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    Ally Brooke Opened Up About Fifth Harmony And Her Solo Career, And She's Ready To Take Over

    High key, you should REALLY get to know her.

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    With the excitement surrounding her debut as a solo artist, we had Ally Brooke document her life leading up to her single release and stop by BuzzFeed to catch up on everything post-Fifth Harmony...


    ...And boy oh Brooke, is she ready to take over the world with her new music:

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    When we asked Ally about her Fifth Harmony days, she described that period in her life as a "major learning experience" which helped prepare her for a solo career:

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    Ally Brooke: I think it was such an amazing learning experience of how the business is and the industry is, and how fast-paced everything is. I was really prepped for music videos, red carpets, interviews, traveling, [and] tour. I got so much experience from that and what that feels like, so it kind of helped with being a solo artist.

    But do the ladies of Fifth Harmony still keep in touch?

    According to Ally, they don't talk "as much" but use social media to keep up with each other's lives:


    AB: I feel like everybody's kind of in their own world right now, so we don't really talk as much. But, of course, we support each other and we'll be liking each other's posts and kind of seeing online what we're doing and sometimes sliding into each other's DMs.


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    Make sure to check out Ally's new video for her single "Low Key," out now!


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