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    23 Coffee Products Our Readers Are Absolutely Obsessed With

    As told by coffee lovers.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the most useful coffee products they own. Here are some of their amazing suggestions:

    1. A Chemex for a pour-over method that won't ever let you down. Say goodbye to sediment and bitterness!

    2. A reusable, Keurig-compatible filter so you can enjoy instant coffee gratification without the guilt of harming the environment.

    3. An Aeropress that'll brew 1–3 cups of java in one minute, or espresso in 30 seconds.

    4. A bag of whole bean coffee some people wait for all year long, and now you won't have to.

    5. A microwaveable milk frother you'll use to make fancy hot and cold coffee creations.

    6. A reusable coffee sock basket filter so you can stop spending money on all those paper filters.

    7. A stovetop espresso maker for anyone who is trying not to spend more than $20 on top-notch coffee methodology.

    8. A Ninja coffee bar that'll truly do it all – single cups, lattes, built-in frothing, iced drinks, whole pots, custom brew sizes, speciality brews, and more.

    9. A bag of fair-trade, whole bean dark roast to give you the jumpstart you need in the morning.

    10. A single serve, pour-over coffee dripper with an auto drip water tank so you can enjoy an effortless fresh brew.

    11. A JavaPress travel mug to bring the wonders of French press coffee anywhere you go.

    12. A Breville coffee maker and grinder with eight strength settings, programmable auto-start, and LCD screen so you can stay in control of all of the brewing magic.

    13. A stainless-steel French press that just might be worth the extra bucks.

    14. A bag of ground coffee from the Dominican Republic you should definitely brew up in your new French press.

    15. A Kalita Wave personal dripper you'll fall in love with – it's portable, durable, cute, and possibly the most elegant way to make a single cup of coffee.

    16. And a weighted pour-over kettle for anyone who worries about watery pour-overs, or for the person who just spills hot water all over the place with ~regular~ kettles (me).

    17. A Barista Brain nine-cup coffee maker with insulating and brewing capabilities you shall fawn over (without taking up too much counter space).

    18. A pack of 12 cold brew bags to make yummy, highly caffeinated cold brew at home.

    19. A Contigo mug featuring an auto-seal lid so you can safely sip with the press of a button.

    20. A Mr. Coffee brewer for anyone who is overwhelmed by all coffee products out there, and just wants a familiar, inexpensive option (also me – Mr. Coffee got me through grad school).

    21. An Ember coffee mug that'll keep java nice and warm, so the perfect cuppa will last and last.

    22. A blend of Nescafé instant coffee as strong as it is tasty, to fully and quickly indulge your tastebuds.

    23. And an extra large moka pot you can depend on for strong, delish coffee when all other products have failed you.

    Ah yes.

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