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16 People Who Should Be Banned From Every College Class Forever

Featuring seat stealers, curve-ruiners, etc.

1. That person who asks a question when the professor is clearly ready to end class:

2. And the person who reminds the professor about an assignment or paper:

When that one kid reminds the professor about the assignment that’s due

3. Group project members who don't answer emails or texts:


4. And just shitty, bare-minimum group project members in general:

5. People who ruin the curve:

6. People who are rude to the TAs or professors:


7. People who bring smelly food (especially tuna or hard-boiled eggs) to class:

8. People who won't stop talking loudly during class:


9. The person who hands in the test early EVERY TIME and makes everyone feel like shit:


10. And the people who dress like they're at a fashion show and make everyone look bad:

11. The person you let borrow a pen who never returns it:

12. But also, like, the people who let you borrow it and actually expect it back:

13. People who come to class when they're deathly sick and get everyone else sick:

14. People who diss other majors, like education, communications, etc., in their classes. STOP!


15. And last but not least, the people in class who are like "OMG I definitely bombed that test" after every exam and then get an A every frickin' time:


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