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27 Ways To Make It Through Finals In One Piece

Spoiler: You gotta study. There's no way around it (sorry, mate). But we can make the process a little more pleasant.

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1. Create your own study sets, flashcards, and games with Quizlet, a free online study tool.

2. Take a quick power nap or give your back a little support during a long study sesh using an inflatable pillow. It'll fit perfectly in your backpack!

3. Make studying for econ way less intimidating by using a free timer app that breaks a long session into 25-minute chunks (with five-minute breaks in between).

4. Save your neck some serious pain and prop your textbook on a bamboo stand instead of having to hunch down while you read.

5. Listen to a classical music playlist on Spotify when you want to be super focused on churning out that American lit essay.

6. Keep your tea/coffee at the ideal sipping temperature with a cup warmer so you don't have to run to the microwave every 20 minutes while studying.

7. Create a study schedule several weeks in advance and stick to it, so you don't have to scramble and cram the day before the exam. All-nighters suck. Big time.

8. Block out your noisy, nocturnal roommate by wearing a sleep mask and earplugs to ensure you're not sleep-deprived. You'll need all the energy you can get during finals week!

9. Stay hydrated with a water-tracking tumbler because you could easily become dehydrated (and not notice) when you're busy poring over mathematical formulas and equations.

10. Get yourself in the zone and tune out all distractions with a pair of in-ear headphones.

11. Have a box of snack bars on hand in case your brain and stomach need nourishment in the middle of a practice test.

12. Brew yourself a strong cup of joe in a grab-and-go personal coffee maker and take it with you to the library.

13. Feel comfortable and look cute in stretchy wide-leg lounge pants, whether you're just working in your dorm or in the common area. Heck, they even look good enough to make a grocery run in.

14. Find yourself a study buddy so you don't have to agonize over everything alone.

15. Organize your notes (or mark up a textbook) with generously sized sticky page dividers and write down key points/pages from each chapter.

16. Stretch out your hand using a finger exerciser when your digits are cramping from typing all day and all night.

17. Switch up your study location by going outside or to your favorite cafe instead of the library. It'll keep things interesting, and it might even help you retain more info!

18. Finish up the last of your revision in the comfort of your bed on a laptop table because frankly, you're exhausted!

19. Save your eyes and skin from drying out in front of the computer by plugging in an adorable cactus humidifier.

20. Squeeze in a quick workout using no-equipment exercise cards even if your schedule is tight.

21. Jot down exam dates/due dates in a planner so you know which subjects and assignments to prioritize. This way, you can space the workload out and prevent chaos.

22. Create brain maps with an online tool, if you prefer diagrams over bullet points.

23. Mark out important information using pretty pastel highlighters that won't hurt your eyes.

24. Ensure your study area is tidy with a desk organizer so you're not constantly distracted by a huge mess of papers.

25. Ace your French test with the help of a language-learning app that's not only effective but can actually be fun.

26. Whip up a fresh and tasty dinner in a quesadilla maker when you get hungry at 2 a.m. instead of resorting to instant noodles or takeout.

27. Use a handy bibliography generator so you can avoid the tedious task of creating citations from scratch, whether it's MLA, Chicago, or APA.

You, after two days of studying:

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