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13 Couples Who Met In College Who Will Make Your Heart Melt

All the feels!

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they met their college sweetheart. Here are their heartwarming stories!

1. This couple who met over a color change gone wrong:


I met my now-fiancé sophomore year when he was finishing his initiation into rugby. He had to dye half of his hair and beard blond. My neighbors were helping him, but he bought the wrong dye. I had never colored my hair before, so when people “bleach” their hair, I assumed they used actual bleach. So, I gave him bleach to dye his hair. It actually burned a portion of his beard, where to this day hair won’t grow back. When I met his mom and she found out, she let out a loud gasp and said “That was you?!” We've been together for seven years since then. —Kfalise

2. This couple who wouldn't be here without their college jobs:

We met while working at a sporting goods store. We both told our coworkers how hot we thought the other was, but we were too afraid to talk to each other. He worked in footwear and would detach the packs of socks just as an excuse to borrow the tool to put them back together and talk to me. It wasn't until we ran into each other at a house party that we realized we went to the same small university. We left the party and spent the night walking around campus and discussing our awkward and intense crushes on each other. We have been inseparable ever since and after seven years together, we finally tied the knot this past fall! —ashleyh4106428d0

3. This couple who met over some tapas:


My boyfriend and I met when we were both studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain! I'm from Texas, and he's from Germany. He was in a tapas cooking class with one of my roommates (a class I wanted to take, but didn't get into). He and another German friend of his invited my roommate to a house party with a bunch of international students and she brought me along – I didn't even originally want to go! When my roommate and I got to the apartment, he opened the door and smiled. I instantly fell head over heels. Since then, we've been long-distance and visiting each other whenever we can. We just celebrated two years together and we're about to get married! All thanks to some tapas. ❤️ —kylaw481bd1b5e

4. This couple who met over some much-needed snacks:


His fraternity and my sorority were paired for homecoming. The theme of one of our parties was '80s, so I wore my fanny pack full of snacks for the night. He saw me pull out a pack of fruit snacks, asked me for one, and the rest was history. —catieh4955179c6

5. This couple who met – and married – in Rome:

We met studying abroad in Rome. I walked into class late, and the only seat available was next to him. I later found out he would read a chapter ahead of the class to make me study guides and tutor me prior to the test. Four years later, we got married about 10 minutes from our school building in Rome. —jessikraai

6. This couple who met over a bad haircut:


We lived in the same hall freshman year. I went to the lobby early on in the year and asked a large group of people if anyone knew how to cut hair and she volunteered to give me a haircut. We sat together on my bed as she cut my hair. We clicked instantly. I couldn’t stop laughing when I was around her. It's my favorite haircut I've ever gotten... even though I ended up going to the barber an hour later to get it buzzed. —j4e7a45900

7. This couple who met out of stubbornness:

8. This couple who lived together before getting together:

My friends and I were about to sign the lease on a six-bedroom house when THREE of our roommates dropped out last minute. In a desperate effort to not lose the house, we posted on all of our social media accounts in search of a group of three. We found three guys to join our house. I liked one of them, but I thought it was too weird because we lived together. Finally, after a year of living together, we decided to go on a date. Now we've been together for four years and I'm so glad we took that leap. —Cassie Freeman, Facebook

9. This couple who owes all their thanks to Snapchat:

When I was a sophomore, I started lifting at my campus gym. Little did I know there was a guy who worked at the rec center who had a huge crush on me. He finally got the courage to talk to me and invited me to join a powerlifting club he was starting. I said yes and gave him my info. The club never actually happened, but he used it to steal my number and find me on Snapchat. After talking for a few weeks he asked me out to a university hockey game. Two years later and we've been married for three months. —sydneys4f55cf09a

10. This couple who made things work at the most perfect time:


I was watching Lady Gaga perform "The Sound of Music" during the 2015 Oscars with a group of my friends. While we were watching, a good friend of mine showed us a video of this guy singing at a local music festival. Hearing him sing swept me away, but I was still in the closet. Fast-forward to February 2017 — my fraternity hosted a Mardi Gras party and I spotted my crush with a group of his friends on the dance floor. I made a conscious effort to put myself in his line of vision while I was dancing and added him on Snapchat. I then decided a few weeks later to download Tinder and come out to my friends. One of the first people to show up was my crush! We've now been together for two years! —ethanb49660c231

11. This couple who met over some very hard homework:

The summer before freshman year, my now-fiancé, and I were taking classes at our college and we both lived in the same dorm. One day I needed help with my algebra homework, so I opened my door and just yelled "help" at every person who walked by. Eventually, Steven walked by and tried to help me — even though we could never figure it out. After that, he came by my room every day to help me with my homework and five years later we are getting married. —courtneyi4a601ff15

12. This couple who found their way through the music:

I was walking in the courtyard outside my dorm when I randomly passed some guy playing the saxophone. A few days later, our dorm had an icebreaker meeting and I found out he lived right across the hall from me. I told him I liked listening to him play from my dorm room, but he was embarrassed since he was still learning how to play. Four and a half years later, he proposed to me by playing the saxophone in the courtyard of our old dorm. —cristinar4cff3cfc5

13. And this couple who won more than a prize on Wheel of Fortune.:


I actually saw my husband on TV before we even met. Back in 2005, we were both college students in Columbia, MO. I didn’t have cable or internet that summer, so I wound up watching a lot of Wheel of Fortune. They hosted a week of college shows and I remembered thinking the boy who represented Mizzou was so cute! Periodically over the next several months I thought about “that Wheel of Fortune boy” and how I wished I’d run into him since we lived in the same town. Well, as fate would have it, in early 2006 we did run into each other and hit it off right away. We married in 2010 and now have a six-year-old son and one-year-old daughter together. To this day I still tease him about the prize puzzle he missed on The Wheel! —lindseyz400468972

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length/clarity

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