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17 Lies About College You Should Never, Ever Believe On TV

The likelihood of meeting the love of your life in a random 8 a.m. class is pretty low.

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1. In Gilmore Girls, Rory's dorm room is perfectly organized and decorated with fancy furniture and an entertainment system, whereas in reality, most college dorm rooms are best described as "organized chaos."

2. In Boy Meets World, Cory and Shawn follow each other from high school to college. Meanwhile, you have trouble even getting a text back from your high school friends.

3. In Undeclared, Steven's dad shows up at college unannounced and it's ~totally cool~. But in reality, you have a mini-heart attack when your parents are visiting.

4. In Saved by the Bell: The College Years, random roommates from freshman year become lifelong BFFs. But in reality, there's a high likelihood that random roommates don't even like each other.


5. In Boy Meets World, everyone shows up to class with a perfect outfit and doesn't look tired whatsoever. Meanwhile, you sprint to class in a t-shirt looking like you haven't slept in weeks.

6. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, everyone on campus goes to the same huge, wild parties. Meanwhile, you spend your weekends hopping between several small parties in very cramped apartments.

7. In Greek, everyone who's anyone is involved in Greek life. But IRL, only a handful of your friends are involved in Greek life, and you're totally normal if you aren't.

8. In Grown-ish, night classes are ~super~ laid-back. But in reality, night classes are the worst thing that's ever happened to you and the reason for your coffee addiction.


9. In Gilmore Girls, everyone spends spring break getting drunk on a beach with their friends. But in reality, you spend spring break sleeping 12 hours a day and not leaving your couch.

10. In One Tree Hill, college professors are horrible people who sit in their offices waiting to ruin students' GPAs. Instead, most college professors are actually pretty laid-back.

11. In Felicity, transferring colleges at the last minute is relatively easy. In reality, it's a fucking nightmare.

12. In One Tree Hill, the whole school attends every sporting event. But in reality, unless you go to a big, sports-centric college, you probably forget that there even are sports teams.


13. In Gilmore Girls, everyone automatically gets super mature in college. But IRL, everyone acts pretty much the exact same as they did in high school.

14. In How to Get Away With Murder, people meet the love of their life in random classes. But in reality, you have to message random people on Tinder to even get a date.

15. In Gilmore Girls, the dining hall serves incredible gourmet food. But in reality, some dining halls serve food that is barely edible.

16. In Gilmore Girls, students are able to balance a job, all of their classes, and a social life with minimal stress. Meanwhile, actual college students are the most stressed out they've ever been in their entire lives.

17. And finally in One Tree Hill, everyone automatically finds a job in their desired field after graduation. But in reality, recent grads spend all of their time painfully applying to every job imaginable.