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    18 Things You Need If You Too Have Lost Your Mind Over The JoBros Reunion


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    1. The best movie of our time — Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience. It deserved an Oscar just for the beginning scene where the boys are running from all those fans through the streets of NYC. Joe's vocals alone during "Hello Beautiful," deserved approximately 83 Grammys.


    I bought this on DVD when it came out when I was 15 years old and have watched it more times than is socially acceptable to admit.

    Get it from Amazon Prime Video: $3.99/rent, or $14.99/buy.

    2. A sticker to commemorate the most iconic thing to come out of one of the most iconic JoBro songs. Sure, Nick's "red dress," moment was great, but Big Rob telling us to "stop, drop, and roll," was a million times better, sorry Nick J.


    Get it from cxitlynmxrie on RedBubble for $3.30.

    3. A Nick Jonas prayer candle so you can properly worship your one true saint.


    Get it from Do Pray Tell on Etsy for $16.99.

    4. A clock for killing time (hehe, see what I did there?!), or you know checking to see when it's time for you to fly. See what I did again?!


    Bat to smash clock like Joe does not included.

    Get it from SaintTabs on RedBubble for $36.25 (available in three frame colors, and four hand colors).

    5. A tapestry to instantly make any living space significantly better. A house isn't a home until it has a Jonas Brothers tapestry hanging inside of it.


    Get it from ItsMeRuva on RedBubble for $30.90+ (available in sizes S-L).

    6. A tote bag that'll honestly be a blessing to anyone who is lucky enough to walk by you. TBH, if I walked by someone wearing this on their shoulder I'd start shaking uncontrollably.


    Get it from torirose13 on RedBubble for $21.67.

    7. A copy of the BEST of all the JoBros albums – Lines, Vines And Trying Times. I know this is gonna spark some debate, but if you agree with me on this album that gave us "Fly With Me," AND "Much Better," then you my friend, are an intellectual.


    Also it is the best album cover, like I am SORRY, but Joe's hair here is capable of bringing about world peace.

    Get it from Amazon: $8.99/MP3, or $8.67/audio CD.

    8. A mug to truly wake you up in the morning... not because of the coffee you're drinking out of it, but because of the many Nick Jonai faces staring at you. Jonas plural = Jonai, duh.


    Get it from NeighborhoodMugs on Etsy for $15.95+ (available in two sizes).

    9. A JB logo-printed duvet cover that'll give you some of the sweetest dreams ever filled with visions of Joe in his skin-tight skinny jean days, Nick in his curly hair days, and Kevin just being Kevin.


    Get it from sarasgraphics on RedBubble for $86+ (available in three sizes).

    10. A poster of the boys in their prime hair days. Simpler times. When the most important news to read came from the latest issue of Tiger Beat.


    Get it from ampatrizio RedBubble for $12.36.

    11. A pillow to remind you to always hold on. Because an empty room can be so loud, there's too many tears to drown them out.


    Get it from alainaci on Society6 for $23.99+ (available in three sizes, both indoor and outdoor).

    12. A notebook that'll allow you to write down the flaws of every song you listen to that isn't a Jonas Brother song, and most importantly isn't "Burnin' Up."


    Get it from WhichCrafts on RedBubble for $12.71+ (available in two styles, and two paper styles).

    13. A T-shirt referencing one of the best videos JB and Demi ever gifted us. I don't normally like soap operas, but this was one I could get behind., Zazzle

    Get it from Zazzle for $37.70 (available in various colors, and sizes S–2XL).

    14. An art print to hang up literally anywhere you can think needs a dose of Jonas. Right next to your bed? Perhaps on the ceiling above your bed? Or maybe not ever hanging it up and hugging it tight as your sleep? You do you.


    Get it from Haley Nicole on Society6 for $16.02+ (available in two sizes).

    15. A sticker that you can only order if you not only know all the lyrics to "Introducing Me," but can keep up with the song the faster the pace goes.


    Get it from hintofmint on RedBubble for $2.47+ (available in four sizes).

    16. A phone case to remember the album that never was, RIP. I mean, Team Jonas members, like myself (DUH), got a few songs as a gift when they announced the break-up, but like, I'm still bitter we never got a studio version of "Let's Go."


    Get it from Leonardo Panhan on Society6 for $25.19+ (available in three styles, and various devices).

    17. A sticker of their new single cover to get for obvious reasons — they look amazing, their outfits are on point, and THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE BACK.


    Get it from newcreations on RedBubble for $2.47+ (available in four sizes).

    18. And last but certainly not least, a shirt that'll bring back memories of the actual best video we ever got from Nick, Joe, and Kevin that we are blessed enough in 2019 to have gotten a freaking re-make.


    Did I start crying and almost fall out of my desk chair while watching the re-make? Yes. Is that an exaggeration? Absolutely not.

    Get it from Zazzle for $24.25+ (available in various colors, and sizes S–3XL).

    Remember all the years between 2013 and now where the idea of a Jonas Brothers reunion seemed far-fetched and now it's actually happening? OH HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED!!!

    Jonas Brothers,

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