Based off the Princeton Reviews Top 20 Party Schools of 2018.

anderka • 7 months ago

Rule number one: everyone poops.

Emma McAnaw • 7 months ago

Say yes to the dress!

gabeh20 • 7 months ago

Did you earn a degree in biology or beer pong?

Brandon Hooks • 8 months ago

You don't always need a degree to be successful.

Bella Javier • 8 months ago

College is the time for bad decisions, right?

Abbie M.R. • 7 months ago

Don't doubt our guessing abilities.

gabeh20 • 7 months ago

Get ready to study!

julia35 • 7 months ago

You'll be surprised!

carolinecahill • 7 months ago

*Hulk smash*

Verohm • 7 months ago

Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Princeton, and UPenn.

Jake Charles Laycock • 7 months ago

This quiz is Divination at work.

Abbie M.R. • 7 months ago

You can never be too prepared!

anderka • 7 months ago

So many ships, so little time.

thatfandomtrash • 8 months ago


Milo Goodman • 7 months ago

Let's hope you like your new roomie!

raechilling • 7 months ago

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

anderka • 7 months ago

You wish you went here.

Jake Charles Laycock • 8 months ago

Because you didn't make it through all four years by the skin of your teeth not to look AMAZING on the big day.

Emma McAnaw • 7 months ago

Are you ready to pull an all-nighter?

Giorgina McKay • 7 months ago