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19 Pictures That Prove Dogs Are Perfect Weirdos

We don't even deserve dogs.

1. Honestly, what even ARE dogs?

2. Clearly they are weird and perfect creatures who do whatever they want.

3. They always keep us on our toes.

4. They find a way to take over our lives.

5. And we love it.

6. You just never know what's coming next.

7. They see the world in their own unique way.

8. They make decisions we can't begin to comprehend.

9. But they surprise us with JOY.

10. Day after day.

11. They make the best out of every situation.

12. They watch over us.

13. They just want a seat at the table!!

14. They laze to the beat of their own drummer.

15. They will look for any excuse to play.

16. Even in mischief they find a way to amuse and delight.

17. They're PURE, dang it.

18. They're an inspiration.

19. They're our best friends.