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18 Reasons Angela Bassett Is The Most Amazing Actress Of All Time

Angela Bassett has the range, and in this essay I will...

1. She starred opposite of the great Denzel Washington as Betty Shabazz in Malcolm X, which won a whole Oscar.

2. She gave us the most lit gifs of all time, thanks to her iconic role in Waiting To Exhale.

3. Speaking of Waiting To Exhale, two of my favorite Leo legends stared in one of the highest grossing movies of 1995. Name a better duo.

4. She was basically the best part of AHS: Coven. Tell me I'm wrong (I'm not, so don't even argue).

5. She stared in Black Panther, one of the best action movies of ALL TIME.

6. Basically, she's starred in every single great movie that ever graced the silver screen.

7. How could we forget her small, but iconic role in Boyz N the Hood?!

8. Or Vampire In Brooklyn with Eddie Murphy, where she played a character who, in the end, never freaking ages?!

9. Which is ironic because Ms. Angela hasn't aged a DAY since 1992, so she is BLESSED by the ancestors. Black certainly doesn't crack.

10. Her fashions are always on point. Mama came to SLAY. Look at her outfit to an Aretha Franklin tribute concert:

11. Not to brag, but she's a fellow Leo, which means she's automatically amazing without even trying.

12. Have y'all seen her cheekbones? They look like they've been crafted and chiseled by God, himself.

13. Angela is also married to Courtney B. Vance, who is also an amazing character actor who's starred in multiple movies and television shows.

14. They met at Yale Drama school, which is just ANOTHER reason to stan her. She's professionally trained, bih!

15. Angela turned down the role in 2001's Monster's Ball and later on Halle Berry won an Oscar for it, so I'm thinking Ms. Berry should thank her?

16. She literally went to the gym for 15 hours a day in order to star as Tina Turner in What's Love Got to Do With It, and if that isn't dedication I don't know what is.

17. Angela really brought that role the life it needed, and it'll probably go down as one of the best biopics of ALL. TIME. Ike memes be damned.

18. Do you remember when she played Biggie's mom in Notorious? Well if you don't, let me remind you! I can't wait until I get famous so she can play mine 😩.

In short, Angela Bassett is beautiful, amazingly talented, and truly POWERFUL, so we need to stop sleeping on her, preferably right this minute! Go scatter her Instagram pictures with the love and adoration she deserves!!!

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