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    40 Of The Best Baby Shower Gifts, According To Parents

    *Shower* your baby-having pals in gifts you can be sure they'll love.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best baby shower gifts they got. Here are the cute and practical results:

    1. A Rock 'n Play, because I really can't overstate how much people rave about this thing — babies love it, and it's amazing at soothing them in their first months.

    2. A Ewan the Dream Sheep that makes soothing noises to lull the baby off to sleep. It might just be the thing that gets them a full night's rest during those first few months.

    3. A selection of favorite books from friends and family with personalized notes for their baby, so they can build a library and be reminded of everyone who loves and supports them.

    4. A bum brush, because while it might seem a little silly — it's a butt spatula! — it'll save their hands from being permanently covered in diaper cream. That stuff is specifically designed to not come off your skin, y'all.

    5. A Puj infant bathtub that's compact, foldable, and will fit in basically any sink. They can use it to take the baby on vacation, or (more likely) just use it in whatever sink in their house isn't currently full of dirty dishes.

    6. A gift card to their local pizza spot because, let's be real, no one's gonna be cooking anything with a new baby. Plus, they can pick out what they actually like, and they won't have to deal with a weird casserole taking up freezer space.

    7. A Mom's One Line A Day Journal to help them take a few minutes each day to store some precious memories of their little one's first years.

    8. A Nose Frida that might make them go "Ew!" initially, but when their baby has a cold they'll suck it up (*wink*) and be forever grateful for this lil' guy.

    9. A Boppy, because it's so much more than a breastfeeding pillow. It'll give them a safe place to let baby lounge, plus pets and older kids love it too!

    10. An Ubbi diaper pail designed with a stainless steel exterior that'll actually lock in stinky diaper smells.

    11. A deck of contrast cards their baby will actually be able to see, even when their eyes are still developing.

    12. A Baby Brezza formula maker so they can have perfectly made, warmed bottles in less than a minute. This will save their lives during middle of the night feedings, guaranteed.

    13. A foldable high chair because the kid's gotta eat, and they'll be glad to have this on hand for all kinds of travel scenarios.

    14. A sleep sack to keep their baby warm and secure, without the hassle of trying to swaddle a wiggly infant.

    15. A subscription to Highlights Hello magazine that's specifically designed to be sturdy for smaller kids. This is definitely a gift Gallant (not a Goofus) would give.

    16. Diapers, diapers, diapers! They're gonna need 'em, and in more than just newborn sizes.

    17. Or a set of cloth diapers, because even if they end up realizing cloth diapering is too much of a hassle after about a week and a half, the cloths themselves can still be used for a ton of things around the house.

    18. A Baby Shusher that'll soothe their baby so much more effectively than basically anything else. They won't be able to shhhhhhhhut up about it.

    19. A house cleaning service because they definitely aren't gonna be up to it, but they'll appreciate being able to have a tidy house.

    20. A Baby Einstein musical toy that's one of the few sound-making toys a parent won't want to "accidentally" lose.

    21. A My Brest Friend nursing pillow so they can hold the baby more comfortably whether they're breastfeeding, having a bottle, or just hanging out (don't judge — your arms get tired!)

    22. A pack of nursing tanks that they can wear with or without a shirt on top for more comfort and versatility than a standard nursing bra.

    23. Baby clothes, but in sizes that aren't just for newborns. Those itty bitty clothes are frickin' adorable, but babies aren't actually super tiny for all that long.

    24. A baby dome for a cute nap or play spot they can easily fold up and take just about anywhere.

    25. A set of plastic totes so they can store all the gifts and supplies they don't need in the moment, but know they'll want to keep safe and secure for later.

    26. A baby wrap for hands-free baby carrying on the go, without having to drag along a bulky traditional carrier.

    27. A baby medicine kit so they won't have to make a frantic run to the drugstore the first time baby has the sniffles.

    28. A baby bouncer perfect for little ones who need bouncing to calm down, but can't be in a parent's arms 24/7. Plus, it doesn't need batteries or a plug, so they can take it just about anywhere.

    29. An upholstery cleaner because, let's be real, babies are messy. And they only get messier when they turn into kids and teenagers.

    30. A postpartum recovery kit to make sure that the person who, y'know, actually gave birth doesn't get lost in all the fuss around the new baby.

    31. A set of nipple shields that'll make the transition to breastfeeding so much easier for first-time parents.

    32. A wipe warmer, because changing a diaper should really be as easy and pleasant a process as possible for everyone involved.

    33. A hospital kit with essentials that they'll definitely appreciate. Anything to avoid the overpriced gift shop and canteen food.

    34. A UV sterilizer that'll disinfect bottles, pacifiers, toys, phones, and so much more.

    35. A Windi that, look, they're not going to want to use. But when they need it, they'll be incredibly grateful that they had it.

    36. A pack of dry shampoo, because it's absolutely gonna come in handy, and probably sooner than the new parents realize.

    37. A diaper changing pad perfect for any time they take the baby on the go.

    38. A convertible stroller that's definitely a splurge, but will make the daunting task of leaving the house with baby as easy as pie.

    39. A set of velcro swaddlers to securely wrap up the baby for sleeping, without the struggle of trying to make sure a regular blanket won't come undone in the middle of the night.

    40. A bottle of Mommy's Bliss gripe water that might sound like an off-color joke, but that'll actually help relieve some of their baby's stomach discomfort.

    This baby's about to be geared up like a boss.

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