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    10 Movies With Weddings In Them That Will Turn You Into A Hopeless Romantic

    It's always wedding szn somewhere!

    1. Bridesmaids

    Universal Pictures

    The premise: Lilian is getting married, so she asks her BFF Annie to be her maid of honor. Except, of course, Annie is a bit of a hot mess — and so wedding planning kind of turns out to be that way, too. Hilarity, hijinks, and hanging out with a very nice and hot cop ensue.

    2. Jumping the Broom

    Our Stories Films

    The premise: Sabrina and Jason met by chance and ended up falling in love — so far, so good. The problem, though, is that their families couldn't be any more different. How can you make a happily ever after work when your families are feuding nonstop??

    3. Christmas Wedding Planner


    The premise: Kelsey is an event planner who's putting together her cousin's wedding, until Detective Connor, a private investigator, turns up and stirs everything up. Somebody's going to get lucky in this movie, but who will it be?

    4. The Week Of


    A wedding movie with both Chris Rock and Adam Sandler shouldn't need any more reasons to tune in, but we've got you. The premise: Both actors play the opposing fathers of the couple who's getting married in the movie, and of course, they hilariously do NOT get along.

    5. Monster-in-Law

    New Line Cinema

    The premise: The bride, played by Jennifer Lopez, thinks that her dream wedding is finally happening, until she hits a bump in the road: her mother-in-law, played by none other than Jane Fonda. Fun fact: some of the events in the movie are inspired by Fonda's own life!

    6. Tuscan Wedding


    If you've ever daydreamed about getting married in Tuscany, this is going to be extremely your thing. The premise: The owners of a gorgeous Tuscan villa rent it out for weddings — some of which are just totally beautiful, and some of which are totally batshit crazy.

    7. Leap Year

    Spyglass Entertainment

    The premise: Anna lives in Ireland, has a good life with her boyfriend Jeremy, and is dying to get married. Because things are going nowhere, she decides to take the initiative and ask him to get married. However, an Irish tradition says that women can only ask a man to get married on February 29th. She takes it seriously and races to meet with her boyfriend on that day. The problem? Anna can't catch the plane on time and meets another guy along the way, and of course, suddenly isn't so sure about her plans anymore!

    8. Made of Honor

    Divulgação Columbia Tristar Pictures

    You can see this plot coming from a mile away, but it's still so good. The premise: When Hannah decides to get married, her best friend Tim realizes that he loves her ... so he spends all this time trying to convince her that her wedding is a terrible idea, and also that maybe she should reconsider her choice of life partner!

    9. Mamma Mia

    Universal Pictures

    The premise: In the wedding movie to end all wedding movies, Sophie's going to get married and her mother Donna is doing all the planning. But there's something weighing on Sophie's heart: the desire to meet her real father. So, she decides to invite three of her mother's ex-lovers to the event, because, apparently, that's the best way to meet your father we guess??

    10. And finally, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement


    The premise: Mia can't wait to take her rightful place on the throne, but as it turns out, Genovian law requires that she be married before she can become queen. Cue a national crisis to find her a prince — and lots of wisdom getting dispensed by Julie Andrews.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.