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14 Things You'll Miss After Graduating College

Appreciate the little things.

1. Having the ability to drink a single margarita without suffering from a hangover and a raging headache.

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Adult life: Why does everything hurt? I barely drank. When the fuck did I get so old??

2. Getting a three-month summer vacation without sacrificing your PTO days.

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Adult life: Taking two weeks off, still checking emails every once in a while, and then dying a little when you get back to work and have to catch up.

3. Having the luxury of making your own schedule and doing whatever you want, whenever you want.


Adult life: Trapped in an office and barely see sunlight.

4. The privilege of being able to take naps in the middle of a weekday.

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Adult life: If I don't drink a coffee at 3 p.m. I will pass out in a meeting and probably get fired.

5. Going to the gym at random hours and actually being able to get on a machine.

Adult life: Do I suffer through gym rush hour or just lay down on my couch and watch Queer Eye?

6. Living a generally cheaper lifestyle.

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Adult life: Whyyyyy do student loans exist?! 😩

7. Living in close proximity to all your friends.

Adult life: *Promises to FaceTime but never does*

8. The ability to pull an all-nighter and not drop dead from fatigue.

Adult life: LOL my bedtime is 9 p.m.

9. Having the opportunity to make a ton of new friends all the time.


Adult life: Do they make dating apps, but for friendships?

10. Being able to wear PJs to class (you might be judged, but at least you won't be fired).

Adult life: Can I work from home??

11. Not knowing what you're doing with your life, but feeling like you have time to figure it out.

Twitter: @erica_rosie

Adult life: I am drowning in anxiety, please, someone, recommend a therapist.

12. Having the opportunity to study abroad and experience a different country for an entire semester.


Adult life: How beautiful it would be to spend three months in Paris.

13. Living in the center of a college town.


Adult life: I miss football games and college bars. 😭

14. Not working full-time.

Adult life: Is this all there is? Fuck.

In summary:

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