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    28 Affordable Things You'll Want To Add To Your Self-Care Routine

    Just a list of little things that may help make a difference in your mental clarity and happiness.

    1. An inspiration- and joy-sparking weekly journal perfect for anyone who loves nothing more than to make lists — but rather than the usual to-do lists, you have to think about the things and people you love.

    2. A soothing ice roller that'll keep things extra chill, whether that's your face (it's the perfect wake-up call), wellbeing (also a great headache/migraine symptom reliever), attitude, life, etc. — and it helps keep redness and puffiness at bay.

    3. Handy acupressure rings to roll up and down your weary fingers and massage the reflex points after a long day of typing, working, running errands, climbing. Ahh, just right.

    4. An ergonomic scalp massager with Goldilocks-approved bristles — not too soft that they're ineffective and won't get rid of buildup/dandruff/itchiness, and also not too rough that they'll pull on your hair and/or irritate your scalp — as a relaxing shower moment your fingertips alone can't provide.

    5. A plush fleece blanket you'll want to burrito up in at all times — especially when you'd like to pretend that the outside world doesn't exist.

    6. Sheet masks all day — specifically a Facetory sheet mask subscription box to recharge dull, tired skin with lots of hydration, vitamins, and antioxidants, so you live your dewiest life possible. And, best of all, you can't really do much while you have on a mask — it's like a mindful 15–20 minute timeout.

    7. A thoughtful book about defining and actively creating coziness that goes beyond material goods and spills into the spaces you and your loved ones occupy.

    8. Moisturizing gel socks for softening rough, weathered stompers while you lounge around and/or sleep — it's like applying lotion, but way less messy!

    9. A durable, non-slip Gaiam yoga mat that'll cushion your joints as you get your workout or meditation session on.

    10. A satisfying physical exfoliator like My Skin Mentor Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel, because you deserve to see ~real results~ instantly — the clear gel transforms into little balls of cellulose as soon as you start rubbing it in, and voila, off come dead skin cells and surface debris!

    11. A bath spa pillow that'll provide padded support for your head, neck, and shoulders, so you don't have to lean against a cold, hard tub and essentially negate the effects of a relaxing bath.

    12. A bottle of The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Wash so you can envelop your body in a rich, lathering concoction of organic bladderwrack seaweed, antimicrobial neem oil, algae, and aloe vera — your body will feel as soft as a cloud and clean as a sidewalk after a storm.

    13. A pocket-sized self-care guide filled with little prompts to remind yourself to spend time doing things you truly care about and make you feel whole — there's also plenty of space for you to jot down your own ideas/thoughts.

    14. A reusable red bean warming eye mask that'll help soothe your worn-out peepers after a day of staring at screens — they're basically like an express spa treatment, and each mask stays warm for 10–20 minutes!

    15. The Moodrise app, which provides what they call "digital nutrition" — it's basically like a visual ~supplement~ of positive media (images, video, audio!) designed to elevate your mood and impact brain chemistry. Because ditching your phone altogether is hard, so you might as well feed your brain something good.

    16. Downy Lavender Serenity fabric softener sheets, because nothing beats the feeling of sinking into freshly-laundered sheets — especially when they're soft AF and smell like a field of lavender.

    17. A monthly baking subscription box that'll deliver an original and highly delicious recipe to your doorstep, so you don't have to go out and buy the ingredients yourself — and you don't have to share the results with a single soul (unless you want to, in which case, you are a saint).

    18. A Tweezerman nail block with file, buff, smooth, and shine panels (and four replacement pads for each), so you can spruce up your nails and admire their shine — dare I say, clean nails are more satisfying than a manicure?

    19. A compact essential oil diffuser to surround yourself in a relaxing atmosphere, help clear your sinuses, and lull you into a deeper sleep.

    20. A Chesapeake Bay Peace + Tranquility candle to envelop you in the calming scent of fancy cashmere jasmine as you cozy up to your favorite book or show.

    21. A cute satin Ban.do eye mask that'll provide a direct route to your ~happy place~ — aka, eyes shut and snoozing peacefully in bed.

    22. Memory foam slippers to keep your feet comfy after a day of hard work. We put our feet through a lot, so it’s never a bad time to pamper them with something soft.

    23. A shoulder massager is the perfect tool to unwind after a tense day. This one has different heat and speed settings for your specific needs, and can even be used on the go!

    24. If you’re someone who works out a lot, or you put your body through a lot of strain in general, there’s no better way to end your day than with a nice bath, complete with bath salts and bubble bath. The epsom salt helps ease sore muscles and the lavender will help you relax.

    25. A set of bath bombs will make you feel like you’re at the spa. Your bath will bath bubbles, yummy scents, and pretty colors. They also contain ingredients that are good for your skin.

    26. No self-care day is complete without a face mask, and this sheet mask set will address any and all of your skin concerns. Not only does each mask have a distinct function, they all have distinct scents as well.

    27. A jade roller is a great addition to your current skincare routine. Not only will it feel like your face is getting a nice massage, but your skincare products will also be absorbed into your skin more effectively.

    28. A crucial part of any self-care day is setting the mood, and these scented candles will help you do just that. They are made with essential oils for stress relief, and each candle has a different scent (rose, jasmine, lavender, and vanilla).

    What's the lesson here? This, pretty much:

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