 2020, that there will never be a peaceful transition of power."

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