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27 Products That'll Help You Survive Your Next College All-Nighter

It's all part of the college experience, mannnnn.

Before we start, let me just say that I'm not encouraging you to pull an all-nighter! Your body needs sleep. But... all-nighters in college are inevitable for many. These products are simply recommendations that might make your next unavoidable all-nighter a little it more bearable. Ok, thank you, carry on.

1. A bed desk for those who feel most comfortable studying from a haven consisting of cozy pillows and blankets.

2. An accordion file folder featuring five expandable pockets to make staying organized when you feel like a hot mess much simpler.

3. A pair of wired headphones that'll allow you to drown out the rest of the world and focus on your tunes and your school work — plus, they're comfy!

4. A 10-pack of pencils for buttering you up with sweet, sweet compliments and pulling you through the long night ahead.

5. A nose pencil sharpener to provide some much needed laughter. Just because your pencil points are broken, doesn't mean your faith should be.

6. A soft AF throw blanket that'll be like a warm, cozy hug from someone you love (encouraging you keep going).

7. A variety pack of instant noodles for when you didn't have time for a real dinner from the dining hall and you just cannot afford ordering take-out again.

8. An aromatherapy essential oil diffuser to create a more relaxing environment wherever it is you choose to study — local coffee shop ~vibez~ have nothing on this thing. (I mean over 12,000 people on Amazon swear by it!)

9. A 16-pack of essential oils that'll make any all-nighter feel a little more bearable (with aromatherapy).

10. A 60-pack of divider notes for making your pages of study material easier to comb through *and* more aesthetically pleasing.

11. A stress relief toy to help you and your fidgety hands calm down a bit before getting ready to re-tackle the work stacks again.

12. A laptop stand that'll clear some room on your desk by increasing space for notes, textbooks, and flash cards.

13. An pair of moisturizing gel socks for treating your busy feet — might as well do something useful while you're sitting and studying. Plus, your tired walk through campus the next morning may be more tolerable.

14. An insulated travel mug featuring an infuser strainer to steep tea on your way to the library or keep your piping hot coffee, piping hot, so you can save it for when you really need it.

15. A 12-pack of Starbucks doubleshot espresso and cream that'll be easy when you need a grab and go wake-up treat.

16. A 50-pack of affirmation cards for those moments you just need a pep talk at 2 a.m.

17. A delicious bundle of snacks like cookies, chips, and candy to satisfy your craving for a midnight snack, or multiple midnight snacks.

18. A stainless steel odor-absorbing bar that'll help you freshen up and eliminate icky armpit smells, because feeling yucky and gross doesn't mix well with trying to concentrate on your studies.

19. A 16-pack of facial sheet masks for softening your skin as you get your important shit done — YAY for multi-tasking!

20. An app to make your life a hell of a lot easier — use your phone to take a photo of your math equation or homework question and get detailed reasoning on how to solve the problem.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with software iOS 9.0 or later versions.

Promising review: "As an upperclassman in high school, take my word for this — this app is amazing! As an AP/honors student, I sure know what it’s like to not do assignments, (due to tiredness, laziness, or actual legitimate reasons), or copy from friends the period before the assignment is due. I also know what it’s like to be an active user of Quizlet whenever I need to look up some test or quiz answers for reviews/studying or for straight up cheating (lol). But what we all know is that searching up each individual questions on Google and then having to go through several Quizlets to find the correct answers for each can be quite time consuming and tedious. However, this wonderful app finds all the answers for you in an instant by just taking a picture of the question! If Socratic can’t find an answer, it provides the user with at least a legitimate, scholarly definition of the subject matter of your question! In short, Socratic is amazing and l totally recommend it to any type of student! Honestly, Socratic came through and helped me passed my finals this semester!" —Inuyasha 24480

Download it from the App Store for free.

21. A clip-on book light that'll allow you to keep reading your textbook or class notes from the comfort of your dorm room even when the lights are out because your roommate is a lucky duck who actually gets to sleep tonight.

22. A five-pack of succulents for livening up your dorm space and making it a place you actually don't mind studying in. Seriously, having an inviting area makes staying awake less challenging.

23. A hilarious coloring book to use when you're in desperate need of a quick study break. What better way to blow off some steam at midnight than with some colorful language?

24. A note pad that'll keep you on track and ensure you're getting things done, so your all-nighters are few and far between.

25. A pair of sweatpants for getting all cozy in. Might as well be comfy because you're gonna be at this school work thing all night.

26. A variety pack of granola bars and nuts to store in your bag when you head off to the library for the night or to scarf down when you're in need of a snack your mom would actually approve.

27. A finger print bookmark — it'll come in handy when you end up falling asleep well before the point in the night you could label your study sesh as an "all-nighter." Hey, at least you tried?

28. A vibrating alarm clock for ensuring you actually wake the fuck up from the little cat nap you decide to take before the exam you have at 8 a.m. (aka the reason for your all-nighter).

Because, sometimes the dining hall coffee just won't cut it when it comes to trying to stay awake all night.

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