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14 People Who Should Be Banned From ALL Group Projects

"Hey guys, I have jail tomorrow until Sunday. Can we talk about the assignment on Sunday?"

1. This irresponsible team member:

2. And this one, too:

3. This presumptuous girl:

4. And this girl, too:

5. This cheapskate:

6. This guy, who's too busy:

This is why We hate group projects in college 🤣😭🤦🏽‍♀️

7. These unresponsive group members:

8. And this guy, who can't even do the group project group chat without messing up:

This guy in my English class accidentally sent this in our project group chat I’m weak 😂

9. This person, who didn't even make it to the project:

10. This snarky person:

11. This intense leader:

12. This jokester:

13. And this lazy briber!!!!

14. And lastly, ALLLLL of these intense people: