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19 Of The Comfiest Things You'll Ever Wear

The wearable version of staying in bed all day. The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

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1. A pair of fleece-lined leggings that feel like you might be wearing actual clouds.

2. An incredibly soft and light tee that drapes perfectly and is surprisingly durable.

3. A sherpa-lined hoodie that's basically a game-changer for anyone who's always cold.

4. A Calvin Klein bralette and boyshort set that's comfortable enough to sleep in.

5. A non-itchy, non-constricting beanie that's the perfect weight for wearing every day.

6. An enormous plaid blanket scarf you can tie SO many ways — for a different look every time you wear it.

7. An easy, breezy tank dress that's still cute on days you literally can't even.

8. A pair of fuzzy slippers filled with millet and dried lavender — just pop them in the microwave and let them work their magic.

9. A soft and durable plaid flannel shirt that's perfect for layering with any outfit.

10. A cuddly unicorn onesie that'll warm both your bod and your heart.

11. A five-pack of insanely plush socks that'll toast (but not overheat) your tootsies.

12. A versatile cardigan that drapes perfectly in a buttery soft fabric.

13. A cool cardigan with an asymmetrical side zipper that gives a moto jacket effect.

14. A pair of plush boot socks emblazoned with cute critters to keep you company.

15. A pair of high-waisted leggings that don't bind, pinch, or constrain in any way whatsoever.

16. A pair of perfectly slouchy joggers that are soft, but not so heavy that you'll overheat.

17. A deceptively warm zip-up fleece with patch pockets that are both stylish and convenient.

18. An oversized sweater in a soft thermal knit that's not itchy at all.

19. A pair of ribbed PJ leggings you just might spend the whole weekend in.

Brb, only wearing clothes that make me feel like this:

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