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16 Graduation Gifts College Students Will Actually Want To Receive

We asked and they told us!

We asked college seniors of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what graduation gifts they actually want to receive.

Surprise surprise, a lot of them want money, jobs, money, no student loans, and more money. But! They'd also be more than happy with things that'll help get them set up in a new apartment and/or experiences like vacays and tickets to shows.

Keep reading to find out what sort of gifts are best to give 'em once they cross that stage and get their diploma!

1. A blender, cast-iron skillet, or some other kitchen-related product for those planning on getting their own place shortly after walking across the graduation stage. They gotta eat!

2. A vacation to help give them some time to chill after four years of hard work, or to give them the opportunity to explore new places before a job or grad school keeps them tied to one place for a while.

3. A journal that'll help them document life in the real world — they might think it's lame now, but in years to come they'll laugh at how far they've come. Trust us.

4. A ticket for a Broadway show, just in case the new grad is from the metro NY area or planning on visiting the Big Apple in the near future. A show can be a memorable, thoughtful reward for their hard work.

5. A piece of jewelry so they'll be instantly reminded of the happy occasion whenever they have it on. A ring like this one is especially good if your grad isn't too fond of those hefty class rings.

6. An electric kettle that'll give the busy bee some time at the end of a long day to enjoy a nice, hot cup of their favorite tea and relax.

7. A piece (or a few pieces) of furniture for when your grad heads out and into their own place and needs to start somewhere with making it their own oasis. Target's new Opalhouse line has some truly splendid offerings for the younger crowd.

8. A spa day package to help them unwind, release stress, and chill the fuck out. You know what it's like being in the real world! You know they need a little R&R before entering this upcoming stage.

9. A KitchenAid stand mixer that'll make the perfect "adulting" present and last them decades. These things are worth the price tag. Plus, it'll encourage 'em to cook!

10. A pre-paid Uber account perfect for any grad, but especially the ones going off to a city! Sometimes public transportation commutes suck, sometimes you need to know there's a reliable way of getting home after a night out, and sometimes you just have no excuse, but wanna take an Uber where you're going.

11. A Crock-Pot to aid in their quest of meal-prepping versus spending every dollar they make in their entry-level job on food delivery. They can easily prepare a week's worth of meals, and get plenty of other uses out of it, too!

12. A Starbucks gift card that'll keep them caffeinated as they see to their real world responsibilities, As someone who didn't graduate very long ago, take it from me: an iced Americano makes a big difference in my day.

13. On that note, gift cards in general are a great way to reward someone while also letting them choose their prize. Some notable stores? Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lush, iTunes, Sephora, and Target.

14. A laptop to assist them in parting ways with the same computer they've used all throughout college — a step into the real world should mean a new comp.

15. A printer that'll come in handy when they need to print their grad school papers, new hire documents, W4 tax forms — you know, the important shit.

16. And when all else fails, MONEY. All (soon to be former) college students want money. They want lots and lots of money. All the money. If you can't find a good gift for them, just give them money. Because they want it. All of it. Did I mention they want money?! Because they do. They want a lot of money.


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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