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21 Pros And Cons Of Going Back To School Online

You can't escape group projects!

1. The first thing that always comes up when talking about an online program is the flexibility it allows you.

2. And it's true — it's great not having to go to a campus. This allows you to keep your job while you work towards a degree.


3. Which is really helpful, since online programs can still cost ya.


4. One of the best parts? You can watch lectures and get work done on your own time, in your own space.

5. Unlike being in class, if you don't understand something or can't write notes fast enough — you can put the professor on pause.

Professor: okay pay attention, this is where it’s going to start to get confusing First of all, I’m already lost

6. And, if you start to fall asleep mid-lecture, you can always just stop, take a nap, and continue where you left off later.


7. Speaking of, recorded lectures are never perfect. Sometimes the audio quality is poor and other times it's fine except your professor keeps coughing and apologizing for coughing.


8. Regardless, you can't complain about having access to course materials 24/7.


9. This all makes it easy to fall behind, which is why time management is key!

10. As an online student, discussion posts and responses to other classmates in a forum-like environment make up a decent portion of your assignments.

College discussion board: Jim: 2+2=4 Me: Wow Jim I totally agree. I like how you added the 2's together and got 4, very insightful.

11. This is great for students who prefer writing over speaking in class. In the online environment, all your discussions and responses can be well-thought-out.

12. Also, most quizzes and tests end up being open book since what other option is there?

Apple / Via

13. One of the cons of being an online student is not having easy access to on campus events like interesting speakers or career fairs.


14. That, and missing out on potential friendships with classmates.

15. The only time you really interact with other students is through discussion posts and group work — which is the ONE positive of group projects. Sadly, not even in an online environment can you escape them.

NBC / Via

16. And they're still the worst. It's hard to find a time to "meet" or hold people accountable when group members are adults busy with full time jobs, family, and other adult things!

E! / Via

17. So yeah, being an online student can feel incredibly isolating sometimes. It can depend on how proactive the professor is and how proactive you are.

18. Some professors seem to forget about the online sections of their classes.

Anyone else have that professor that puts absolutely nothing on Moodle so your final grade is like a scratch off lottery ticket?

19. But other professors send weekly emails checking in, grade assignments immediately, and set up time to answer questions via video conferencing.


20. Anyway, this has been my personal experience! No two online programs will be exactly the same, but, generally speaking, it's a great option if you want to further your education but are unable to do so in a traditional setting.

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21. As with many things in life, it's what you make of it!


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