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    25 Photos That Will Get You Very Worked Up If You're Type A

    Prepare to get uncomfortable.

    1. Imagine falling in love with someone and finding out that they cut their pizzas like this:

    2. Or own these plates:

    3. Or even worse: have something like this in their room, where you'd have to look at it every day!

    4. Could you drive on this overpass if you knew what it really looked like underneath?

    5. Or face these mismatched seat cushions for an entire train ride?

    6. How angry does seeing someone with their earbuds like this make you?

    7. Or seeing a ceiling light setup like this one?

    8. Could you deal with this in your house??? TBH I don't think I could!

    9. And if this doesn't make you want to grind your teeth in anger, then I don't think we have a whole lot in common:

    10. Could you last a whole car ride if this was in your rearview mirror?

    11. Or work in this room every day?

    12. Or venture a shower in here?

    13. This is enough to make any graphic design guru scream:


    14. Someone here literally had ONE SINGULAR JOB, and they failed at it:

    15. And same goes for this:

    16. Here's some more packaging that'll just weirdly bother you for no reason:

    17. Imagine checking into a hotel and dealing with **gestures angrily** all of this:

    18. Somebody got paid to build this??

    19. And tbh, making **one** isolated mistake is one thing...

    20. ...but changing up the entire design scheme halfway through??? It's a crime, I tell ya!

    21. (Once you see what's wrong with this one, you'll scream.)

    22. And like, I know box sets aren't popular anymore, but COME ON.

    23. And this just totally dissuades me from ever wanting to receive mail ever again:

    24. In summary, a little weird spacing can just ruin so much, you guys...

    25. And you never know how important symmetry is until something like **this** makes you want to break something.

    This post was translated from German.