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February 16, 2019

14 Disney Easter Eggs In "Ralph Breaks The Internet" You Definitely Missed

And this is NOT including all the Disney character cameos!



14 Macaron Recipes You Can Bake At Home

Bake your way through these recipes and master the classic confection!

16 Reactions To Shawn Mendes' New Calvin Klein Pics

"I'm feeling 22...months pregnant."

What Fruit Matches Your Personality?

Find the fruit for you.

Which Member Of In Real Life Should You Marry?

Find out which In Real Life member you should end up with!

Which Creature From Folklore Are You?

Are you more Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster?

Cher's One-Word Tweet Has Become A Meme

"Peach Salinger’s brain when she realized her laptop was stolen."

Write A Sci-Fi Novel And We'll Tell You Which Planet You're Actually From

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Or are they?

Here Are The Victims Of The Aurora, Illinois Factory Shooting

A plant manager, a forklift driver, the head of HR, a mold operator, and an intern in his first day on the job. These are the victims of the shooting at the Henry Pratt Co. factory.

Renaissance Philosopher Or Quote From "The Good Place"?

Trust me, it's harder than you expect.

33 TV Characters People Instantly Knew Would Be Their Favorite

"If you tell me you didn't immediately love Tim Riggins when he showed up to practice half-drunk, you’re a liar."

Which "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D" Character Were You Destined To Fall In Love With?

Ever wonder who would fall for you in AOS? Wonder no more!

24 Organization Products That’ll Give You Dramatic Before-And-After Photos

People will think Marie Kondo made a visit to your home! (If only... if only.)

The Illinois Factory Shooter Opened Fire In His Termination Meeting With HR

Aurora Police said the shooter had been told to relinquish his gun in 2014 because of a prior conviction.

18 Women Who Were Straight Up Hilarious On Twitter This Week

"Break up with your girlfriend she’s cheating on you every Thursday in the projection room above the auditorium with Shane Oman."

We Can Guess Which Kid You Are In Your Family

The oldest? Middle? Youngest?

Julia Child's Simple Egg Hack Is A Game Changer

AKA how to make the best poached eggs ever.

Who Is Your Female Marvel Soulmate?

They still have time to fall in love, even while they're saving the world.

40 Of The Best Baby Shower Gifts, According To Parents

*Shower* your baby-having pals in gifts you can be sure they'll love.

A Panicked Stampede At A "Hamilton" Performance Injured 3 After A Medical Emergency Was Confused For A Shooting

According to audience members, "people were screaming, ducking down, crawling on the floor" and "shouts of 'gun' could be heard."

Make A Period Drama And We'll Tell You When You'll Meet Your Soulmate

Are you destined to meet? Are they surprisingly close to home?

Only A True "Friends" Fan Can Score 6/6 On This Quiz

The One Where You Took a BuzzFeed Quiz.

"The Water Cure" Is BuzzFeed Book Club's March Read. Check Out An Excerpt Here.

Read the dream-like dystopian novel along with BuzzFeed community's most avid readers.

These Women Joined Facebook To Follow Their Crushes. Now They’re Using Their Skills To Expose Abusive Police.

Women in Sudan have transformed Facebook groups initially set up to spill the tea on their love lives to expose members of the security forces abusing their power — and are now at the heart of protests sweeping the country.

Ryan Adams And The Betrayal Of Teenage Girls

When I was a teenager, Adams’ songs convinced me that men had feelings too. But just because someone is sensitive doesn’t mean they care about you.

Which Ariana Grande Album Are You?

Find out which Ariana Grande album you are most like



37 Things That'll Make You Say, "Well, There Goes All My Money"

A zit-zapping cucumber toner, soft graphic tees inspired by The Office, a nourishing mask that will bring your hair back from the dead, and more! Much more!







聴いてほしいLGBTQな女性アーティスト 13人


Two Men Arrested In The Jussie Smollett Case Have Been Released Due To "New Evidence"

A Chicago police spokesperson said the individuals were released "due to new evidence as a result of today's interrogations."

100円ショップのおもちゃが女児の膣内に 重大事故で消費者庁が注意喚起


17 Hotel Hacks You Really Need To Know Before Your Next Trip

You'll never travel the same way again.

池江璃花子選手の「白血病」 16歳で血液がんを経験した小児血液内科医「そっと見守ってあげて」




「メディアなんかクソくらえ」 報道陣にトランプ支持者の男性が突撃

演説を取材していた報道陣を突然襲ったアクシデント。男性は「Make America great again(アメリカ合衆国を再び偉大に)」というおなじみの合言葉が掲げられているキャップをかぶっていた。



Eat A Whole Day's Worth Of Food And Find Out The First Initial Of Your Soulmate

Why ask a Ouija board when you can take this quiz?

Trump's National Emergency Just Got Its First Legal Challenge

Legal advocacy group Public Citizen filed suit on behalf of landowners in Texas and an environmental group. More lawsuits are expected.

Twitter Just Removed A Tweet From An Account Linked To Iran’s Supreme Leader, Raising Enforcement Questions

Twitter has previously used a newsworthiness standard to defend its refusal to apply abuse and harassment rules to President Donald Trump’s account.

Mueller's Office Says Paul Manafort Is Facing As Much As 24 Years In Prison — In Just One Of His Cases

Prosecutors did not make a specific recommendation about how much time they think Manafort should spend behind bars.

Bolsonaro já diz a aliados que Bebianno está fora do governo

Em se confirmando a demissão, família do presidente prevalece como núcleo-duro em detrimento de ministros militares e articuladores políticos que tentaram segurar Bebianno no cargo. O ministro vinha sendo fritado por Carlos Bolsonaro.

18 Reasons Angela Bassett Is The Most Underrated Actress Of All Time

Angela Bassett has the range, and in this essay I will...

15 Things That Are Waaaaay Too True For Anyone Who Grew Up In West Virginia

West Virginia is more than a state, it's a culture.


「ハッピバースデー… ディーア… 」のタメなんなの?

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