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Posted on Apr 22, 2018

18 Exam Questions And Answers That'll Actually Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing

"Always question the man."

1. We'll start with this question...

2. I don't think this is the answer the teacher was looking for, but good try:

3. Woah, is it me or did you just get deja vu too?

4. I don't know what this says but I do know that he used to the wrong word:

5. Clearly, the correct answer is the last one:

6. OK now this is an amazing question, and an even better answer:

7. This one proves that it's important to read all the directions:

8. LOL, if only all professors were this cool:

9. Another great test question:

10. Solid lesson and full points:

11. Hahaha, If I were the teacher I would accept this answer:

12. I don't see a lie here:

13. This one is actually difficult:

14. Now this professor is a real one for this question:

15. What even is a shark butt???

16. This makes absolute perfect sense:

17. And finally, I know this isn't related, but it's funny as hell:

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