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    15 Things That Are Waaaaay Too True For Anyone Who Grew Up In West Virginia

    West Virginia is more than a state, it's a culture.

    1. "Y'all" is proper grammar

    2. This is called a buggy

    3. And this is what the roads look like on your way to the store

    4. "Country Roads" is your anthem

    “Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong” Me: *deep inhale* WEST VIRGINIAAAA

    You know every single word.

    5. Bonfires are a summer staple

    6. Sweet tea is the best. drink. ever

    7. Unsweet tea is basically dirt water

    8. "No, I'm not from western Virginia"

    9. "No, I'm not near Richmond"

    10. You're proud of your roots

    11. And the 'eers are the best 👏 team 👏 ever 👏

    12. Your reaction when they win

    13. Pepperoni rolls are a delicacy

    14. Tudor's is your favorite restaurant

    15. And finally, you're fiercely proud of your state.

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