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    All The Unmasked Celebrities From "The Masked Singer"

    All the winners — and spoilers — ahead!

    Last night, weeks of guesses and batshit performances on Fox's The Masked Singer came to a THRILLING end. We finally found out the identities of Monster, Peacock, and Bee!


    1. Antonio Brown was Hippo


    Biggest clue revealed: The $10,000 check representing the fine he got for dancing in the end zone.

    2. Tommy Chong was Pineapple


    Biggest clue revealed: All of the weed references, of course!

    3. Terry Bradshaw was Deer


    Biggest clue revealed: That he'd been "knocked down many times" and when he refused to answer the question of if he ever played in the NFL. There was also something just very "Terry Bradshaw" about the way he walked, danced, and moved around the stage. Oh, and his height!

    4. Margaret Cho was Poodle


    Biggest clue revealed: When she revealed her ties to San Francisco and the LGBT community, and when she said "I'm here for your honor."

    5. Tori Spelling was Unicorn


    Biggest clue revealed: When she said she was born and raised in Beverly Hills and said "I'm feeling vicTORIous." Also, I knew it was a lock when she showed her five baby unicorns — the number of children she shares with her husband Dean!

    6. Ricki Lake was Raven


    Biggest clue revealed: When she said "no one talks more than me" and brought out her Emmy award as a clue.

    7. La Toya Jackson was Alien


    Biggest clue revealed: When she said that "anonymity is a completely alien concept" to her family and that she likes snakes.

    8. Rumer Wills was Lion


    Biggest clue revealed: When she called herself "Hollywood royalty" (which, yup!) and alluded to her sisters by saying "in my pride, there are lots of women."

    9. Joey Fatone was Rabbit


    Biggest clue revealed: Any NSYNC fan could tell you on the first night that he was paying homage to the band's "I Drive Myself Crazy" music video with his straight-jacket and head twitch. Oh, and his singing voice sounded exactly like Joey's.

    10. Gladys Knight was Bee


    Biggest clue revealed: That her singing career began in the 1950s and when she said "It makes me feel like I'm every bee — it's all in me" (a nod to "I'm Every Woman").

    11. Donny Osmond was Peacock


    Biggest clue revealed: When he said "It’s probably been a while since your mother had a poster of me on her bedroom wall" OR when he said "I have dedicated my life to show business." Also, all of the Las Vegas imagery really nailed it down (in my opinion).

    And now for the winner...

    12. T-Pain was Monster!


    Biggest clue revealed: His ties to New York and the South, as well has when he said he likes to "make it rain." But to me, the biggest giveaway was his actual singing voice... fans of T-Pain already know the man's a gifted singer!!!



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