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    27 Useful Products That'll Rescue Your Messy Desk

    Save your workplace from devolving into chaos.

    1. A simple phone stand for an elegant way to keep your phone upright and close β€” no FOMO for you.

    2. A helpful magnetic holder that saves your cords from flying off the side of your desk every time you unplug.

    3. A little handheld vacuum for cleaning up all the crumbs from your latest desk-lunch.

    4. A wire concealer box to banish all those unsightly, tangled wires.

    5. A character cord protector and organizer for a colorful solution to frayed wires.

    6. A 5-port USB charging stand that can power pretty much all your devices at once.

    7. An accordion document holder in a nice pastel color that will soothe you when things start to get hectic.

    8. A metal letter holder that will make organizing all your papers seem more bear-able.

    9. A rainbow, 10-drawer cart so you can get all of your stuff off your desk and into a color-coded system.

    10. A bamboo computer stand that gives you some extra storage space under your monitor to use in a similar fashion as under your bed. (Less shoes, though.)

    11. A collection of magazine or file holders to keep everything in order and easy to find.

    12. A pair of hand bookends that will squish your book collection together.

    13. A wire grid you can use to hang up all your important notes and pictures because frames take up too much space.

    14. A collection of arrow-shaped push pins that are a total bullseye.

    15. A dry erase calendar you can stick on your wall, which is great because it means one less thing on your desk.

    16. A little dino personal assistant that will hold memos and pencils for you.

    17. A delicious looking pin holder you doughnut want to lose.

    18. A Julius Caesar pen holder to stab with your writing utensils whenever you're in a particularly bad mood.

    19. A combination lamp and pencil holder so you can free up some needed real estate on your desk. What an illuminating discovery!

    20. A cactus pin holder that you never need to worry about watering.

    21. A metal organizer with file holders, a shelf, and a drawer for organization that will be the envy of the whole office.

    22. A round wall pocket for tossing all your odds and ends in.

    23. A teeny-tiny filing cabinet with three drawers you can stuff with all your business cards β€” networking has never been so cute!

    24. A pack of fancy label frames for having the most kitsch organization system ever.

    25. A transparent message board that uses magnets to keep your notes in place.

    26. An adorable bunny cord holder with floppy ears you can wrap wires around.

    27. And when all else fails, messy citation pad so you can give yourself or others a stern reminder to clean that desk up.

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