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34 Stunningly Stylish Graduation Dresses That'll Make All That School Worth It

Because you didn't make it through all four years by the skin of your teeth not to look AMAZING on the big day.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A lace high necked midi dress so you earn a last-minute degree in trend setting.

2. A graphic bodycon dress with a bit of stretch that'll help you strike your best pose for the 'gram, but also leave plenty of room for graduation cake.

3. A satin-y floral wrap dress for making one last big impression before leaving your admirers.

4. A leaf print maxi dress with a self-tie belt and subtle slit, because the most important part is the fantastic photos you'll get from this. What's a diploma?

5. A cutout maxi dress so you look trendy and put-together, unlike the past three months when you wore the same exact leggings every single day.

6. A button down maxi dress with a flowy split that'll make you look effortless and carefree, even if you've been panicking all semester.

7. A rainbow striped maxi dress with thigh-high slits for a *sweeping* standing ovation for your unbelievably good taste.

8. An embroidered boho dress, because you didn't stress every minute of every day to look anything less than perfect now.

9. A buttoned A-line dress with a cute cutout that'll help you take a bow when stepping on stage.

10. A flowery A-line dress with tie shoulders so you can be sure this is the only thing in knots on your big day — not your stomach.

11. A mixed print, asymmetrical dress for looking totally *unruffled* by the fact you're leaving school forever.

12. A cold shoulder chiffon dress, because you'll no longer have to bare the burden of overpriced textbooks and Friday night classes.

13. A floral wrapover dress with an asymmetrical hem and ruffled strap so you can *cross over* to the real world looking your best.

14. A button down sundress (with POCKETS) that'll make you want to ditch that dumb robe ASAP. We have pictures to take, tyvm.

15. A bright, belted floral dress for investing in a style fitting for both nice occasions and your first day of work.

16. A cheerful, sleeveless midi dress, because it's time you show off how bright you really are.

17. A lace high-low dress with flirty cutouts so you have good reason to *turn your back* on ever studying again (hopefully).

18. A decorative ruffled wrap dress featuring flute sleeves that'll make both a dramatic entrance and memorable exit during your final act.

19. A mini chiffon dress with a lace neckline for a major fashion statement.

20. A printed off-the-shoulder dress, because you'll finally be able to do the ~bare~ minimum and get away with it — at least when it comes to this outfit.

21. A cinched flowery midi dress so your future looks bright, thanks to this vivid piece.

22. A long-sleeve floral dress with lace trim that'll make up for all the times you went to class in sweats.

23. A tropical print mini dress for making your ~mark~, even if your only other contribution was spending the most time at the dining hall.

24. A bold mini tea dress with a V-neck, because now you'll be able to stand out in a sea of robes and caps.

25. A blooming asymmetrical midi dress so your success is in full bloom by the time you walk off the stage.

26. A button-up botanical print dress that'll make your confidence flourish rain or shine.

27. An cutout crochet dress for lifting the weight of constant studying off your shoulders.

28. A long-sleeved A-line dress with a pleated skirt, because what better way to leave college than a twirling exit?

29. A flowery midi dress with a sweetheart neckline so you can finally shrug off the struggles of college life — see you never.

30. A lightweight mini dress with dainty cap sleeves that'll make you more than ready to abandon the library in favor of summer's freedom.

31. A ruffled peasant dress for getting an honorable mention about your great style, if not your grades (sorry mom and dad).

32. A blossomy, ruffled wrap dress, because like your times at school, this has the perfect amount of ~highs and lows~.

33. A ruffled sundress with a keyhole detail so you look cool, even if you're internally freaking out (as usual).

34. An off-the-shoulder floral smocked dress that'll make every professor wish they gave you straight A's, just so you'd give them this number.

You, the minute finals are over, like:

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