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17 Lies About College You Should Never, Ever Believe On TV

The likelihood of meeting the love of your life in a random 8 a.m. class is pretty low.

15 People Who Should Be Banned From All Lecture Halls


16 People Who Should Be Banned From Every College Class Forever

Featuring seat stealers, curve-ruiners, etc.

45 People Reveal The Weirdest Thing They Ever Stole In College

"My roommate and I stole a 'Speed Hump Ahead' sign. We thought it was funny because it said 'Speed Hump'."

18 Of The Weirdest, Grossest, And Craziest Things RAs Have Seen At College

"I went into one of my resident's rooms and found a wall adorned with lights in the shape of a giant penis."

26 Ways To Save Money While Living The Broke College Student Life

Everyone told you college would be so much fun and they even mentioned that you'd be a little broke... you just had no idea HOW broke. But don't worry, we have the money-saving tips you need so you'll be able to have your cake (education) and eat it, too!

Do You Know Which Ivy League Universities These Celebrities Attended?

Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Princeton, and UPenn.

24 Truly Horrifying Stories That'll Confirm How Bat-Shit Crazy College Kids Are

"My residents put all the dick pics they were sent through Tinder on the wall."

34 Stunningly Stylish Graduation Dresses That'll Make All That School Worth It

Because you didn't make it through all four years by the skin of your teeth not to look AMAZING on the big day.

13 People Who Are Drunk Geniuses

We must respect these legends.

17 Ways College Has Changed Since The '00s

"Back in my day, our tapestries weren't from Urban Outfitters..."

15 Super Basic Dorm Cooking Hacks That'll Save Your Life All Semester

You can't live off booze and Taco Bell alone.

Which Mean Girl Would Be Your Bestie In College?

Stop trying to make fetch happen!

27 Ways To Make It Through Finals In One Piece

Spoiler: You gotta study. There's no way around it (sorry, mate). But we can make the process a little more pleasant.

19 Paranormal College Campus Stories That Will Mess You Up For Days

This definitely isn't Casper the Friendly Ghost.

25 Freshman-To-Senior Year Glow-Ups That'll Inspire You To Stay In School

*"Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day plays softly in the distance*

13 Tweets That'll Definitely Make You Laugh If You're Reading This From A College Classroom

There's one more hour of this class, so I just gotta get through 15 minutes four times.

14 Things You'll Miss After Graduating College

Appreciate the little things.

Throw A College Party And We'll Tell You Which Renowned Party School To Transfer To

Based off the Princeton Reviews Top 20 Party Schools of 2018.

21 Pros And Cons Of Going Back To School Online

You can't escape group projects!

25 Passive Aggressive Things To Buy Your Horrible, No Good Roommate

Moving into a new dorm (or apartment) can be exciting! But it's less exciting when you meet your new roommate and it turns out they have no regard for human life.

31 TV Shows And Movies To Watch On Netflix After A Night Of Partying

We've all sat on the couch, binge-watching Netflix while trying not to puke.

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