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    "Avocado Toast" Shows Being Sold By The Makers Of "Pumpkin Spice" Sneakers

    Holy Suacamole! 🥑👟

    You know you’ve hit a cultural moment when a line of sneakers is designed to look like a trendy piece of food.

    Well, we’re there, and we’re talking about these new “Avocado Toast” sneakers.

    They're actually called, “Men's Shadow 6000 Avocado Toast” and are selling for $130 by Saucony.

    The description makes the shoes sound…good enough to eat? They “feature a buttery green tongue, pebbled black interior and golden-brown leather accent.”

    Now people are reacting, like this guy, who kinda likes them tbh.

    I kind of like the avocado toast shoes tbh.

    Lowkey wanna cop those avocado toast shoes 😂

    And others are questioning the whole idea.

    Who tf decided to design shoes after avocado toast??????

    I mean, could it be any more millennial?

    Avocado toast shoes are the most millennial thing I never thought would exist, but here I am writing the script for it on the 10PM news.🥑

    And then, of course, others are scoffing at the high retail price.

    Avocado toast shoes for a buck thirty? I'd rather be barefoot

    P.S. Saucony is also the company responsible for selling these “Pumpkin Spice” sneakers, remember?

    Looks like they're already catching on. LOL!

    I have been waiting all my life for these Avocado Toast shoes.