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39 Things That'll Make Going To College So Much Easier

Don't be that clueless freshman.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the things that made their lives easier when they were in college. Here are their (extremely helpful!) recommendations:

1. A door stop that'll basically act as your wingman when it comes to making new friends.

"The easiest way to make friends is using a door stop to keep your door open, allowing people to come in and get to know you (especially during freshers week)." —k4d9845396

Get one from Auntie Mim's on Etsy for $6.68.

2. A white noise machine that'll turn your room into a much-needed ~quiet oasis~ amidst the chaos of dorm life and its too-thin walls.

"My walls were so thin and I would always get woken up in the middle of the night by my roommates, but after I bought this, I could actually fall asleep and *stay* asleep even if they were talking outside my door. It also helps for when you need a quiet study space!" —alishap42baa892a

Get this one from Amazon for $29.99.

3. A ottoman you can use for seating *and* for storage.

"Really *anything* that doubles as storage is very useful." —RaspberryCash

Get this one on Amazon for $19.99.

4. A big 'ol pack of Tide Pods to mask all the parties your clothes will go through and keep up the illusion that they smell like ~spring meadows~.

"So much easier to carry to the laundry room than a bottle of detergent." —Idalys NM

Get a pack of 72 pods from Amazon for $17.97 with Prime Pantry. Or for $19.99 without Prime Pantry.

5. A comfy robe that you'll probably end up throwing on at least once a day.

"There are going to be times when you need to walk to the shower or when you just need to grab something outside your room and you don't feel like putting on more clothes." —Kris Gutknecht, Facebook

Get these robes at Asos for $45.14 (men's) and $45.14 (women's).

6. A comfy chair that folds up when you're not using it.

"Once your friends start coming over, you'll want to be able to give them a place to sit." —colleenw4c6759de8

Get this one from PBTeen for $99.

7. A rolling laundry hamper to make laundry days ~slightly~ less of a pain in the butt.

"To take you laundry down to dorm laundry rooms... or just across the parking lot to your car to take home to your mom when you go on break." — kristins46f63bc2e

Get these from Amazon for $39.87 (3-bag sorter) and $39.99 (space-saving bin).

8. An eye mask to help you fall asleep even if every light in your dorm room is turned on.

"You’re gonna have quite a few late nights when your roommate just won’t get off their stupid laptop. This baby will help you fall asleep in no time." —sierrah43af12414

Get this one from Amazon for $11.95.

9. An automatic air freshener that'll make your room smell 1000x times better with minimal effort (lazy people, rejoice!).,

"No better feeling than walking into a room that smells good, plus your friends will enjoy hanging around your room more often." —Idalys NM

Get these from Amazon for $12.39 (dispenser) and $7.53 (~Virgin Islands scented~ refills).

10. A planner to help you keep track of the millions of things you'll have to remember to do each week.

Well, it will *feel* like millions of things. It could actually be a bit less than that. A bit.

"I LIVED by my planner in college. Seriously. Writing down your assignments and planning them out a little bit at a time really alleviates stress and, ultimately, gives you more time to do fun things. An absolute necessity!" —Sam Beedy, Facebook

Get this one at Paper Source for $20.95.

11. A wireless printer that'll come in handy time and time again.

"When you pull an all-nighter to write a paper before class, you aren’t going to want to take the time to go to the library." —hollyh48af3e8ab

Get a printer that won't take up a lot of space from Amazon for $49.95.

12. A mini fridge to keep snacks and meals on hand because a steady food supply is absolutely crucial for late night study sessions (and, you know, just in general).,

"Cafeteria food gets old fast (and let’s not even talk about what it does to your bowels). Sometimes you just want fresh fruits and veggies or to save your leftovers from a night out. I always kept mine well stocked with my favorite snacks, a Brita filter, and milk for early morning mochas." —hannahf45a7f701a

Get these on Amazon for $123.25 (dry-erase) and $94.81 (comes in purple and many other colors).

13. Mugs to help you maximize your caffeine intake (or for snacking from when you can't drink any more coffee).

"A travel mug for when you don’t have time to calmly drink your coffee in the morning (which will be always)." —sarah62

"MUGS. All the mugs. They’re great for both liquid and solid snacks. #muglyfe" —marieg4aa3c978a

Get the book mug from Fable & Black on Etsy for $13.29 and the travel mug from Amazon for $19.99.

14. Good-looking PJs you won't mind being seen in during (hopefully infrequent) emergencies.

"For wearing during middle of the night fire drills (seriously, who keeps burning popcorn at 3 am?)." —emilykayh

Get these PJ sets from Asos for $36 (women's) and $33 (men's).

15. Bed risers that'll help you squeeze the most space out of your tiny dorm room.

"There's so much underutilized extra storage underneath your bed." —kelseya4eb74b23f

Get a set of 4 for $20.99 or 8 for $39.79.

16. A variety of personal items and pictures to remind you of home sweet home and the people you miss.

"Something I found very helpful and comforting is that I made sure to bring a lot of photographs and other personal things to decorate my side of the dorm room. This is helpful if you are going to school far from home or you haven't been away from home for long before. I had my side of the dorm decorated with pictures of my friends, favorite TV shows and actors, and other personal items that reminded me of home." —Matty Cormier, Facebook

Get this cute kit you can use to display your photos on from ModCloth for $24.99.

17. A cooling pad for your laptop so it doesn't overheat along with your stress levels.

"To keep things from overheating when writing that 25 page paper." —emilykayh

Get this one from Amazon for $27.99.

18. Plus a fan to cool *yourself* down.

"Most dorms don't have AC and you might not be as close to a window as you’d like. I put my fan right up against my bed and it saved me when it got brutally hot" —celestialskies

Get them both on Amazon: $57.81 for the first fan and $30.82 for the second.

19. Lots of to-go tupperware containers (if you actually like your dining hall food and want to avoid spending money on food elsewhere).

"Take the dining hall with you!" —torih14

Get this set of 8 from Amazon for $19.99 (or a massive set of 42 for $22.95).

20. A shelf that'll make life easier for anyone who's doomed to sleep in the top bunk.

"You can have an alarm clock, phone, and (at those wonderful times when you're sick) a humidifier right up by your head. Fabulous." —Samantha Meyer, Facebook

Get this one on Amazon for $28.50.

21. Enough surge protectors and extension cords to power up each and every one of your gadgets.

"Everyone will come into your room and need to plug in and dorms are not the like what you see on any TV show ever. You get a cement square with two outlets." —peytons4996cf828

Get this surge protector from Amazon for $18.65 and get the extension cord there for $6.09.

22. Slabs of sticky putty so you don't damage those lousy dorm room walls and end up having to pay for it.

"Sticky putty for posters and the like. Everybody says to use command strips, but my freshman dorm had such cheap paint that command strips took it right off! Sticky putty saved my life." —francescam40d6098a2

Get some from Amazon for $4.75+, depending on the quantity you want.

23. A drying rack for those times when you actually do your own laundry (instead of bringing it home to mom and dad).

"I used it all the time!! I have lots of clothes that can’t tumble dry and it was super convenient to have one!" —hannaha470c29604

Get this one from Amazon for $21.91.

24. A portable speaker to use in your room, the shower, the quad.... anywhere you may want some tunes.

"Don’t be that person who plays music from your phone all the time. You'll also be the hero of the group if you bring it on camping or beach trips." —chloeasmithson

Get this one from Amazon for $19.99 (it has a long battery life *and* it's waterproof).

25. Reliable security software so your computer doesn't get screwed over by rogue viruses and the like.

"My laptop was hacked a week before finals and I lost all my work from the entire year." —Anna Marie

Get this software from Amazon for $39.99.

26. A reliable rain jacket and pair of rain boots so you never have to drench yourself on the way to class.

"The greatest investment. It made getting around campus when it rained so much easier." —daniellek499db35c5

Get these rain-proof accessories from Urban Outfitters for $150 (boots) and $99 (jacket).

Or get a slightly cheaper pair of boots at L.L. Bean for $89.

27. A pack of chewing gum for when you're bored, stressed, or looking for ways to make new friends.

"Someone always wants gum and having a catalyst (like offering a piece of gum) can help when you're trying to make friends." —Andrea McCall

Get a pack of 16 (18 pieces each) for $14.59.

28. A pair of snazzy headphones that'll follow you wherever you go (whether it's walking on the quad, studying in the library, or working out at the gym).

"Between working off my midterm stress at the gym and eliminating distracting noises at the library, I use my headphones multiple times every day." —malloryr49f8f2c02

If you're more into ~aesthetics~, get this floral pair from Modcloth for $34.99 or if you want a more heavy duty, noise-canceling pair, get this black pair from Amazon for $84.99. If you'd rather use earbuds, these are a good option.

29. A light-up magnifying mirror that'll let you get ready in the morning without pissing off your still-very-sleepy roommate.

"That way, if your roommate is sleeping when you get up in the morning, you can still see your clothes and what makeup you are putting on." —Daydles Elizabeth, Facebook

Get this one from Amazon for $21.99. And if you prefer a round mirror, then this one is a good choice.

30. A wax melter to make your room smell like a goddamn haven straight out of a fairytale.

"I wasn’t allowed to have actual candles, so I bought a wax melter... because dorms smell terrible." —hayleys4ddc006c5

Get this one from Amazon for $15.99. And some wax melts like these cute cinnamon bun bears or an assorted mix of Yankee Candle melts.

31. A basic toolkit that'll be a lifesaver when it comes to small mishaps (plus, you'll feel so accomplished fixing things by yourself).

"It's very convenient to have small screwdrivers that can be used for those pesky screws in electronic devices." —sarahz44635558c

Get this 39-piece set from Amazon for $19.09.

32. Some stain remover to save you when your favorite shirt starts to look like a Jackson Pollock painting.


"When you inevitably stain your favorite shirt, just tossing it in the wash with a Tide Pod will NOT get the spot out." —sydmench

Get this (miracle working!) gel stick at Amazon for $7.24.

33. Everything you've ever used from your medicine cabinet back at home.

"Pain relievers, fever reducers, antacids, cold medicine, bandages, etc. Chances are you will get sick during that first semester and you won’t feel like getting out to get what you need. Plus, stuff like medicine can be really overpriced at campus stores and nearby gas stations, so you’ll probably save some money buying it in advance." —LizzyNeverSleeps

We don't know ~exactly~ what medications you should stock up on (that's up to you), but you can get this compact first aid kit at Amazon for $21.99.

34. An over-the-door shoe organizer you can also use for snacks, toiletries, accessories.... anything that'll fit in those handy dandy pockets.

"Your best friend for saving storage space." —sarahlizzie0302

Get this one on Amazon for $8.75.

35. Lamps to use when you get sick of the overhead fluorescent lighting (aka five minutes after you move into your dorm room).

"You don't know it now, but you’ll come to hate the fluorescent lights in your dorm room. The warmer light from lamps can make or break a living space." —addiep4a8bd1751

Get the floor lamp at PBTeen for $149 and the unicorn lamp at The Land of Nod for $79.

36. Ear plugs for when things get really, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y bad when it comes to the noisy roommate (or hallway) situation.

"They help when you get paired with a snoring roommate!" —ariell441a6913b

Get a pack of 14 pairs on Amazon for $5.46.

37. Enough underwear and socks to last you through an apocalypse (or a deep hatred/laziness for doing laundry).,,

"Make sure you have 30 pairs of socks and underwear to bring (multipacks are super cheap), so that you can go a whole month without doing laundry and still be smelling good! Especially if you live on campus and share laundry facilities with hundreds of others or have limited access to laundry, it's perfect!" —terim4c80eff9b

Start building your collection with a seven pack of men's trunks from Asos for $39, four pack of women's hipster briefs from H&M for $9.99, and seven pack of socks from Asos for $19.50.

38. Comfy accessories for your bed so you can actually enjoy the few hours you spend in it.,,,

"The #1 thing I would say to splurge your money on is stuff for your bed. Buy a good mattress protector, an amazing memory foam topper, a mattress pad, and some nice sheets and pillows. You may not sleep much, but at least you’ll be comfy and cozy." —funkysammie

Get these comfy bed accessories from Amazon for $39.99 (mattress pad), $44.99 (memory foam topper), and $27.99 (gel-fiber filled pillows). Get the comforter from Urban Outfitters for $99.

39. And an external hard drive or USB drive for backing up all your hard work and not leaving your grades up to ~technical chance~.

Heck, back up your backups.

"There's nothing like churning out a paper during an all-nighter and having your computer crash in the morning. Always have a back-up copy and prepare for the worst." —Ethan Grant, Facebook

Get these from Amazon for $59.00 (external hard drive) and $10.99 (USB drive).

Now get to campus and start killing it!

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