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17 Of The Best Places To Order Care Packages Online

The way to a person's heart is through their stomach.

1. 1-800 Flowers has more than just floral arrangements – you can order an awesome basket filled with all sorts of treats the recipient will be happy to open up.

2. Amazon offers a ton of options like boxes of comforting snacks and others filled to the brim with granola bars.

3. Cratejoy sells pretty much every subscription box you could think of, and subscription boxes make for an awesome care package. Whatever it is the person is into, Cratejoy carries the perfect subscription box to fit their interests.

4. Walmart has quite the smorgasbord of gift packages to choose from that are jam packed with delicious snacks and other fun treats.

5. Cookies by Design has just what its name implies – COOKIES! Ones that are decorated so nicely, it's hard to take the first bite, and ones that are just staring them in the face, waiting to be devoured. And they have more than just cookies!

6. Simply Chocolate sells delectable gifts ready to drive the chocaholic you love into the best sugar coma of their life.

7. Harry & David offers more sophisticated baskets that'll make as perfect options for special occasions, extra needed pick-me-ups, and birthday presents.

8. mainly sells sweet fruit arrangements in pretty designs and dipped in chocolate, but they offer other things too like cake pops and donuts!

9. Gift Tree has everything you need to satisfy the craving of even the most overwhelmed, overworked care package recipient.

10. See's Candies offers novelty goodies great for sending as a sugary pick-me-up.

11. Ghiradelli sells, well you know what they sell, just about some of the most delicious chocolate to ever hit your taste buds.

12. Godiva has some pretty freaking amazing chocolate treats too – their truffles are to die for!

13. Mouth offers an array of curated boxes to satisfy different palates; from java to chocolate to salty snacks and everything in-between.

14. Cheryl's Cookies sells cookies, of course, but not just regular cookies, ~cool cookies.~

15. The Popcorn Factory has great selections featuring everyone's favorite salty, sometimes sweet nosh – popcorn, of course!

16. ProFlowers offers yummy gourmet goodies such as cake pops and cookies in addition to their beautiful floral arrangements.

17. sells mouthwatering curations perfect for exam time, birthdays, graduation, and more!

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