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17 Hotel Hacks You Really Need To Know Before Your Next Trip

You'll never travel the same way again.

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1. No bottle opener in your hotel room? Check your door — it might do the trick.

2. If you're just going away for a day or two and don't want to lug all your cosmetics and moisturizers with you, a contact lens case makes the perfect little container for whatever you'll need.

3. Nowhere sanitary to stash your toothbrush in the hotel? Take a paper cup and stab right through it.

4. Are you the type who always leaves your charger in the hotel? Attach your car keys to the charger — you literally won't be able to leave the hotel without it.

5. Are you grossed out by touching those germy hotel TV remotes? Take one of the plastic liners from the ice bucket, and wrap that nasty thing up.

6. Not enough counter space in your hotel room? There's probably an ironing board in the closet you can break out.

7. If your hotel room doesn't have a fridge, grab your ice bucket and fill up the bathroom sink instead.

8. If your hotel doesn't have a nightstand, a simple fold in the sheets can come in handy.

9. If you're packing bottles with caps that can easily pop open, wrap a little saran wrap underneath the caps to prevent any shampoo-related disasters in your suitcase.

10. Y'know those hotel power switches that force you to put your key card in the slot? Yeah, any card or thick piece of paper will get you power — not just your key. Now you can charge your electronics while you go out and explore the city!

11. A daily pill box makes for a great way to transport necklaces and bracelets without them getting tangled together into one giant knot.

12. If the curtains in your hotel room don't close all the way, check the closet for one of those hangers with clips.

13. If you're traveling internationally, instead of bringing multiple power adapters for all your electronics, just bring one adapter — and a power strip.

14. Need a good, safe place to stash your cash while sightseeing? An empty tube of Chapstick can do the trick.

15. Packing something that wrinkles easily? A plastic file folder doubles as a cheap and effective way to protect those items.

16. If you're on a long plane ride with no in-flight TVs, a crushed soda can makes a decent impromptu phone stand.

17. Or stick your phone in a plastic baggie and hang it from the seat in front of you. Magic!

Safe travels, my friends!

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