Here's What Taylor Swift Had To Say About Those Rumors That She's Got A Secret Album Coming

    "She just read all the theories."

    Let's start with a FACT: Taylor Swift fans have better investigatory skills than the FBI and the CIA combined.

    When it comes to figuring out what Taylor's planning next, her fans have got that shit figured OUT. Every Instagram post, every tweet, every public appearance is carefully dissected for clues.

    So this week, Taylor's fans went FULL Nancy Drew on us when she started posting a whole bunch of pictures to Instagram. Taylor doesn't post very often, so the daily updates were already something to raise an eyebrow at. But the fans noticed something deeper in the images...

    One day, she posted a picture of *seven* palm trees...

    The next day, she posted herself on the *sixth* step of a staircase...

    And the day after that, she posted a picture of herself through a fence — with *five* holes in it.

    So many fans started to wonder if this was all some sort of countdown to new music. That theory started spreading like wildfire across social media, where it reached the eyeballs of Ms. Taylor Swift herself.

    And so, with many fans eager to see if the alleged countdown would continue, here's what Taylor posted today:

    And note the caption:

    OKAY. SO. There are two (2) ways to interpret this. There's not a super obvious representation of the number four in the pic, so it could be that the countdown theory is a BUST.

    But, these are Taylor Swift's fans we're talking about here, so some of them are choosing to dig a lil' deeper. And there are all sorts of theories floating around about how Taylor's cat might represent the number four — including the fact that she has four paws, and that Taylor's had her for four years.

    But guys ISN'T OLIVIA FOUR YEARS OLD?? #TS7 #TS7iscoming


    ok but anyone notice olivia has FOUR paws??? #ts7iscoming

    So, what do YOU think? Is a countdown actually happening, or do we all just have too much free time? Sound off in the comments!