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17 Ways College Has Changed Since The '00s

"Back in my day, our tapestries weren't from Urban Outfitters..."

1. In the 2000s, college students worried about what to caption their Facebook albums.

Jen Abidor / BuzzFeed

In 2018, it's all about captions on Insta.

Instagram caption: living my best life ✨ Tweet: my heart is in a constant state of broken

2. Back then, if you were interested in someone, you friended them on Facebook.

Now we download Tinder and just pray we match with them.

3. And "poking" them on Facebook was kiiiiiinda like sliding into their DMs.


4. In the '00s, everyone had this poster in their room.

And now, everyone just has a tapestry from Urban Outfitters.$xlarge$&hei=900&qlt=80&fit=constrain

5. Facebook bumper stickers were yesteryear's equivalent to modern day memes.

College students, today:

6. In the '00s, students def had Motorola Razrs, or like, LG Chocolates.

Now, everyone has iPhones and Samsungs.

Nicolas Asfouri / AFP / Getty Images

7. First, there were Photobooth filters...

Jen Abidor / BuzzFeed

...and those ended up being the predecessors to Snapchat and Insta filters.

8. Away messages were how people expressed their innermost feelings...


...instead of tweeting about them.

The mental breakdown I'm about to have is def gonna be iconic

9. People used to lug these archaic things with them on nights out.

But now, we're blessed with portrait mode and face identification.

10. College kids used to rely heavily on their campus cash.

Now, we rely on our friends Venmo-ing us.

11. When you wanted to see your fam and friends from home, you used to have to use Skype which was astounding at the time, but v glitchy and shitty.

Erin Chack / BuzzFeed

Now we have FaceTime and we loves it!

12. You used to have to order takeout over the phone.

Now we have Seamless, GrubHub, Postmates, etc. that deliver right to our dorms.

13. Netflix existed, but it was just for physical DVDs.

Robert Sullivan / AFP / Getty Images

Now we watch (pretty much) whatever we want, whenever we want!

14. Students used to make their messy party pics private on Facebook.

Now, we have finstas for that. πŸ’


15. Chokers were in.

Chokers are still in.

16. You used to have to take campus shuttles to get anywhere...

Morgan Murrell / BuzzFeed

But TG, now we have Uber.

17. And lastly, now instead of doodling in our notebooks during class...

...we go on BuzzFeed.

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